Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today is canasta and lunch at the club.  The 2014 membership is set now so we know the club will remain open.  It was iffy for a bit with membership down and construction going to start.  The existing clubhouse is being torn down and a new one built.  So it was with great relief that I read the letter telling us it would remain open.

Since I played canasta Monday evening I missed both Hostages and Blacklist, both of which I LOVE!  So last evening I watched them both on demand.  It's a shame the both come on the exact same time, Mondays at 10:00.  I don't think that's an accident though.  

Boy howdy people are coming back to Florida in droves now.  Since all the holidays are early this year (the Jewish ones) they are coming sooner.  It's really fun seeing old friends again but I do love the quieter times here of summer.

Only a few days more than three weeks before the cruise.  I am still thinking about driving to Miami by myself.  I know to most of you it's probably nothing but I have never ever done anything so brave.  I really want to though.  I know the duck would take me and pick me up but I want to do it myself.  I went from home with parents to marriage as a teenager and have never been really on my own before.  Even while Sarge was deployed I had children with me and it seemed different.  Maybe I'll just take Roche' and be done with it.  Yeah, that's it.  He'll be my copilot. I CAN do this!  I just need to stop over thinking it.

The others are mostly going the night before but I don't think I'll do that.  I am not that brave! Ha ha.

Have a great Thursday and don't forget the Big Bang Theory tonight.


  1. Buongiorno!
    You are thinking good: Roché will be your "navigatore", copilot, as I did when we did so many trips and G. could drive...since februar he cannot, shy!!! And I cannot drive, I did not renew my licence at my seventy!
    Glad the club will remain open!
    Have a great Thursday!

    Big hugs!

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel about driving.My ex would be blown away by the driving I'm doing now. Still HATE it though.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Are the twins around? Has the peanut supply gone quietly missing?

  4. You're brave Bee. You can do anything you want. You've already proven that. I feeling much better. Day by day proves that but after an hour of doing anything, I'm bushed. I like watching Castle & Hawaii Five O and Marylou enjoys Dancing of the Stars if she can keep awake. Ha,ha,ha. Have a great day my wonderful and caring friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  5. Love the Black List! You are a big girl and can do the drive alone. Yes you can.

    Heading to the airport.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. You are brave and can make that drive by yourself...but if you want to spend a little extra time with the Duck while he does the driving, that's ok, too! (I'd pick that option, I really don't enjoy driving. It's a "necessary evil" but I don't enjoy it.) I haven't watched those two shows you missed but I'm looking forward to the BBT tonight. I laughed so hard last week, I almost fell off the sofa! Have a great day, I'm sure you will. Hugs!

  7. Bee, I know the traffic in Miami is heavy...There was a time I'd drive anywhere..not so much anymore. Yes, take that Roche....he could become a weapon if need be. Hope you have a great day full of fun. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. Ask Japolina about the roadways and traffic in Miami...she'll help, she's sweet.

  8. Roche will make a great copilot. He really will and I know you can do this all by yourself. You're right, don't over think this just do it. It will be great fun.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  9. You can do anything you set your mind to do!

  10. I would be scared too. Would you drive down A1A? That would be less scary to me then the Interstate. You just gotta get in the car and do it--prove you can. I know you can!

  11. I love both of those shows, too! But I DVR them because I hate the commercials on On Demand. I have no doubt you can do the drive, and maybe going the night before (the day before) will relieve some of the stress of getting there? Wish I lived there, I would so love to have dinner with you. Bee, you are awesome the way you are growing.

  12. Like you, I went from being with parents to being with MWM, I have never ever lived on my own. I don't mind driving as long as I know where I'm going, though I don't do motorways, but am useless when it comes to reading road signs and finding my way about as I do not have any sense of direction. I think you're very brave driving to Miami. x

  13. In addition to driving in the Miami traffic, you will have to leave your car for a week in the parking garage. I would not want to leave my car unattended that long, and I am sure it is expensive. Then there is the matter of dealing with your luggage by yourself. Yes, you can do it, but it would be less hassle to ride with Chuck.


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