Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What a beautiful day!  It was warm enough to go out but not warm enough to get in the pool.  The water was down to 72°(from 84°) and that's not nearly warm enough for me.  There were some in the pool though.

I was thinking.  I know, too much fish oil again but still...

I am an "only" child and when I was little I had an imaginary friend.  Her name was (is) Martha-rina.  She got into mischief sometimes as in "oh look what Martha-rina did!" when something went wrong.  I quickly learned that this brought laughs instead of frowns like the time I dropped a carton of eggs on the floor.  Children can be quite manipulative.  So can adults.

The duck calls this behavior "dope fiending".  That's a good word for it actually.  Like I wanted him to take me to see Andre' Bocelli on Feb. 14th and I bribed him with another concert if he didn't like it.

Should I have done this?  Probably not.  The thing is I wanted to go and he didn't.  I didn't want to drive that far at night.  The only other person that I knew that would like to go is someone that I don't like to ride with.  I like this person but the driving?  No way.

(Now as an aside here and in the spirit of full disclosure there is someone else that offered to go with me but it is a married person and his wife suggested that he take me.  I cannot do this.  Especially on Valentine's Day but any day really.  He is a great guy and his wife is a doll but still... married is married and I don't do that.  This was the true offer of a friend though and I love that they did this.)

Anyway I did get my way and the duck has agreed to take me.  I feel guilty about it but I am hopeful that I open his eyes and mind to this great music that I love so much so that he, too, can enjoy it like I do.  I mean we both love a good piano bar right?  So we must like the same things somewhere out there.

So I won $36.00 at poker last night.  I think that's the same that I won last week too.  We played a higher stakes game too, not 1/2 but 2/2.  It was a better game but some didn't want to play it regularly so we decided to play it once a month.  I liked it.  

That's about all that's in my brain today y'all.  Hope your Wednesday is as good as mine, if it is you are a lucky duck!


  1. You are right, that water is waaaaay too cold! I prefer 86 to 87 myself:)

    Also agree with you on the married part. Sweet of them to offer as friends, but no.

    Hope Duck ends up liking the concert.

    And you are smart not to drive with someone whose driving you aren't comfortable with.

  2. Oh my gosh. You bribed your son to go with you to hear a fabulous tenor. My mother guilts me into going with her to bwtb. You SO win, bahahahaha!

    I heard the latest piano guy on the Fascination might be actually be fun, The guy that was on my cruise in August had talent but scored a BIG fat zero in the entertainment department, He may as well have been piped in music. I went the first night, poked back in on the second night... to an empty piano bar other than him and 2 guys... and never went back. You KNOW he stunk if I don't do the piano bar. His contract ended on january 15th, thank goodness!

    It's 28 here at the moment, That's a TWO with an 8 after it, Ack. But no blizzard such as the sisterdears are having so...

    Have a marvelous day my friend! big hugs xoxo

  3. I'm sure the Duck doesn't mind sacrificing an evening to take you to the concert, there must have been times that you have sacrificed your time for him in the past. Enjoy and who knows maybe the Duck will really enjoy it too. :)

  4. Deer ab
    I like Andre. I wooda taken u.
    I am jus sayin

  5. I bet the Duck really doesn't mind taking you to see Andre Boccli. He's just playing hard to get. Ha,ha,ha. This morning the temperature was - 17 F. Quite nice when you go outside. ( I'm joking Bee, it freezing around here. I finally got get the fireplace going thanks to another friend ( neighbor ) Ron. I have great friends around here. I think I'd better start my Camero this morning. Have a great day my wonderful friend. See you.


  6. I'm hoping the Duck likes the music. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Are you taking Roche? He likes music.

    Okay on the married guy. I wouldn't go either, unless the wife was going along too.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  7. Ok, I agree with you on not going out on Valentine's Day with the married guy. But if it had been on any other night and his wife agreed, I see no reason for you to decline.

  8. Don't we all do this is some way everyday ? Like clean the house in the morning so you can go shopping/watch a movie/read a book in the afternoon ? Don't feel guilty your gave him a choice. Plus you never know he just might like it. But even if he doesn't he did something nice for his Mum. Who probably did lots of things for him when he was young that she didn't really want to.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Warm that water up so Bee can swim! Glad it was sunny and nice outside anyway. It is sunny and cold outside here. 5 degrees when I got up. I am ready to head to the beach!
    Even if the Duck isn't wild about the concert, he'll enjoy making his Mom happy, I bet. And who knows, seeing a live concert of anything is so much better than a recording, he may find himself enjoying it, too!

  10. give and take. part of life. Today is an awesome day. I woke up!

  11. The duck can suck it up for one evening. I'm sure he will enjoy it. I sure love AB. So does MM.

    Big hugs, honey...

  12. High of 31 predicted for here tomorrow.

    I bet Chuck might be surprised and enjoy the concert. Always fun to stretch our comfort zone a bit and try something new.

    Big Hugs,


  13. Oh my imaginary friend's name was Donna.

  14. I think doing things you don't really want to do is good sometimes, it builds character. And it's good to get exposed to different things.


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