Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday with a visitor...

I am waaaayyyy up there.  I love living in the sky, there is so much to see and I especially love watching a rolling storm.  Their power is amazing.  Well it's great unless you are actually in it, then it can be a bit scary.  

I remember a few years ago Sarge and I stayed through a hurricane.  The storm shutters were closed tight and the building is very strong, much more than the ones they are building today.  Anyway it came through and blew out a wall in the living room (the one that is now red).  

First the electrical plates shot across the room and then the wall blew.  Air got inside the wall between my condo and the one next door.  Now imagine this in the dark because of course there is no power.  No thank you, I don't believe I'd do it again.  I went outside the apartment to the hallway (interior of the building) with a chair and sat there all night.

So my houseguest didn't arrive until evening so we didn't do anything yesterday but will today.  That woman I call Kaye (because that's her name) will be here so we'll either go to the pool or the fruitstand (both of which I want to do) and maybe to lunch.  Then after that maybe the duck will come over.

Have a lovely Thursday y'all.  Me too...


  1. ack ! you stayed through the hurricane !
    No thank you, too scary.

    Have a lovely time with your houseguest.

    The Square Ones say woof !
    cheers, parsnip

  2. YIKES! I live in a tower here in Japan, we just had a BIG earthquake that was close to where I live last night and it was the worst experience I've had in a long time, it was so scary :( We almost ran out of our tower. I hope you have fun with your visitor :) Hugs!

  3. I've stayed through a few hurricanes, although thanks to the Weather Channel and Dr. Steve Lyons (who is now gone from TWC and back to forecasting weather in TX) I was confidant that we would not get hit with much more than a Cat 1. I would never stay through anything higher. We are blessed to have the technology that warns us up to a week ahead of a hurricane... why on Earth would I stay?

    Enjoy your visitor and the duck! big hugs xoxo

  4. oh Auntie Bee, that sounds really scairty! Next time I will hold your paw

    xoxoxoxxox purrrssss - your Sammie Pie

  5. Bee, Have lots of fun with your houseguest!!!


  6. Auntie Bees huurycanes are not fun!
    Here's our daily furry hug

  7. Oh my... I would have been really, really scared. Sound like you have some great houseguest fun! Hugs!

  8. I remember when my father & mother owned a condo in Sararsota, it was right on the gulf. I could go down the elevator and walk right to the sand and water. Once a friend of my dad and his son were there there was a hurricane and the water covered everything and they had to taken to a shelter until the hurricane was gone. They told us it was terrifying.
    I hope you and your visitor have a great day Bee. See you until then.


  9. I wouldn't want to go through one of those storms. Just saying. Scary stuff. I'd have been out in the hall all night too.

    You have a house guest? Is it someone I know? I'm just guessing here.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm California. :)

  10. Staying in a tall building during a hurricane was very brave of you Bee!

    Hoping you and your house guest have a lovely time. :)

  11. Hey, Bee. Just checking in, mostly, to see how you are doing these days.

    Our Dad said that there are two sorts of people when it comes to hurricanes. Those who think it might be fun to ride one out. And those who actually HAVE ridden one out. (he's in the second group, not entirely by choice)

  12. Hi Bee, I walked with my sister in the park today. Then we visit some people in the nursing home. Glad you are having a relaxing fun day. xoxo, Susie

  13. Ciao!

    I wish you a lovely company with your guest!

    Big hugs!

  14. Hug your house guest for me. I know you will have fun. And no hurricanes.

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. Bee,

    I hope you and your house guest or condo guest are having a blast, but knowing you, you are.

    I am glad tomorrow is Friday and it's a three day weekend, yeehaw.

    Big Hugs,


  16. I was wondering where you were when I remember that you moved. Perhaps you should put out a head's up for those as lazy as I apparently am. I have now fixed my reader to reflect your change of address.

    I'm too much a fraidy cat to hang around to meet a hurricane!

  17. Have fun with your guest!

    Several years ago we got hit by a hurricane (can't remember which one-but it was before Katrina) wasn't too horrible by the time it came up to NJ but I had a hard time falling asleep, with the knowledge there was a big tree just outside where I was sleeping!

    Didn't help my nerves that the tree in front of my job ended up falling that same night...fortunately it wasn't close enough to the building to cause damage.


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