Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunshine - bring it!

Gosh it was lovely in the pool yesterday.  I got there late, about 2:30, because the duck and I went to Sam's and the Walmart first and then had some lunch.  Well by that time everyone else was gone and I had the whole place to myself which is not normal on a Sunday in season.  The water was perfect too.

I bought the stuff to make my "figure friendly fajitas" again.  I know I posted about this once but I am making it again so I may take a photo or two and possibly change it up a bit.  I just love them and so low calorie!  

I put a link on the sidebar that if you click it all the Bee Bandwagon recipes will come up.  I did that instead of a second blog.  

Did you ever wonder why there used to be so many UFO sightings and now that everyone has a cell phone with a camera you don't see them any more?  Oh, is the fish oil kicking in?  Maybe they don't want to be photographed so they aren't coming any more?  What about if a car could go the speed of light what would happen to the headlights?  Would they work?  

And why can I eat a pound of broccoli and lose weight but a pound of candy will make me gain?  Well, that one I actually know but the fish oil has my fingers flying right now.  If you were on an airplane going 600 miles an hour and you jumped up in the air would you land down the aisle or in the same spot?

What makes you think of stuff?  I sometimes can't stop my brain, it has stuff running through it and then I ponder on the stuff that popped in there.  I think if I went back and re-read this post I'd probably delete it so I won't.  Have a lovely new week... me too!


  1. TY for adding the recipe link. It is perfect. And on the Ufo's I have a theory. 1 is the people who see them can not afford or figure out how to use a cell camera or 2 people are seeing stuff taking pictures getting home blowing them up and then realizing it was not unexplained.

  2. Buongiorno!!!
    Buona settimana!

    I knew you had have the great idea to put the recipes so how they are it's perfect!!!
    I can say your blog is a great example of what a grammie can do, with amusemnt, intelligence, and humor!

    Big hugs, routine has began again, in the morning I'm with my little girl!!!

  3. Great idea you had for your recipes Bee. I only know the answer to one of your questions - broccoli versus candy. ;)

    Keep thinking Bee, I love the questions you come up with. LOL

  4. Genius!!! The recipe link is ideal, best of both words. You are one smart cookie!!!

    I was laughing reading your fish oil induced queries!

  5. I may have to make some chicken fajitas! I don't jump on airplanes. Or anywhere really, but most especially airplanes. I'd slap myself silly. bahahahahahaha!

    Have a sunshiny day! We may get over 60° for a change. That will be much gooder than 50°, right? big hugs xoxo

  6. Wow, Miss Bee. Sunshine and bare feets look really good right now. It's a little chilly here in the Mitten State. Thank you for posting such a warm-looking picture.

  7. You know Bee, during the two weeks of Christmas and New years I lost two pounds. I'm so pleased. What two great weeks where I would eat so much. Happy, happy, happy. Now the next challenge will be the cruise. I'm ready for it. See you soon my lovely friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  8. I see UFO's.........

    purrrrsss n xoxoxoxoxoxo - your Sammie Pie

    Pee Ess: I will be unner your bed hiding from that alien who calls himself Miles

  9. Thanks for putting the link to all your Bee Bandwagon Recipes on your sidebar. I'm going to do a couple of these and now they'll be easy to find.

    I like it when your fish oil kicks in. You make me laugh out loud when some of the stuff you're wondering about. Love it.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy that weather. It's cold here, but the rain is gone. I'll take that. Big hugs. :)

  10. I'm glad you didn't delete this post, it made me smile. Thanks for the link to your recipes, that is quite handy. And much better than keeping up with another blog, to me at least - since I know nothing about blogging! Except how to read them, which I do enjoy. Anyway, you have a great day, hope you get the pool to yourself again! Hugs!

  11. Love the link idea. As I said before I like the way you blog. I never know on any given day what I will find.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. I laughed at the line about UFOs. Keep up the fish oil toddies.

  13. You crack me up...srsly. See you soon!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. You're on a roll... We need to figure out how to harvest your fish oil powers for good! LOL!

    Have a great day!

  15. Very good point about there not being UFO sighting now that everyone has cell phone cameras!

  16. Haha! I needed a laugh and you came through for me. :D Glad you didn't delete!

    I've been taking fish oil for a few months and it seems to help me with creativity.

    I like the green toenails.

  17. Thanks for the recipes. I'll try every one. The fajitas one is great, but I hate mushrooms. Any other ideas about what to add? Have a great rest of the day.

  18. yeah, recipes!!

    i am making a big pot of chicken and rice soup for me and matt. probably low calorie, but i don't know. i only added 1 T of olive oil, the rest was just stock i made with veggie scraps and a whole chicken carcass. plus the wild rice probably adds some calories.

    then i mixed some plain greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon and drizzled that over a bunch of orange slices, all different types of oranges. turns out i'm too tired to eat either one but matt says it tastes great.

    earlier today i chopped up hard boiled eggs and mashed up an avocado and put it on a piece of GF toast with some lettuce and topped with with nutritional yeast. it tasted just like normal egg salad, but without the mayo! which i think makes it healthier?? i'm not even sure. i didn't have to add salt, either. the nutritional yeast made it taste good without salt.

    and that's all i know.

    oh, except i was thinking about that airplane question. i was thinking, what if i threw a ball in the air? would it land in my lap or be behind me? i think the answer is it would be in my lap because i and the ball are moving at the same speed as the plane, so it all becomes neutral or something.

    okay now THAT'S all i know.

  19. Bee, your fish oil posts are always my favorites. See you soon.




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