Thursday, January 23, 2014

It was a cold beautiful sunrise.  I mention cold because it's - well - cold!  Cold enough to freeze your tits fingers off.  Well not really but it is seriously chilly folks.  No pool here.

I think I might have another cruise booked, the 15th of March.  It's not final but probably.  It's on the Carnival Liberty.  The Liberty has not had the 2.0 upgrades done yet (meaning no Guy Fiere burger bar, stuff like that) but it does have the new menus and I am looking forward to seeing the food and what is offered and the changes they made there.

Today I have canasta and lunch out.  My Thursday fun time.

I sure will be glad when it warms back up.  I will admit that I took a brisk walk and it actually felt pretty good while I was moving.  Refreshing.  But it can go away any time at all and the sooner the better.

Roche' said he doesn't mind the cold but I think he likes to lay in the sun more.  He has a favorite lounge chair by the pool too.  But he still doesn't understand why he can't swim.

Guess that's about it for today y'all.  Have a great Thursday.  I will too.


  1. Once again I'm sailing aboard the (non-2.0 upgraded) Carnival Fascination... no Guy's Burgers, no Red Frog Pub. no new menus. But they do have the Mongolian Wok, the Deli, great pizza, chilled soups and my favorite freshly made omelets made just how I like them and lots and lots of FUN stuff. I really do think of the Fascination now as MY Fascination.

    Plus? a 4 night getaway to decompress for pretty cheap fits my life so perfectly these days, And they totally count towards Platinum, ;)

    Cue the steel drums.

    Enjoy your canasta and lunch out today! I'm gonna try to stay warm, too. big hugs xoxo

  2. I can't believe how cold this month has been. I think it is bringing even more snowbirds as the traffic here is worse than ever. I am ready for the heat already!

  3. Oooh another cruise to look forward to, how lovely! :)

  4. Cold, cold, cold with new snow last night. It's about a -25 last night. Thank goodness I finally got the fireplace going. I can't wait until next week, cruise time for MaryLou & me. I wonder why Roche can't swim? Oops, he's a rock. My mistake. Bee, my beautiful & wonderful friend, way to go. Another cruise, way to go. The piano man had beautiful be ready. Oh la la. See you.


  5. Any Carnival cruise is fine by me! We are not booked yet and a good thing because the nawthern Bells are coming down early March we just learned.

    Stay warm. Big hugs, honey...

  6. Augggh - no, dear Bee, no! Please don't go on a cruise without the upgrades! Wait until you find a ship that has done all the lovely renovations including the menus! Pretty please.
    You might be disappointed otherwise.
    Has Roche told you his thoughts on this?


  7. No cruising for me, but I did have fun on that first cruise. Just not interested anymore, and that's a shame.

    Roche's dad couldn't swim either. Bless his heart. They do love lounging in the sun though.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. I heard on the news that even you folks way down there are cold. Wow, the cold seems to really have everyone in its grip. Except us of course. We are the some ol' same ol', not really very cold and not exactly warm either. An Ides of March cruise, oh your cruises look like so much fun!

  9. Well you will certainly enjoy the warm weather better when it comes.
    It is so beautiful here right now bit all I can think about is how mush we need the winter rains in the valley and snow on out mountains or our summer will be WILDFIRES.

    Roche maybe can not swim be he can dive !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Bee, Your wrong about the Liberty. It was the first 2.0 conversion and I was on it in Nov. 2011 with Bruce Begovitch.


    Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 program

    “Impressive” is the right word for the Carnival’s “Fun Ship 2.0″ schedule, since everything pertaining to the Carnival Line and any Carnival should be in this category – and above. The new upgrades and renovations cover dining, entertainment, public venues (bars and lounges), and it all started with the Carnival Liberty ship in October 2011.

  11. I'd still take your weather over my weather.

  12. Duz Roche know far he wood sink like a rock if he went in da pool?
    Jus wunderin

  13. Didn't I read on John's blog that the new menus have discontinued the chilled soups?


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