Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I think this makes me look fat but then maybe I ate too much? I did, however, have a great time no matter fat or not. I am eating healthy for sure, they are making it easy for me except for breakfast but then I am only eating a small amount. It's a pity to waste all the food I am not eating though. Like last night half my filet was wasted.

My room service lunch was a steakhouse chilled soup and salad with warm bread.

So Cozumel is Cozumel and I stayed on board. Most everyone went and that's just fine with me.

So we are just docked. Do they think we are bringing drugs INTO Mexico for goodness sakes? Please!

Anyway all is lovely in my world and I hope it is the same in yours!


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Oh baby! I'll be Miss-bee-havin' for sure! (Not).

I had another great day for sure! The gym early (after breakfast) and then the pool for an hour all to myself and chatted with some people I met a while, then lunch, a shower, and a wonderful nap! All before heading out for the perfect evening. And people say Carnival is the Walmart of the seas? I think not! They are elegant too! The fun ships! Well in my case that's an understatement!

The rest of the evening was just to good to believe. Dinner was a set menu, beet salad, pumpkin soup, lobster pasta (which I could not have because of allergies), then filet mignon and cake. The dinner was in the senior officers mess hall, a small but elegant room on the lower floor. There were about ten people there, all officers.

Next was the theatre with them for the show followed by the comedy club with them again. Well actually the comedy club was just me and the Captain but who's counting. Anyway it was fun for sure.

I ended the night closing down the piano bar. All in all one fabulous day!

Tomorrow is Cozumel. My world rocks totally. Wish you were here...


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I am seriously having the best cruise ever so far. I am almost embarrassed to tell y'all about it because it's that good!

When I walked onto the ship the cruise director, James said "Welcome home Bee, I'm James and I am so happy to meet you." I had never seen him before in my life. Then I saw Nikhil, the Hotel Director and got a huge hug and he took my suitcase from me And he escorted me to my cabin. There was a huge fruit basket there already. He left and told me to come to the Lido after I unpacked which I did.

Once there he asked me what I wanted for lunch and I said pizza so we went there and he got a bar waiter to get my drink order (on the house). From there it only got better. Seriously better.

After lunch I went to the Atrium bar for a real drink, I only had diet coke on the Lido. I ran into Sharon, the Guest Services manager and we chatted and she bought me yet another drink.

I made it to muster drill half buzzed and that went fine. Then it was sail away and time for dinner. I have the same waiters as last time and they are great as usual. The Maitre'd came over and I got yet another hug from him, Dario is his name. We chatted and I had dinner. I am seated at a table for ten and they are singles, mostly solo cruisers too. All very nice.

After I came out of the dining room Nikhil was standing there and we talked and watched over the rail below as the entertainment team was in the Atrium tossing beads and other stuff.

I asked him about the gym and it's all brand new now. He insisted on taking me there for a tour and it really is fabulous. Of course it's on deck twelve and Nikhil does not take elevators, nor do I. Well he runs up to twelve and I am trying to keep up and not get too out of breath and let him see that. I get a tour of the spa and the gym and honey, it's totally tits up there. There is a personal trainer there too and I shall go see him.

He tried to sign me up for all kinds of services, massages, pedicures, etc. but I declined. Enough is enough. I heard him tell the spa manager whatever I wanted was on him. Again, I declined and thanked them.

Next up was the piano bar where Elizabeth is now gone and Aaron is there. So far he is lots of fun but not nearly as talented. I don't think that will matter much though because he can really get the bar crowd having fun and when that happens they order drinks and Carnival makes lots of money so it's all good there.

Carlos, the Lido manager came and sat with me and we chatted.

I left there to head to the comedy club where I saw Captain Barrile sitting there with some officers and he saw me and stood up and gave me a huge hug and asked me to lunch which of course I will do!

I got to the comedy club and saw someone new to me, Lester Bibbs and I laughed so hard I literally peed a bit and had to come back and change so by that time it was after midnight anyway so I got a shower and stayed in.

Day one - total success.

Miss-beeHavin' (slightly)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

If it is after noon when you are reading this I shall be with my friends Nikhil and Sharon on the beautiful and newly redone Carnival Ecstasy having the time of my life.  They will see to it for sure!  I have nice gifts for them too.  Remember the posts will not be at the same time each day but I will try to post daily whenever possible.  The Internet is spotty and slow as you know (and very expensive) but I love y'all and I will be around.

At least when I'm not off miss-bee-havin' or something that is.  I mean when I'm off doing good deeds for poor orphans and stuff like that, you know, that kind of stuff.  Or not.  Anyway that's where I'll be, what about you?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It won't be long now.  One more day.  I'm all ready to go, everything is organized and ready.  I wish this ship had longer cruises.  I could do a back-to-back but on the short ones that is a pain because you still have to get off the ship and go through customs between cruises which makes no sense to me at all but Homeland Security says we have to do it.  Anyway I love this ship so much, the Ecstasy, it's my absolute favorite.  I can't wait to see it since it just came out of dry dock.
Yesterday I won six dollars at canasta.  I would rather have been at the pool but I heard they turned off the pool heater because it was too warm and now it's cold as the nights have cooled down so much so I probably would not have gotten in the water anyway.

And today I have YET ANOTHER condo meeting for a committee I am on.  The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) is on it too and the other two are all pretty much in agreement so it shouldn't be bad.  At least I hope it won't.

I guess that's about all I know today, sorry it's pretty boring but the day was not too exciting so there isn't much to tell.  Today I have lunch with the duck and then Monday it should get much better!  And if I miss-bee-have I'll let you know.  Maybe.

Have a great Sunday y'all.  I will too.  For sure.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I had my hardest workout ever yesterday.  I must say Andre' certainly stepped it up a notch but I kept up and was mighty sore afterward.  I think he was compensating for my being gone next week or something.  Then I was going to go to the pool but it was overcast, very windy, and a bit cool plus I was sore as heck so I didn't go.

Then I had a lovely dinner out with my broker.  We have become friends through the years and I enjoy him very much.  He also knows most of what is in my head and acts like a life coach to me.  His advice is usually spot on too.  For a very young man he is smart as a whip and level headed and wise.  Sarge found him and it's a very good thing.

Today I am playing canasta.  The winter game is starting back up and I really don't want to play on Saturdays but I said I would and if they can get someone else they will and I'll drop out.  Until then I guess I'm in.  

The suitcase is done all but putting the clothes in, they are ready though.  I have so many things I want to wear it's hard to knock it down for a M-F cruise!  Lol.  We should all have such problems, yes?  

Roche' is not coming with me again on this trip, he loves his sitter.  Actually I think he is hot for him the little cross dresser!  What a rock that little pistol is!

Have a wonderful day my dears, I shall too.  For sure.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Today I shall first have Andre' beat me up and then if the rain goes away I shall be here, my pool, my love.  Yesterday I did win at canasta, about two bucks or a bit less but a win is a win and I'll take it.

The funniest thing happened though.  I was sound asleep last night and around 5ish in the AM I rolled over and touched someone!  Ack!  It was D#1!!  She got in around 4:00 and was very quiet and went right to bed.  My bed is two twins pushed together.  I decided I don't sleep nearly as lightly as I thought I did if someone can enter the apartment and get into bed with me!  So she had her dental appointment and headed right home again.  Poor thing, driving all that way just to check how an implant looked.

The clothes are gathering on the dining room table now and the suitcase is slowly gaining things inside!  I emailed with some of the officers on the ship and I have a list of things to bring them.  Of course some props for the piano bar too, always.  They disappear so fast especially the crazy hats.  People walk out wearing them and don't bring them back and it's all part of the show so I bring them more.

Guess that's it in my world today.  It's all good here.  Hope the same in your world!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well the little pink suitcase is out on the dining room table and there are only four days until cruise time.  One reason (among many!) that I will be happy to get out of town for a few days is the endless political badgering going on.  Between the mail, the calls, the endless tv krap I am SOOOO over politics.  I know Sarge loved it but I don't.  Florida has the governor's race and several things like medical marijuana to name a few.

Today I have canasta and lunch with some gals and a meeting before that with some condo stuff.  To recap the week so far Tuesday night I lost $34.00 and yesterday I lost fifty cents so even if I win today I won't have a win for the week.  O and two.  Buggers.

The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) enjoyed your comments yesterday.  

D#1 will be here today too but I may not even get to see her.  Not sure yet. She has a dental appointment and then will head straight back home afterward.  She is driving, I have no idea how she does all she does but she manages.  I thought she was coming a bit later but I was wrong, it's today.

So that, my dears, is all I have in my somewhat tiny brain for today.  I hope that your day is fantastic.  Mine will be.  For sure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This is the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and we decided that I don't need a new dress, that I have never worn the black one in the photo to the left on this ship so that is what I shall wear this time.  His darling wife allows him to be my "pool husband" so he gives me input on things like this.  I am also allowed to backseat drive in the car with them.  We nag him in stereo sometimes.  Great fun actually!  He will not, however, comment on this even though he does read.  That's okay though.  He's good for getting me a chicken at Costco when I want one too.  Many talents, this one! lol

Yesterday I had a fabulous visit with Dr. Wacks.  I had lost enough weight to have gotten into another zip code on the bmi chart!  He was as happy as I was!  Plus only 13 more pounds and I hit yet another one and am d for done.  Finally.  It will be three years, this journey, soon.  I have never felt better.  When I was laying on the table he had me raise my legs and hold them up 12" off the table and was quite impressed that I could do it!  Finally he said, ok, you can stop now! 

Thanks to all of you that tried to get me to 50 comments yesterday and to those of you that read and ran, well, maybe next time.  Keep coming back anyway.

We had 8" of rain here yesterday and quite a bit of localized flooding.

Have a wonderful Wednesday y'all.  I will too.  For sure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Daybreak.  Can you see the sliver of the moon?  What a view I have.  So yesterday was nice, I had Andre' working on core, planks, leg lifts, sit-ups, yikes, many many of all of them and then a fabulous swim in a very warm pool.  In fact they should probably turn the heater down, it was 90 degrees in the water!  I loved it but I am probably the only one.

Today will find me sitting in that cute dentist's chair for a couple of hours and then Dr. Wacks in the afternoon for my regular checkup.  Then poker tonight.  I do not plan on losing all my money this week, in fact the plan is to win a bit.

How's your day looking?  I wouldn't mind if you'd tell me in the comments.  Especially some of you non-commenters.  You know if you'd comment more I wouldn't have to have those pesky mandatory comment days, now would I?  Let's see if we can hit 50 today!  I know, that's a tall order, but since over 150 of you a day are clicking over here and reading that's really only 1/3 so it's doable.  K?

Have a great Tuesday.  I will too.  For sure!