Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yesterday's mail brought me a red velvet cake mix and a fantastic card from Paul (who said I can link his blog now) that I have to make myself.  If anyone wants to come bake for me that'd be fine too.  The funny thing to me is everything on the box is in English and French because it came from Canada.  I found a recipe for making red velvet cookies online from the cake mix so I shall do that!

Well I got all my chores done, the bed changed, the laundry done.  Today Steve and Jane are coming to shine up the place even though there is still no a/c.  They know it and want to come anyway so it's fine with me.  I'll be at the gym with Andre' and then the pool so it'll be a pleasure to go home afterward and have everything shiny and spiffy again.  I keep it very neat and pretty clean but they do some amazing stuff.

Also tonight is poker, it'll be hot in the card room but everyone wants to play, I'll take some fans down and we'll be okay.

I sure will be glad when this whole a/c fix is done.  It's a big job and it's in the works but it sure is a long drawn out affair.

Have a lovely day y'all.  I sure know I will too!


  1. DIY cookies? bahahahaha! I sure hope they get the a/c squared away for you SOON. I would be very UNpleased and would probably be working remotely from a coffee shop or library... one that had wifi and was air conditioned. :)

    Have a wonderful day! Again. big hugs xoxo

  2. "The funny thing to me is everything on the box is in English and French because it came from Canada."
    Very Funny Bee. Ha,ha,ha.
    Guess what? We got snow coming tonight. Maybe God's punishing me for something I did. Maybe I should have sent a Devil chocolate cake box to you. Ha,ha,ha.
    Have a beautiful ( but still no A/C ) day my gorgeous and wonderful friend. See ya.


  3. Cute card! Love the "bi-lingual" cake box. It does look funny to those of us who aren't used to seeing anything but English. It also looks delicious, and that's a fun way to send you some cake. Hope that a/c mess will be fixed soon, thank goodness it is March and not July!

  4. Well, you at least have some sweets to look forward too. Good for Paul to pay up.

    I'll be glad when they get the AC fixed too. I guess it could be worse though. The really hot and humid time of year like the summer? That would be horrible.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  5. That Paul is a mighty sweet guy! I know you will wait until the AC is fixed before you fire up that oven though. We have so many Canadians in our park here that I am used to seeing everything in English and French. As a matter of fact, I just got myself a FR/Eng translation book to help out with that language thingy. Tits, right? Hmm, wonder how that would translate?!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Bee, That AC has us all spoiled for hot weather.....yes, I do remember hot weather.LOL Show us your red velet cookie when you are done baking them. Paul's a card and needs to be dealt with.:):)
    Good luck at poker . xoxo,Susie

  7. Cool move, Paul! Love that! LOL!
    Hope you're having fun at Poker right now.
    Hugs from the West.

  8. I remember needing a fan. Hope that happens again soon here in Michigan.

  9. Did the building give you any time frame for expected completion?

  10. I have two jars of cookie mixes that a friend gave me for Christmas gifts. I've been scared to make them because i'd probably eat them all.


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