Monday, September 1, 2014

Remember that lampshade that was beige and needed to be white?  Well I painted it with chalk paint and it's just like a new white shade!

I don't know why I didn't think of that before but I didn't.  Then I couldn't find a shade I liked.  Then I was sitting there looking at it and thinking, hmmm.  What now?  Then a light bulb lit up in my head.  I only used one coat because I thought if I used more it might not give off enough light.  Now I'm happy.

Oh my gosh it's September.  Where did my long lovely summer fly off to?  

My pink hat fits perfectly.  I hope Charlie Daniels likes it.  (kidding!)  No matter, I like it.  Photo soon.  I promise.  I also put a pink feather on it but I'm not sure about that yet.

Today I have to try hard not to eat too much.  The food at the club is really good and it's a buffet to boot so it's hard to keep those portions within reason but I shall try my best.  They are having all kinds of good things, I meal ALL kind of good things.  Sigh...  even cake.

Labor Day doesn't mean too much to me.  Just a big sale day with a barbecue.  It's not lie Memorial Day or July 4th or any number of meaningful holidays.  I'm not really sure why we still celebrate it actually, it was a union thing years ago.  Anyway most of y'all are off today so that's a good thing.

I hope your day is lovely.  Mine will be for sure.  Count on it!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I thought I'd like to look at Paul and Marylou today.  Cute, huh?  Well for Canadians anyway.  Kidding!  Seriously they are great friends and I can always call them if I ever get blue.  I am going to have to cruise with them again one day.  They let me tag along with them in the comedy clubs and all around the ship.  Paul forgot Charlie's name one night on the way back to the cabin and called him "old what-his-name" and it just stuck.  I have seriously met some of the nicest people cruising that I could ever imagine.  And these are two of them.

This is the last of August.  The dog days of August.  Hot and steamy.  I could not love it more.  To me it's just perfect.  I'll take this over cold any old day at all.

Oh, and to anyone that might have gotten the wrong impression yesterday, the piano bar guy is Joe Hollywood and no, there is NOTHING going on, just a love of piano bars.  I have not heard back and still don't know if he is just visiting or playing but he's one of the best around, that I do know.  So if he IS playing I'd like to go.

Yesterday I filled in a canasta game I think I already told you, well I won pretty good, over twelve bucks.  I still would have rather been in the pool though.  And now I am playing Monday too.  The barbecue at the club starts at 5:00 and we are going to play canasta from 1-5:00 and then have a drink in the bar and then go in for dinner.

Then it's time for the snowbirds to start coming back.  It sure has been a lovely quiet summer and I'm not ready for it to be over yet but it is what it is and that's all there is to it, right?

Have a lovely Sunday y'all.  I'll be having lunch with the duck and then hitting Publix!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Well if I must say I rocked it with Andre' yesterday.  I was a bit afraid because of a week off on the cruise and then sick so I had not been in a bit and he said he was going to kick my a$$ and bless him he tried.  He'd say can you give me 10 more and I'd do 12, I would not let him get the best of me.  Good workout!  Workout #61.

Today I am playing canasta, filling in for the group I used to play in but dropped out for the summer so I could swim.  Since I have not had any games at all this week I said yes, that I'd play.

One of the Carnival piano bar entertainers is in town , well,  he was a Carnival guy, he is going to go on Royal Caribbean now but he is in town this week and he contacted me on facebook to get together.  I'm not sure if he is playing here or just visiting but if he is playing I'd like to go hear him.  Stay tuned for a possible fun time!  Not sure yet.

I'm also getting ready for a visit from a certain cute daughter in a few weeks.  I am sure looking forward to that.  Someone to talk to at night!  Woo hoo!

So y'all have a great Saturday, okay?  I know I will too.  I'll be trying to win a dollar in the card room.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

***This was supposed to post at midnight but posted early because, well, I messed up.

Well flitter if canasta didn't get canceled yesterday.  So let's recap the week shall we?  Tuesday poker canceled, Wednesday Mahjong canceled, Wednesday dinner canceled, Thursday canasta canceled.  One of the gals husband fell and she didn't want to leave him and I certainly understand that but it left me home again plus it rained so no pool either.  I am well now too and ready to go do something!

So I went into that cavern I call a closet.  It doesn't look like I put a dent in it but I sure did take out a lot of stuff.  I also did a ton of ironing.  I like to iron.  I know, nuts, right?  Something about seeing the finished product all smooth and ready to wear makes me happy.  Now if I could just get the shoes under control.  They leap out at night and get all over the floor all the danged time.  Little buggers.

Roche' said I could take him shopping and I told him he didn't need any more clothes or toys, he has more than any other rock on earth I am quite sure.  That didn't seem to matter to him.

So I spent the afternoon listening to Garth Brooks and Charlie Daniels and getting my country on.  I've got friends in low places!  Oh yeah.  Go Garth!  I also ordered a pink cowboy hat from, don't ask me why, like I need one more thing in my life but I saw it and I wanted it and I bought it.  Oh wait, I can wear it to the Charlie Daniels concert, right?  No boots though.  Pink cowboy hat, pink jeans, C/D shirt, pink sandals.  How does that sound?  In the Kravitz Center for the Performing Arts?  Bwahahah.  Oh yeah.  Why the heck not?

So that was my day.  How was yours?  Have a great Friday y'all.  I will too...

I usually stay on the Empress Deck and the last cruise and the next one are no exception.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I think they must have named it after me, that's what I think.  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My cold is mostly gone now, just a dry lingering cough that is most annoying but I am playing canasta today nonetheless.  I told them and they said they don't think I'm contagious any more and neither do I so I shall go and play.

My apartment is clean within an inch of it's life again.  They do such a great job, they really do.  Plus I had a toilet that was "running" and you had to jiggle the handle to make it stop and he fixed that too.  He put in some new thingy.  

I remember once Sarge tried to fix one.  He tied fishing bobbers to the thing inside to make it pull up more.  Of course it didn't work and for the life of him he could not understand why not.  Bless his heart.  The man was truly amazing but could not fix anything at all and remember he only had two tools, a plastic butter knife and a chain saw.  Gosh I miss him.

I have been listening to Charlie Daniels.  I just love that man.  Such a patriot and so generous and such high morals.  Can't wait to see him again.  Sarge and I saw him in Podunk one year, what a great show.

Guess that's about it for today y'all.  Hope your Thursday is lovely.  Mine will be busy and that is wonderful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And we have yet another sick day.  Rats.  Poker was cancelled because there were not enough players.  I did exercise in the pool for half an hour but that's about it.  It feels so good to move some.  I told Andre' I'd be back on Friday. He'll whip my butt for sure.  One good thing is I have no appetite so I have lost what I gained on the cruise and then some.  Right now I am at probably a 20 year low weight.  Eighteen more pounds to go and Dr. Wacks will be happy.  I'm already happy.

Steve and Jane come today.  That two weeks went by fast.  They do such a fabulous job plus as an added benefit he can fix just about anything.  I was sure lucky to find them.

I am supposed to have dinner with my financial guy that I call Bob because that's his name.  I called him to tell him I have a cold and see if he wanted to back out but he said he has one too so we'll go and make the best of it.  We'll either both be better since we both came down with it at the same time or we'll give each other a different one and have it for another week.  Not to worry, we do paper work, no kissing.  (JOKE)

Remember when I told you about that condo building in West Palm Beach that was to be built and named ISIS?  Well guess what?  They are changing the name.  Big surprise, huh?  I believe that is the most evil group of humans that ever took a breath.  I also think we have not heard nearly the end of them either.

So that's about it for today folks.  Hope your Wednesday is fabulous.  Mine will be for sure...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good day from the land of the sick and the home of the sloth-like.  I did manage to change the bed and swim for 20 minutes but that's about it folks.  Then I had a 2 1/2 hour nap from the exertion.  I didn't realize how weak I was.  A quick shower and that was my day, the couch to the bed.  Canned chicken soup.  

I cancelled Andre' for this morning too.  I doubt I'll be well enough for poker either but I'll wait until later morning to decide.  I know they need the players, in the summer we are short handed.  I seriously doubt I'll play though.  I already called them and told them I was sick and wanted to stay home.  They said to wait to see how I feel at the last minute.

And so I am sorry but I have nothing else today.  Hope your day is more exciting than mine but I assure you that mine will gear up and soon!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Well I never even got outside the apartment yesterday, I have a cold.  Rats.  I stayed in my gown and pretty much on the couch all day and did what I was supposed to do so hopefully it will go away quickly.  You know, fluids, blah blah blah... that stuff.  I don't feel too bad but I didn't want to be around anyone and get them sick too.  Sick sucks you know.

Old Chuckie Duck had me email him a grocery list and he got everything I needed and the doorperson brought the stuff up in a cart and I'm all set and I didn't touch anyone and then the mayor brought me a treat that his lovely wife baked and I don't remember what it's called but it's a Jewish Biscotti thingy.  Delicious but I only ate a tiny bit.  Woe is me, no appetite.  What a shame, right?  At least maybe those couple of pounds I packed on my butt will disappear.

I even turned on the tv I was SOOOOO bored.  But not for long, there is just nothing interesting on to watch.

Today I think I'll go sit near the pool in the shade and just be outside.  I don't know if I'll get in or not and I won't get near anyone but at least I'll be out of the apartment.  I get stir crazy.

You know if I had a brain I could write a book or something but I don't so that's out.  I try to do the beading again and I do love it but I just don't want to sit there and do it.  I will figure this out.  I really will.

Hope your Monday and your whole week is totally tits.  Mine will be I know!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I had so much fun I booked to go again September 29th.  This one goes to Half Moon Cay (pronounced "key") and Nassau with Monday and Tuesday being sea days.  I got a balcony cabin and I am a happy girl.  So far I am going by myself but that's okay, I know people on the ship and I make friends easily and I asked to be put at a big table in the dining room so I won't have to eat alone and I'll have a great time.

Last night I had an invitation from a neighbor to go to a local restaurant that has a piano bar in it and I had a really good time there too.  And I ran into a couple I used to know from when I worked.  I also saw the Mayor of West Palm Beach there, she seemed to be getting her groove thing on pretty good too.  I drove so I only had one drink and then switched to coffee but the liquor was flowing pretty good.  It was interesting that the crowd was both young and old and they were all up dancing and laughing.  I was dancing too.

Another evening that I didn't have to stay home and fret so that was good.  I just don't know what is wrong with me.  I never used to be this way.  I used to like certain tv shows and look forward to them, no more, now I rarely turn it on and then just to see the weather mostly.  I'm not even watching Big Brother and in fact don't even know if it's still on or over already.  I turn on music instead.

I promise to stop whining about this.  Soon.  I guess as soon as I get it figured out.  Anyway I'm sorry and it's really all good in my world.  I swam yesterday and it was sunny and lovely and there were lots of wonderful folks at the pool to talk to and I sure enjoyed that and then I came up and got most of my laundry done, I just have one small dark load left.  Not really enough to bother with actually.

Guess that's all I have in my brain for today y'all.  Hope your Sunday is totally tits.  Mine will be, I just know it!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

And this is what I came home to see, the wall in my bathroom cut open and a broken pipe.  The condo fixed the pipe and patched the wall but I must now have the bathroom repainted.  Things happen.  It could have been much worse so I am thankful it's done and not any worse than it was.

Well I ended up gaining a bit less than three pounds, not too bad and I shall get rid of it in a hurry because I say so.

It's back to normality but it's also back to long evenings with not much to do.  I cannot tell you how much fun I had flitting between shows, bars, clubs, comedy clubs, piano bars, pizza places, walking around decks, there is so much to do in an evening not even mentioning the casino.  I like that.  A lot.  

Talking to people, making friends, listening to music, sigh.  I want more.  I know I should just shut up and be thankful for what I just had because I am such a lucky girl.  I'll try.  I really will.  There just is no one to talk to.  Roche' has taken to tuning me out and telling me I talk too much the little rockhead!  I don't even have a goldfish to watch swimming in a circle.  

I am going to find someone to keep me company, just you wait and see.  I AM going to.  I AM!  Later my loves...