Saturday, May 19, 2012

part deux, a new beginning...

Well here it is, the new beginning.  I hope you will come with me and I hope it will be a fun ride.  I am going to try to stay upbeat here at least most of the time.  I'll continue telling you about my everyday life and try not to bore you.  I don't know now if I'll continue to post on the muffin53 blog any longer or not.  Things are changing for me and I think a new look and a new blog might just be the ticket.

And so my friends (and hopefully not the one who is not), come over here and we'll try to have some fun.


    I love your new blog, page, color and everything. Just don't change your posts to much as I so look forward to your observations on everything and anything everyday !
    The Square Ones say a big woof and a yert !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Hi Miss Bee - Pretty new blog!


  3. Morning Bee,
    Great new web site. Just bookmark it. Thanks for letting us share your life and adventures.
    Hope your Sunday is warm and sunny.

  4. You're in my reader! Love the soft pinks. It suits you! If you didn't want the one who is not your friend you maybe should have emailed everyone the new blog address. Just saying. :)

    I'm strapped in and ready for the new ride! big hugs xoxo

    1. Like that, Barb! "strapped in and ready for the new ride!" Great!

  5. Very pretty.....looking forward to sharing in your adventures!!! Have a super Sunday!!!

    Karin in Tx

  6. new colors new life new you here with joy Hugs from the FAR west of MAINE P

  7. I'm ready for the NEW journey. Bring on the chilled soup, funny stories and great photos.

  8. I've got you in my reader so I'll not miss any post no matter which blog you decide to post on. Good for you honey.

    It's good to be home!

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from hot California. :)

  9. I just hope that what ever you do and change I won't have a problem finding you my wonderful friend. Maybe I should change mine but if I did I screw something up and I would be lost. Nice color.


  10. I love the pretty water color look. You are rocking it Bee. Have a lovely Sunday. I am going to pry myself off the love seat and away from the computer and start some Sunday cleaning.

    Big Hugs,


  11. Yeah baby! I LIKE! What a beautiful "new beginning" AB! I love your new profile picture, too!
    I am booked for the end of June beginning of July. Will you be cruising or will we be able to get together?

  12. you bet I will follow you here. have a great day. I'm at the hospital waiting for my grand baby to arrive.

  13. you bet I will follow you here. have a great day. I'm at the hospital waiting for my grand baby to arrive.

  14. Everything over here on the new blog looks very pretty! Good Job!!

  15. Yep, I'll be following you over here! Everything looks so pretty on the new blog!

  16. Hi Miss Bee,
    Love the new look!

  17. Beautiful! I was a little confused as I was busy this weekend so I did not get to visit your blog then I see this :) New stuff is good!!

  18. Love the new site!

  19. Whatever floats your boat! I will follow as long as you lead me in the right direction. Hope you had a great weekend.


  20. Love the background wallpaper you've chosen! The watercolors are very pretty! I love pink and pastel.

    Nothing like a new beginning ~ wishing you all the best. xo

  21. OHH!!!

    I got no title of your blogs, and now I see you have a new style, new look, new size...but the same humor!

    Good luck!

    Sorry, we have a stark depression with the strong hearthquake, I cannot read my friends' blogs..I hope I can soon!

    Big hugs, honey!!!


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