Monday, December 2, 2013

I made the mistake of taking Roche' to the WalMart and he pitched one of his famous hissy fits until I bought him a pink Christmas tree.  It's all his, see him on the pink skirt under the tree?  In his pink gown?  Yup, that's my Roche'.  Nobody tell him about presents, he doesn't know about that yet.  

Actually this is the first time I have even had a tree in about 20 years.  Sarge didn't like them, he got depressed around this time of year every time and when we used to have a nice tree he'd start taking it down as soon as the presents were opened and dinner was over.  Really.  So we just stopped when the kids were older.  That is until now.  My little guy worked his magic on me.  He always does.

The duck told me that on the 12th he was volunteering to put the wreaths on the graves at the national cemetery nearby.  I told him if there was room I'd go help too.  I like to go so I can visit Sarge's grave anyway.  I love that they do it.  He said they were putting about 15,000 wreaths out.

So that's it from my world today, hope your Monday is grand.  Mine will be back in the dental chair to see how things are going.  All is fine I am sure...


  1. awwwwwwwwwww Beautiful tree.
    Your home is looking so lovely.
    It changes every year or so but Christmas trees and lights are always on the top of my favorite things about Christmas. Followed close by Christmas cards, Christmas music and baking.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I'm calling for a consultation for implants today. I called Friday but they were closed. Still haven't changed my mind... so I'll call today.

    That Roche' is a hoot! So many people get depressed around Christmas. My neighbor is a bit depressed now. They usually have everything lit and decorated by now. I love having a tree but not so much storing everything, dragging it out and putting it away. While it's up, I love it. I can't have a tree here at the Swmap. No place to put one. Suits me just fine. My mother will have her little 4' tree up and that's fine and dandy for me.

    Hope all is going well at your checkup today! big hugs xoxo

  3. Lovely tree Bee! I love putting the tree and Christmas decorations up but MWM wouldn't have any at all if it was left to him, luckily it's not. LOL Hope the dentist visit goes well today. x

  4. I love your Christmas tree Bee. Roche seems has changed you in an upbeat. Maybe he's a Christmas elf. I'm starting to slowly get that Christmas feeling again. I hope that by the 25th I'll have it.
    A friend of ours asked me if I was ready for my cruise. What do you think I told her? Ready, I've been ready since March. Ha,ha,ha. Well I have to go. My friend Jerry is coming today to play some pool and have coffee ( with a piece of my cake that I baked on Saturday ). Have a great dentist day my beautiful, brilliant & thoughtful friend. See you.


  5. Bee, I love the little's perfect. Did Sarge ever tell you why Christmas made him sad? I am glad that you enjoy life, that you want to do interesting things...such as lay wreaths at the graves. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. The tree is beautiful and Roche is a handsome as ever. Or is that as beautiful as ever. Not sure, but whatever applies. You two have the most fun.

    I'd go with you if I could honey. When you go will you send my very best to Sarge? I loved him very much too as I do you.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. My best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  7. I'm glad Roche convinced you to get him that tree with the lovely pink decorations. You can both enjoy it! :-) Hugs!

  8. Nice tree! Matches your room perfectly. Roche is a great decorator.

  9. I always see Roche laying down. I think he needs a special Roche chair. I wouldn't want him to get cross-eyed looking up at that beautiful tree!!
    I thought of you when I was in 'my' pool today. We arrived in Florida yesterday and I will be in the pool every day unless it snows!! 68F is warm enough for me especially when the water temperature is 86F. Life is very good.

  10. I looooove your pink tree! Enjoy it. I wish that I could have a tree. Even a Hanukkah bush but my sweetie won't let me due to our jewishness. We do hang up stockings and Santa used to come here so we are all confused anyway so I don't think a little tree would hurt !

    Check out my blog this week for my first giveaway. You may need one because you are a gadget gal!

  11. Bee,

    Your tree is beautiful, just like you. We don't do a tree at our house, or any Christmas decorations. James choice. I love looking at other folks though. I wonder what made Sarge sad about Christmas? I know why I am always sad at Christmas, I buried my mother on Christmas Eve when I was 15. Guess that made giving it up not so hard. We all have a story, but boy howdy do I love your pink and purple tree!!

    Big Hugs,


  12. Last year we didn't bother with a tree. Like Sarge, I get depressed around this time and last year I wanted nothing to do with Christmas. This year we're going to get a Christmas tree. My mom already gave us lights for it when we were down this weekend.

  13. Aww, lovely tree for your little guy. And a sweet tradition that wreath laying is. Very important. Say hi to Sarge for me.

    Big hugs, honey...


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