Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I love the clouds behind the palm trees.  These particular trees and the pink oleander is behind the pool so that's why I seem to take so many photos of them while I sit out there.  Nature is amazing in all it's glory.

While I am still watching the second season of House of Cards and loving it yesterday a friend suggested that I start watching Crossing Lines as well.  Well it's really good too.  There is really a lot of things to watch these days.

So last night at poker it wasn't too hot in there, several of us brought fans and the air moved around pretty good.  Oh, and I won $45.00 while I was at it.

Today I don't have any games so I'll be at the pool.  Yay me.  Yesterday between Andre' and the pool and my walk I burned a bunch of calories.  Today I'll try to do good too but I won't be at the gym so it won't be as many.

Guess that's all I have today y'all.  Have a great Wednesday, I sure will too!


  1. Congratulations on last night's poker win!

    Nature IS amazing, a 365 day free art show:)

  2. I always enjoy your nature photos. Congrats on the win yesterday, have another great day today.

  3. You've had some pretty darned productive days! I'm glad you are growing more content and happy in your strength, and weight loss. Your photo at the gym made you look tiny! Great work!!!

  4. You poker fiend. Ha,ha,ha. Way to go Bee, $45 sounds good to me. I feel so warm just looking at that photo in your blog. It was so cold last night that I was shivering in my bed. They say that it will eventually warm up by the middle of April. Damn. I have to wait that long. Oh well that's what I get for living in a cold climate. Have a great Wednesday my wonderful gorgeous friend. See ya.


  5. It's going to warm up here this weekend and tonight is the last rain for a bit. We'll be on the boat later today and then off to Benicia YC tomorrow. We'll be gone a week and we're happy about that.

    You enjoy your day at the pool. Way to go on winning that 45 bucks. Big hug to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  6. Pretty colors and composition... and it looks warm and inviting! WIWT!

    WTG on the win and the calorie burning, too! Enjoy your day!

    big hugs from raw and rainy south jawjah! xoxo

  7. Beautiful sky. It's a shame that Oleander is so poisonous. It's so beautiful! Yay for winning $45!


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