Sunday, January 20, 2019

Well it's Sunday and I didn't get to see the duck because he has a cold and we decided I shouldn't be around it.  Next week!  He's really so good to me as is D#1, I am SO lucky.

I played bridge last night but didn't win.  I made a big mistake and my partner made a smaller one and it was enough to keep us out of the money.  Well the $2,00 prize that is.

Ryan works here as I have told you (that's how I found this place) and he is in the entertainment department.  He is starting a weekly extra movie, the Bond series, 26 in all, in order.  As I have never seen any of them I am excited to go to this event.  

I have been invited by the sales staff to be on a resident panel to answer questions for potential new residents.  This is really an honor as they only want people that will be positive and present a good view of course.  The first one includes an upscale lunch (we do food very well here!).

So added to all my other activities I now have two more!  Be well my dears, I shall too...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Boy I've had a good run of winning at games lately!  I won $32.00 at bingo and $2.00 at bridge and $2.40 at Mahjong and then I was invited to an appreciation luncheon by La Posada and won the door prize.  It was a bottle of wine and I almost gave it away but first I decided to take off the wrapping paper and inside there was a $50,00 gift certificate to a local restaurant.  What a haul  I'm due to lose for awhile now but that's ok.   

Lately I've been listening to David Sedaris at night in bed.  I like audiobooks and he is so funny.  If you are not familiar with him check him out on youtube to see if you might like his style of humor.

That's about it for today.  Movie tonight in the clubhouse and laundry today.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Today was the annual bridge tournament at La Posada and I came in second place with my partner.  (That's really good).  I don't know what we won yet because the guy wasn't there yet when  left but it's probably a Publix gift card.  It doesn't matter, I won and that's the good part!

Last night I invited my Friday table mates back to my apartment after dinner and we all seven had a nice time visiting and just talking.  They are all so nice.

I'll tell you a bit about them so you can get to know them... I'll do it in the order I met them.

Sherry - Very active in lots of things here, petite, vivacious, beautiful white hair, a widow.

Beverly - Curly blonde hair, tall and thin, dresses so nice, made her second bedroom into a closet!  Has a cat and loves animals of all kinds.  Widow, husband was a candy machine salesman and VERY successful.

Larry - Close with Beverly and retired from GE, he was an engineer and is extremely smart and kind.

Ann - Tall, thin, beautiful, gorgeous clothes and always dresses to perfection.  Her apartment is two bedroom also and very pretty.  Widow and I think her husband was a dentist.

Steve - Retired Colonial United States Army, Tall, thin, extremely well mannered and gracious.  Very close with Ann.  They look great together.  Widower.

Kay - Native Floridian, extremely well educated and as genuinely nice a person as I have ever met.  She is tall, thin, grey curly hair, dresses very nicely.

And me, frumpy and laughs a lot.  Just plain old me.  Very happy me.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Well what's happening here you might ask, well if you cared that is.  I have PT today and I am still walking with a limp and using a cane for any distance.  I don't remember that happening with the last hip replacement but I am working very hard so it should get better soon.  

Yesterday was a pip!  I played Canasta with a group as a sub and won $1.25 and then last night I played bingo after dinner and won $32.00!  What a haul!

Murcia is here today.  I haven't told you about her before but she is my assigned cleaning lady.  She takes very good care of me.  My floors are white and show every little thing but she gets them spotless with her big (swiffer like) thingy.  I don't know exactly what it is but it's washable and looks like rubber.  Anyway she does a lovely job.  One thing... if a leaf falls off a plant she lifts it and dusts and then puts it back.  I think this is so funny I don't mention it to her.  She is from Haiti and has worked here 14 years.  I am lucky to have gotten her.

Tonight is the table I host at dinner.  All that means is that I make the reservation and make sure my people are going to attend.  I have seven regulars and I love all of them.  Sometimes if one or more can't come I invite someone new.  Also tonight is Prime Rib night.  The food is excellent.  There is always a fish of the day, always salmon, always Filet Mignon, always a second entree of the day, always a list of side dishes and vegetables of the day, two soups, a list of salads and desserts aplenty.  Still I am managing to lose a bit of weight as I don't eat large portions or junk food and I am exercising regularly.  Is there any wonder why I love it here so much?

Be well and I shall try to do the same...

Sunday, December 30, 2018

So today I had lunch with old Chuckie Duck better known by me as the Duck.  We had barbecue and it was lovely!  

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we are having a dinner dance that is over at 9:00 and to me that is perfect.  It starts at 4:00 with a champagne reception and then a plated dinner followed by music and dancing for those that want to do so. (Not me).  Then on New Year's Day we have another plated dinner and then my group has bridge.  

My Tuesday bridge partner is a retired male OB/GYN doc and my Saturday partner is a retired female Psychologist.  I have both ends covered! Lol

Have a great day y'all.  I will too for sure...

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Well the ongoing saga of the four new tires continues....  The duck switched cars with me to have them installed (because my life is SO much busier than his!) and the tire placed called saying it would be a bit longer than promised as one of the tires delivered by the LINCOLN DEALERSHIP was defective.  Yes, you read that right!  These are the SAME tires that would have been $1100!  And I never would have known if they hadn't sent one defective one.  Buggers...

So I now have them on the car and I'm ready to rock and roll.  Yay!

 Have a lovely weekend y'all!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

So here I am two days in a row!  It's almost lunchtime and I haven't been up long.  I slept really hard last night if you know what I mean.  I am walking around the apartment without any cane or walker and doing a fair job of it but will continue to use the cane for a bit longer outside.

So if you remember I drive a 2010 Lincoln MKX that Sarge bought and it now has 23,000 miles on it.  I don't go far as you can see.  Well I need tires it seems and there is nothing wrong with the car otherwise so I went about pricing them.  I started with the Lincoln dealership where they happily quoted me $1100.00.  For four tires.  Yikes.  Well finally I asked the Duck if he knew any tire people and it turns out he does so I am now waiting for my four new tires to arrive to go get them installed for just a bit over $450.00.  I don't need high performance tires, I don't drive on ice or very fast or very far and I don't know how much longer I will keep the car so that's what I'm getting.  I don't remember what kind they are but Good something, like Goodyear of Goodrich, not sure.  It really IS who you know.

Tonight I shall dine with my Thursday friends,  I have a group T-W-Th-F-S, mostly different people.  The Friday table is mine and I have seven people.  Sunday and Mondays I stay home and cook usually.  I get 20 meals a month and could buy more but I still like to cook so I don't usually.

Someone asked me this morning if I'd ever pair up with another guy.  My answer was "never say never" but I'm sure NOT looking.  I don't want to be a purse or a nurse.  It would be nice to have a guy to hang out with sometimes but if it is to happen it will, I'm not looking.

Have a great day y'all.  I will too for sure.  I'll try to post more often too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Gosh what a horrible blogger I have been.  I started in 2006 and hardly ever missed a day and visited so many friends blogs.  No more,  I'm just not good at it any more.  I'm sorry but doubt I'll change.  When I think about all the wonderful people I have met both online and some in person as well it makes me so happy, they have enriched my life for sure.

So what is happening in my world these days?  Well I'm still in physical therapy and doing really good.  I don't know why I had so little of it the last time, perhaps I just had the wrong people.  This time I'm doing it here where I live in an outpatient location on the grounds.  It's new and very nice and the therapists are wonderful.  I'm walking both with a cane and sometimes without it and I'm doing strength training to build muscle again.  They have all the top of the line equipment and I am taking full advantage of it.

The year has brought many changes into my life and for the most part they are good changes.  I love where I live and the many new friends I have made here.  It's actually like living on a cruise ship without the ocean.  You dress for dinner at night and you have activities both day and night, as much or as little is you want.  I laugh loud and often and I just love life.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 26, 2018

I saw the surgeon today and I am on schedule to go home Thursday. I am so ready!  It’s all good here!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Not positive but I was told today I should get to go home next Thursday.  I did really good in PT today. In fact I shocked him!