Monday, April 21, 2014

Just remembering a fun evening not too long ago in what appears to be a Red Frog Pub with Princess Laura and sweet Judy from Canada.  What a fun cruise that was!  And see I have my water in a pretty glass with a little umbrella there too!

Gosh I had a nice time last night.  It was my third ever Seder but by far the nicest one.  The food was incredible but the company and the ceremony was even better.  Everyone had a really nice time talking too.  Totally enjoyable time.  Oh, and I got to bring home leftovers!  Tits to me!  No cooking but lots of pool workouts!

So today we have the letter "U" as in umbrella drinks (see photo above!), pretty underwear (I know but it's U for crying out loud, cut me some slack here), underwater beauty, upper berths on trains taking you to lovely destinations and rocking you to sleep, universities where you can learn anything you want to learn, United States - the home of the brave and the land of the free, beautifully upholstered chairs and couches, uplifting thoughts that make you feel so good inside, unpretentious people that just like you for who you are, multicolored big umbrellas on a warm sandy beach with water lapping nearby, tuxedoed ushers at a summer wedding in a cathedral, and finally all the urns on the Carnival Legend where I shall be very soon.

I guess that's about all I know for today.  Hope you have a perfectly lovely Monday, I know I will for sure... 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!  A fine day in the neighborhood for sure.  And I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate.  He missed me this year but then I sure don't need candy.

So lets see, I suppose today's letter is "T" as in time (lots of it), tomatoes - sweet from the vine on white bread with mayo, treasures like in an antique shop with lots of stuff to look at, tea - cold and sweet with lemon, tin foil (why do they call it tin foil when it's aluminum?  I never understood that.), truth, texts, muffin tops, typing, toes painted red, palm trees swaying in a balmy breeze, t-bone steaks served medium with a baked potato with sour cream and a nice big salad, toast - crisp and light brown, dripping in butter and jam, not tamales - I don't like those but Sarge did, great test results, two-toned convertibles, television at night when the house is quiet and a good show is on, telephones so you can talk to people you love, truffles - the candy kind, not the mushroom kind, telling a joke well, talking sweet nothings to a lover on a moonlit night, tails on a puppy wagging when he sees you, trainers like Andre', trains on long trips with comfortable seats and a nice dining car, tropical islands - sunny and warm with long white beaches and turquoise water, and tilapia cooked grilled with french fries and cole slaw.

Well now I'm hungry after all that.  Oh, I lost three bucks yesterday but I had a nice time so it's still a cheap day out.

Today I am not meeting the duck, instead I am going to the pool and then to dinner at the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool's) condo with the (self appointed) governor (of the pool) and the mayor's lovely wife and her mother, a sweet little (literally) lady who is here visiting.  I baked dessert.  

Hope your day is as good as mine and you have jelly beans and chocolate!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

These are some of Roche's friends.  They live outside our lobby in the garden.  He wants me to hotglue some rhinestones on them but I don't think the building manager would be too happy about that.

Today is brought to you by the letter "S" like sweating in the gym, swimming, diet soda (I know, it's bad - but still), summer, spring with the wonderful smelling flowers, socks if it's cold out, spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and big fat meatballs, fresh summer vegetables, sweet cake (!), stunning views,  grilled salmon drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette with greek salad (how's that for a visual?), silver jewelry, warm sandy beaches with a cruise ship nearby, sunshine beating down on you as you lay by the pool, stars in the sky on a warm summer night, nice sharp scissors to cut beautiful fabric, seashells, the sea!, seals, secrets that friends will never betray, seafood with old bay seasoning, sipping an umbrella drink on a Lido deck, I'd say sisters but I never had any, getting in shape, shrimp, scallops, silly giggles, shorts, and slip on shoes! Whew.

Today I have canasta and lunch and no pool but it'll still be fun and hopefully I won't lose six bucks again.  Well, six-fifty really but who's counting?

Have a lovely Saturday y'all!  Oh, another "S" word!  I will too...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday y'all!  Your best day of the week!  Today I see Andre' and then hurry to go get my hair done so I'll be busy most of the day.  

So the letter of the day is (finally!) "R"!  Roche'! Rocks, romantic novels, root beer, (chocolate covered) raisins, red toes, tropical rum drinks with little umbrellas, roasted vegetables, red velvet cupcakes!, rainbows, restaurants, Easter rabbits as in peeps, radios, real whipped cream (okay, that was a stretch), rest stops on long trips, radishes, and ruby rings.  That was an easy day and Roche's best day!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I got home from playing cards.  I got invited out to dinner by the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely wife and mother-in-law.  We went and had crab imperial and it was soooo delicious.  What a wonderful treat that was.

That's about all I have in my brain for today y'all.  Have a wonderful Friday and I will too...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gosh today is my "Q" day.  Q.  Okay.  Queen of the ship!, QVC, quotes, quarters because I need these to play MahJong, quotas (I don't know why I said quotas, I don't have any), quick stuff like getting me a cupcake or something. and quinoa (which I discovered I don't like but heck, I needed another Q so that's it. Whew, that was the hardest one.  Well, that is until I get to X day since I'm not an X rated gal.

Today is canasta and lunch with some gal pals.  Oh, I heard on the news last night that the building in Florida is opening May 1st.  That means no more free tax ride.  It was sure nice while it lasted.  Yup, we'll have to start paying state sales tax now in Florida.  Florida is estimating 80-90 million in income from this little (now closed) loophole.  Rats for me, good for the state.  I guess.  But you know politicians, they'll probably just piss it away waste it.

Guess that's all I know guys.  My brain is pretty dumb today.  I think I need to up the fish oil again.  Have a great Thursday!  I shall as well...

Well I told you my brain was dead now, I published this early by mistake.  So just pretend it's Thursday if you are reading this on Wednesday, k?

In case you didn't read it on Facebook yesterday I got the call from Carnival offering me a suite for a small increase in fare so of course I jumped on it.  I'm just sorry the duck won't be with us to enjoy it.  Rats.

I took Roche' with me last night to poker and he had on his little yamaka but even that didn't help, we lost sixty something bucks but it was fun and he liked playing.  He was pretty tired at the end though and came home and went straight to bed without even having a little rock snack.

Today I have a card game in the morning and then I have errands to do in the afternoon.  

I should get the food for the nutrisystem in a few days but I may wait until after the cruise to start it since I bought four weeks of food and the cruise is in two weeks.  I don't want to do two weeks and then leave.  I will let you know how it goes though when I do it.  I'll also keep up the exercise, I am really enjoying it.  Andre' is doing a good job but I am still not losing weight.  My muscle-y stuff is getting there though!

So that's it from me for today, hope your Wednesday is lovely.  Mine will be for sure!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I snapped this photo the other day at the outlet mall across the street.  The Seder dinner was very nice last night but I brought home most of my meal.  By the time dinner was served I was full of all the other stuff.  The food was good though.

So today's letter of the day is "P" as in pool, poker, pet rocks, petunias, periwinkle, pasta, prime rib, pretty stuff, not petty stuff, big girl panties, pink, poker chips, pints of ice cream (not that I get any of that stuff), peanuts, peanut butter, pork!, little piggies (as in pinky toes), pinky swears, pyrotechnics, pens that write nicely, pencils with fat erasers, pictures, photography, pills - rather not needing them, pillows, (man "P" is an easy one isn't it?), pistachio nuts, pecans, butter pecan ice cream, and, well, pee.  (Hey somebody had to say it, right?)

Today is busy as all heck with Andre' followed by the pool followed by a shower and hair cleanse and then poker.  In between I have to dip the macaroons in chocolate for poker snacks so I'll be pretty scarce.

And that, my friends, is all I have in my head for today.  Make your Tuesday totally tits and I will too...

Monday, April 14, 2014

I took this photo looking into the sun.  I has some problems but I still liked it.  I couldn't tell if it turned out or not until I got home and inside.

Today's letter, "O", is not such an easy one.  I don't like Oreos or orangutans.  Let's see, oranges, optimism, optical illusions, opera, online shopping, olives, Olympics, and opals.  I guess that wasn't so hard after all!

Today I have to make macaroons for poker and I'll be at the pool if possible.  I have some chores to do too and then the Seder dinner at the club tonight.

I have a question for you as in "what would you do?"  I have a card playing person (not really a friend) that is doing something I dislike.  She is buying stuff from QVC, wearing it, and returning it.  Not once, not twice, but she is doing this all the time.  I recognize the stuff because I watch QVC sometimes.  It's a scam.  I thought about calling customer service and talking to them about it but don't know if I should.  It's not just clothing either, jewelry too, expensive stuff.  She touts herself as being well dressed.  Buggers.  Anyway, any opinions?

So have a lovely Monday y'all.  I shall as well.  For sure!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday is a fun day around here with lunch with the duck.  And maybe the pool afterward, depends on if it's warm enough.  It's been a tiny bit too cool for the last few days, high in the high 70's.  Wonderful weather but I need it in the 80's to swim.

I guess today is brought to you by the letter "N" today... as in nice, not nasty, new cruise ships (ha, I got that in there again!), NA meetings for those that need them, nuts, nighttime when things are quiet and it is so peaceful, not nothing (which is something), nickels, nice neighbors, nutrition, nail polish in wonderful colors, noontime for lunch out with the girls, and noses so you can breathe fresh clean air!

Yesterday I lost about nine bucks at canasta but I had a good time and we laughed a lot so it was a nice afternoon.  

Have a happy Sunday.  I shall do the same...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Look really closely.  In the center of the photo there is a CRUISE SHIP!
I woke up early and looked out and that is what I saw.

And next I got a package in the mail from Barb.
She painted me two adorable paintings!
The bee with the crown and the red velvet cupcake is "me" with a capital "M".
As in today's letter!

So off we go... movies, in the spirit of the season matzo ball soup, macaroons, mary janes (ladies shoes for you guys - not the candy), music, melodies, (not) moping around, M&Ms, mushrooms, mega ships (did you notice how I got that cruising reference in here! ha!), marshmallows (which reminds me, am I the only person on earth that has never tasted a s'more?), money (well the things it can do), more cupcakes (that was clever, right?), mustard on a hotdog, mocha latte, (hey! I forgot latte yesterday!), maroon toenails, the moon, (no toothaches) in your molars, and mashed potatoes!  Whew, that was quite a list.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.

Andre' beat me up pretty good yesterday but I never did get in the pool because when I left the club it started raining so I came upstairs and did laundry instead.  Since I had a good workout I didn't worry about it.

Today I have canasta again so I have to go back and make a buck if I can.  Have a great Saturday y'all.  I sure will too.