Friday, October 4, 2013

I just love Ben Stein.  He nails it every time!

Today I have a dental appointment to see about having some major work done.  Don't know yet if I'll do it or not, have to see if I am a candidate for it and how much it will cost first.  Stay tuned.

My weight is really strange.  I don't lose anything for weeks, then drop two pounds overnight and then plateau again.  Oh well, I am not gaining so I'll be happy with whatever happens.

Have you seen those green bags of potatoes next to eggs in the grocery stores, they are called Simply Potatoes.  There are several kinds, hash browns, potatoes and onions, etc.   I made the potatoes with onions. They are 80 calories for a serving but the way I cooked them I ate two servings.  I put them on (sprayed) non stick foil and baked them single layer for 40 minutes at 425*.  They were SO good!  I added a chicken breast and steamed fresh spinach and had a wonderful dinner really low cal, less than 300 calories.  While I was at it I made two of everything so tonight I don't have to do anything but reheat. 

So that's about it in my world today.  Hope your Friday is totally tits.  Mine will be I know.


  1. Have to keep my eye open for those taters, sounds good, especially with cooler weather upon us.
    I like Hostages, too. Aren't you glad that miserable crybaby, Colton, left Survivor? And my favorite, Homeland,was great.
    You are amazing. As I get older I'm getting less independent, while you're taking off like a champ! Good going!!!

  2. Ahh simply tatoes. There mash is good. The garlic one and the sour cream ones. Yummy

  3. Ben Stein... I love his cadence and of course, he does nail it everytime!!

    I have made simply potatoes several times. They are good and quick! Of course, I rarely have potatoes anymore but when I do, most often it's half a small sweet potato which I mocrowave and have with a pat of butter, lots of fresh cracked pepper and a dash of cinnamon. YUM!

    Oh, the twins! Can't wait to see what they steal this year! hahahaha!

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  4. I've been using those potatoes for years. They are easy and yummy. Good luck at the dentist. Dress down for the appt. Keep the jewelry at home. My first blog post was entitled "Don't wear Prada shoes to the dentist"

  5. Bee, I am with Ben...get legal , or get a sponser, but no freebies. I wish you luck at the dentist,,,you know my thoughts about dentist. I love mine but just hate going. Hope you have agreat day. xoxo,Susie

  6. Ben is spot on. All the illegals here are getting drivers licenses pretty soon. Amazing isn't it. Yes it is.

    Oh we'll get to hear about the thieving twins again. How fun. I wouldn't like them. No I wouldn't.

    Have a terrific day honey. Hello to Roche. ☺

  7. I've been to the dentist today too! Just for a check up though. If I won the lottery I would spend a lot on getting a Hollywood smile.

  8. Ben is sooo right.

    Haven't tried those taters, but will look for them. Sounds yummy.

    Big hugs from wet Westford, honey...

  9. I hope you get the news you want regarding the dental work. Spinach. I've been craving greens like crazy.

  10. Ciao!
    A simple idea with the potatoes, I'll try!
    I hope you have a good appointment at the dentist!

    Big hugs, honey!


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