Monday, December 22, 2014

Don't you just love this necklace?  It was a gift from one of my Mahjong gals.  She makes the cutest things.

So the Hanukkah dinner was fabulous and my pies were good I'll say, at least everyone thought or said so.  I got to bring home some brisket too!  Yee Haw to me!

Tonight I am having dinner out with two ladies in my building.  We shall go and have some drinks and a nice meal and chat for a bit.  They are some of the ladies that go to the pool with me sometimes.

Also I have an appointment with Dr. Wacks this morning.  I'm not thrilled with my weight meaning I haven't lost any more.  Since Thanksgiving I have not lost an ounce even with being sick.  I have not gained either though so it's not all bad, it just could be better.  I don't know what he'll say about it.

Then I plan on going to the pool between the doctor appointment and the dinner out so it'll be a busy day for me.  That's good, I like to be busy actually.

And that, my dears, is all I know today.  Have an amazing Monday.  I will too.  I promise you!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Well it's Sunday and so that means the duck again.  And then I have to make my two pies this morning also for the dinner tonight.  I decided to make one Key Lime and one Coconut Creme.

Yesterday I went outside and sat at the pool again talking to some friends but didn't get in the water again.  The air wasn't warm enough for me.  It was really nice being outside though.  I love to sit out there.

Four more days until Christmas.  Four!  I got my first 1099 in the mail yesterday so that means the year is about over and it's getting to be time to think about the dreaded IRS again.  I think they finally decided I'm not dead if you remember.  They refused my return last year and told me they couldn't take it because I was dead.  I was standing there while they were telling me this.  Geniuses.  Yeah, we got 'em.

Guess that's all I have in my brain today y'all.  Have a great Sunday.  I will too.  For sure!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Andre' stepped it up a bit but I am still not back to the normal workout yet. I did pretty good though. I also sat out by the pool for a bit with some friends but not too long. And I didn't get in the water yet. Soon I hope.

Today I have chores to do and I have to run to Target or Publix at some point. I have to make some pies for Sunday for a Hanukkah dinner at the mayor's house. I have somehow become part of their family and I just love that.

I did a bit more online shopping too. I sure have been busy with that lately. I think I am keeping Amazon in business now. At least I'm trying!

Have a lovely Friday y'all. I will too, for sure.


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Oh baby I lost big at canasta yesterday, over $9.00!  I just didn't get any good cards the whole day.  I still had a good time though and when you think about it $9.00 for a whole afternoon of fun is pretty cheap.  I had a nice lunch too.

So today I shall go see Andre' again and he will step it up from the last time as I had a very easy workout on Tuesday to get me back in shape after being sick.  If it's warm enough afterward I want to go to the pool.  I haven't been in it since I was sick and I'd love to swim again.  Plus I found out I can wear my Fitbit in the pool!  It said it won't track swimming accurately but the water won't hurt it and I am thinking that I do water jogging anyway and it might track that.

Last night I was bored so I - um - went online shoe shopping.  Now I need shoes like another hole in my head.  But they are so cute!  At least I didn't buy any more bathing suits.  

Guess that's it from me for today, nothing else happened in my world.  Hope your Friday is totally tits y'all.  Mine will be, I just know it!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

West Palm Beach's Sand Christmas Tree

I saw the tree and it is really pretty.  They did this last year too.  It's really nice and there are lots of other sand sculptures as well.  I really think the city has come so far and I just love it.  I remember when you wouldn't walk there after dark and look at it now, it's bustling all the time too.  I would not want to live anywhere else really.

Today I have canasta and lunch at the club.  The weather has been perfect and I'd like to be at the pool but not yet.  Soon I hope though.  That pesky raccoon was back again though, the fake alligator worked for a time but he was back again.  They are so annoying and dirty the whole pool so it has to be chemically cleaned again.

So D#1 is home and it was a lovely visit.  She is such an angel of a houseguest.  Plus Steve and Jane came and everything is back in place already.  She'll be back next month again after the cruise too.  Lucky me!

Have a wonderful Thursday y'all.  I will too, for sure!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I thought I'd show you D#1's oldest son, the one in the middle, he's off on a skiing trip right now having lots of fun obviously.  

She is leaving early this morning. Really early but I'll wake up and take her to the airport.  She'll be back in a few months.  She got her temporary crowns yesterday and baby they are bee-u-tee-ful!  When her final ones are done she is going to have the prettiest smile anywhere around for sure.  

That cute dentist is more than cute y'all, that man is an artist too.  Oh, and we might have made another date for after my cruise.  Possibly.  (Insert smile here).  I got some hugs too.  (Insert a second smile here).

Today I have a luncheon with my Mahjong girls and then we'll have our holiday gift exchange and play.  I love those girls for sure.

Hope your Wednesday is as good as mine.  If it is you are a lucky one!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Fern House Christmas Party 2014

There were more than 240 in attendance.
The food was wonderful.

And Santa had a big bag of gifts for every child there.
There were 43 children.

The duck and everyone at the Fern House did a fabulous job this year, the best one ever.  The smiles on the children's faces told the whole story.  I am so glad I was able to go.  Thank you to all of you that helped make this possible too!

Oh, and I got to see that cute dentist too!  And guess what?  I'll see him again today as he wants me to bring D#1 for her appointment again because of medication he is giving her he doesn't want her to drive.  Poor me, I'll have to go get another hug won't I?

Have a great day y'all.  I will too.  For sure (wink).

Monday, December 15, 2014

I am quite a bit better now, thanks for all the comments and emails encouraging me to get well.  Yesterday it got really warm and it was so sunny that I went out and sat near the pool for a bit and that felt amazing actually, then I came up and went back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  All together except for the time outside I guess I slept 30 or so hours pretty straight.

Dr. Wacks gave me a Z pack for the bronchitis and told me if I wheezed at all to call him right away for Prednisone but so far no wheezing so no steroids.  I think I'm going to be well enough to go to the Christmas party tonight, at least I hope so.  D#1 will be here and she'll go too.  She is here until early Wednesday morning.

So there are 10 more days until Christmas now.  I am ready, I did everything either online or with cash.  No stores, no lines, no muss, no fuss.  No fun either, huh?  Oh well, that's what it was and I am happy with all I bought.

I really don't mean to be Scrooge at all, I just haven't had the strength or inclination to do more.  It's time to start thinking about the upcoming cruise too.  January 3rd the duck and I go on the Carnival Breeze.  I have been emailing with the Hotel Director, we'll be spoiled pretty good I think.  We always are!

So have a happy Monday y'all.  I will for sure, I'll have D#1 and the duck with me!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sick Sucks

Back soon. Dr. Wacks is on it, I'll be fine soon, don't worry, just not yet.


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The concert was amazing!  They sing like angels.  I did get very tired before it was over but I managed to stay to the very last note.  I guess I am weaker than I thought I was but I am very glad I went.  And to clarify Stevie is the pool's governor, not the mayor and he is not married.  I don't go out with any married men whether their wives are dolls or not, nope, not me.  But we are only friends and neighbors and he was a dear to take me at the last minute.  He also bought me dinner and that was very nice too.

So I am going to make this brief because I am very tired and want to get some meds into me and hit the bed.  I am really looking forward to my "nighttime" cold pills, the ones that make me sleepy.

Have a great day y'all.  I have nothing on my calendar, I'll be the one on the couch all day.