Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My friend Julie in Miami did a post yesterday on five things about herself that were not so nice.  I liked the idea so I'm going to do it too.

1.  I think I know all the cuss words in the world, I even know some in other languages.  I have been known to call stupid drivers quite a few of them.  On occasion.  Okay, most of the time.  There, I said wrote it.

2.   I am "friends" with someone that I truly dislike.  Don't ask me why.  I could not tell you.  (And before you ask, no, it's not you.  This person doesn't know about the blog.)

3.   Sometimes I let my portion size go up a notch at dinner and pretend I didn't.  I know I am only hurting myself and it would be much better to own it and eat it so to speak but I write down everything I eat and I didn't want to see it there on my computer.

4.   I dislike hate perfume so much that it actually makes me sick.  In restaurants it is so nasty it is all I can do not to tell the obnoxious person wearing too much of it just how trampy they smell.  I would feel much better if I actually told them the truth, "you smell like a fifty cent hooker.  bitch."  Yeah, that's what I really want to do.  Some of them DO make me sick though but I hate them all equally whether they do or not.

5.   On cruise ships I "entertain" myself sometimes when I am alone doing strange things.  Like speaking to someone in a language that does not exist and trying to get them to "help" me find something or see something or whatever.  I feel bad when they try hard to be helpful but not bad enough not to do it.

So okay I did that and now I think I should end on a positive note and tell you something good about me so here goes.

1.   I don't usually litter.

Have a lovely Tuesday y'all.  I have to go see Andre' and then play poker!


  1. Love #5! I can agree with the others except #4, but I only wear a hint. If I ever meet you I will remember not to wear any.

  2. I wear body spray or cologne/perfume only rarely and (hopefully) not too much. If you're in a restaurant and are overwhelmed by someone's scent why not ask to be seated elswhere? I often ask to be relocated... either because of badly behaving children, annoying people, loud music, drafts, in the main flow of the kitchen traffic and doorways, etc. Why not because of a scent? FYI... I do not bring any on cruises. :)

    I use to try to get along with/tolerate people I disliked but no more. Life is too short to allow toxic people or things to rain on my parade, No way, Jose. srsly. I've cut out some of my own family members. Off with their heads.

    Have yourself a fabulous day, hopefully without any bad drivers wearing perfume that you might have to cuss at in foreign languages. ;)

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Now give us 5 great things about you. I know there are more then 5 things that are great about you but try to give me 5 of the best things about you. I could write many, many great things about you my wonderful friend. Have a fantastic day Bee.


  4. oh Auntie Bee you are perfect!!! And I loves you!! - xoxoxoxoxo your Sammie Pie

    PEE ESS: the mom swears at other drivers too - but it's usually something stoopid like calling them "butt bag" or "ass wipe". I don't know why she would call someone underwear or toilet paper, but she is just weerd.

  5. It was supposed to be five bad things. All of those aren't bad, just normal/quirkiness of being an individual human. We are all unique!!

    I do like perfume, though! Not really even sure why. Seems such a waste of money when you think about it. Especially since we tend to stop smelling things over time that we are always exposed to. Hmm... food for thought.

    I curse at other drivers, but only when they are stupid and almost kill me!!!! I've tried ot be more tolerant lately. Instead of yelling, I think to myself first.... they must be distracted WHY? And I imagine they are rushing to the hospital to see a sick friend, or they are on their way to pick up a sick child at daycare... Something to ease my judgement.

  6. Oh, Bee, you made me laugh this morning! There are MANY more good things about you than not littering, my friend. And the "bad" ones are not really that bad. I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs!

  7. I already knew all these things honey. You and are are much alike. We call a bitch a bitch and move on. Bwahahahahahaahahaha.

    When I was working I smelled a lot of that fifty cent hooker perfume. It's awful and then some.

    You crack me up and you've been one of my very bestest friends for a very long time. I'm so happy that we actually met too.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. Number five made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the shoutout

  9. Ha-ha to number 4!!! Totally with you on that one as I feel the same way and would love to utter that sentence to perfume users who stench with it!

    I curse too often and definitely while driving. Potty mouth central here as well.

    As far as being friends with someone you dislike, I was that way with someone for 5 years.
    I hated the woman's self-aggrandizing ways and yet she was really nice to me and i'd feel guilty.
    I'd want to have nothing to do with her - and she'd call and want to see me and i couldn't think of excuses fast enough or often enough!

    We have some bad qualities in common, dear Bee!


  10. At one time I was given to understand that if you cussed in a foreign language it wasn't nearly as "bad" as cussing in your own. (You've heard the express, "Pardon my French?") As a result, I can't speak any language (English included) particularly well, but I know a couple of cuss words in probably a dozen.

  11. I saw your answer over at Julie's blog and cracked up !

    cheers, parsnip

  12. You are one funny lady. And if you littered, I would be unhappy with you. All that other stuff is OK. Srsly. Hahahaha.

    Get ready for more chilly weather. Bugger.

    Big hugs, honey...

  13. I love your #5. Great way to have a little fun!

  14. #5 cracks me up in a serious way. Love it!!!!! I can so see it.

    I own perfume, but rarely wear it. Up here people are so sensitive about it. And I know how it feels to be on the recieving end of the stench of scents. And yes, I mean stench.

    I like this five things. It's approached with humor. Glad I'm not that one person.

  15. Bee, you crack me up. And I am so with you about the perfume. I think the worst is getting on an elevator with someone wearing too much, and having the doors close before I realize my mistake! My husband's version of #5 on a cruise ship is to make up an occupation. My favorite was when he was an undertaker.

  16. LOL you are naughty!! I'm glad it's not me that you're friends with but don't like. x

  17. I knew there was a reason I liked you. ;)

  18. Oh how I love #5...I'd try it if I ever went anywhere that I am unknown. My luck word would get around my kid's school & give them one more reason ....but the day will come when the youngest is grown & I can go places they don't know me. then look out!


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