Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's the weekend...

And can you guess where I'll be?  Oh yeah, gotta' love the weather here.  You know I think I have just about the best life imaginable.  When it's my time to go please don't be upset, just realize that I lived every day and loved every day and did not waste them.  Each one is precious.  Each one holds possible memories to cherish.  Are you going to make a memory today?

So the consensus is that I should just have just this one blog and add food where I want and whatever else I want and just be myself.  I like that idea too.  No extra work because you know work is a four letter word.  But then so is play!

And at the end of the day stop and look at the sunset and reflect on what transpired.  Was it a good day?  Could you have made it better?  Did you do something nice for someone else?  And for yourself?  Did you smile?  Did you eat healthy?  Did you do some type of exercise?  Even a little bit?  And did you have some sort of treat for yourself be it a manicure, an hour to read a book, a sappy movie, a luscious piece of fruit, a quiet cup of tea, but something?  Then good,  You had a good day.  And so did I...


  1. Painting my nails now. Haven't done that in over six months. A nice rich wine color!

  2. Darling Bee,
    Definitely combine the regular and the food here - it's what makes you, you -- and all is interesting!

    I WILL miss you when you go. Upset? You bet I'll be upset. How could I help but not grieve someone who has been a loyal cyber friend for the last 5 years, and a good person overall as well?

    I cried when Sarge died even though we never met in person. I STILL think about him and miss him via his blog posts / not hearing/reading what was on his mind and going on throughout his day.

    It's been almost a year since Sarge died.

    Please Bee, stay here. I know you'll go when it's your time to go, I just hope it isn't for a long time and you stay healthy and enjoying life as best as possible with loving moments from the Duck and others.

    I am eating healthy thanks to you. Your consistent discipline and determination always inspires me.

    ((hugs)) and love

  3. I live each day to the fullest too. It's a great gift that should not be wasted. We don't waste that gift either. I love the way you look at things. We look at them the very same way.

    I will say one thing that I'm so very happy that I got to meet you and Sarge in person. You know how much I love the both of you. And Sandy and Dick, and Barb and Linda.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  4. What Mary and Sandee said, honey. ILY.

    I hope to have the same or similar retirement lifestyle when it's my time... which is 7 years away and counting! LOL!

    big hugs xoxo

  5. Hmmm. I took the tree down, cleaned the house, cooked dinner and have almost caught up on Downton Abbey just in time for season 3 to start. That's what happens when it's 30 degrees and too cold to spend time in a pool. Please swim twice for me this weekend!

  6. Bee, I hope we get a president who understands economics and cares about us lowly middle class so I can retire and be you. You obviously have a terrific life, and I thank you for sharing with us. In whatever way you choose.


  7. Auntie Bee - you are a remarkable lady and we loves you so much!

    purrrsss n xoxoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

  8. Add Dick and me to that list of those who love you, but you know that already...and we get to see you soon! And cruise with you and OCD!!! We believe in living each day to the fullest. Blessed for sure.
    And one blog is good!

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. I get so busy at the school ... I don't have time to visit. I caught up, though, and I love your posts.
    Food looks great and I like reading about that ... so keep it coming. You are an inspiration.
    I did something helpful this morning and am going to do something good for myself this afternoon.
    I will be in the Funshine State Friday. Will you be there?

  10. Good bright morning Bee. I've been off the computer for two days because I bought a brand new computer and had them put the stuff that was on my old one. Now I'm b a c k and feeling great. Cruising day is coming soon my beautiful friend. See you then.

    Cruisin paul

  11. Love the photos on the right; they inspire me. Thanks to you, I have lost 41 pounds in 5 months on your bandwagon. I will have to do before and after photos myself. John was vowing to lose weight on his Facebook page this morning. I'll bet he will be thrilled to see your progress on the blogger's cruise.

  12. Thank you, dear Bee!
    A great post, a hymn to life, and your life style can help so much everyone, who reads and reflects about the true values!

    And I love all replies here!

    Big hugs!!!

  13. It's wonderful to be content with one's life - I am so happy you are. x

  14. I love your philosophy on life, Bee. I miss you when I don't stop over to read your posts.

    I feel that 2013 is going to be a great year! The last two were nothing to write home about, that's for sure.


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