Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good morning world!  It's a bright new day in the neighborhood.  And it's the weekend to boot!  What more could anyone ask?

I loved the dentist I saw yesterday.  I am seeing about some implants.  It will be a while yet, I go for a scan of my head on the 14th and then he will know if I am a candidate or not for them.  

It is interesting how they do it, I had no idea really.  He says it will not hurt (much) and that I will not be without teeth throughout the process and that once the implants are in place I will have to wait about 3-5 months to have the final permanent teeth put in while the bone grows around the implants.  

I hope I got all this right.  If you know more about this let me know or if you have had them tell me please how it was for you.

I got my credit card bill and I always check it really good.  Well there was a charge on there from when D#1 was here and we went out to dinner.  The waiter changed my tip from $20.00 to $120.00!  I disputed the bill and it will be fine but the little bugger thought I wouldn't see this?  Think again sukkah!  I might be old but I am not stupid.

So that's it from my world today.  Hope your Saturday is lovely.  I'll be in the card room in a brand new game.  Let's hope it's fun.


  1. Buongiorno!!!

    I wish you a lovely week end!
    An honest waiter...he did not chose the right lady!!!

    Big hugs, honey!

  2. Good for you catching it. I can't believe anyone would actually think they'd get away with doing that. For long, anyway.

    I have a business associate whose daughter (a dentist) met her husband in college. He's a Periodontist. The sil talked Steve into getting implants. He had a LOT of pain initially. Even a year later, when his teeth looked amazing, Steve said if he had it to do over again knowing what he had to go through, he would NOT do it again. And he got it for FREE. That's all I know about it. If I had the money I would probably consider it as I lost permanent teeth in my very early teens and 20's. I don't remember what it's like to have a full set of teeth.

    Have a lovely day! I know I will.

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Bee, Once again you have a beautiful morning sunrise. If I were you I would go report the waiter....for the simple fact that he was stealing. There are nice waiters out there that do not steal. I never let them walk off with my card, I just walk along with them to the register area. It really bothers me , that so many people and companies try to rip us off every dang chance they get. I am going to be calling our Directv people on bill went up 30 dollars and we are getting the same crappy t.v. service and shows. They think people never look their bills over. Hope you win at cards. xoxo,Susie

  4. If the bank handles this charge then the waiter got away with this. He still has your $100.00. I too would go back to this place and talk to the manager. You can also take your bill and if you have that receipt you can take that too. Then the manager will know exactly who did what. I keep my receipts until I check my bill. I'm guessing you do the same thing.

    I don't know anything about implants, but lots of folks get them. Do your research as I know you are.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs and a hello to Roche. :)

  5. Not only would I dispute that, but I would report it to the restaurant owner. Granted, it could have been anyone from the waiter, to the cashier, bookkeeper to the owner him/herself that changed it. Either way it's NOT RIGHT.

    Implants? Wow.

  6. Had that happen to us once in a foreign county. Visa fixed it.

    Overcast but no rain for the wedding. Great day.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Ouch on the credit card bill!

    My mother in law is in the middle of the dental implant thing. She is waiting for it to heal so she can get the tooth-looking part on it. In the meantime, She is wearing a retainer with a fake tooth on it!

  8. Both my husband and I have implants and went to the same oral surgeon to get the posts. I'd be reluctant to let a dentist do it. And then we went to the same dentist for the replacement teeth, and are very happy with the result. Let me know if you'd like to talk about it. And YES report that waiter.

  9. Stupid blogger must've eaten my comment!

  10. My dad got 8 implants a few years ago and was pleased with the process. He did have pain, but only for a little while. He went to a specialist, not a regular dentist. He would recommend it to others.


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