Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday - my day off!

This is where I will be today.  The water is warm and the air is great.  Any day I can get in the pool is a great day for me.  Yesterday I went in early because I had cards in the afternoon and no one else was there.  Pure heaven...

There is lots of flu around.  I had my shot and sure hope to avoid it.  Sickos all over the place.  

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you I won at poker last night.  Quite a lot too.  It's about time, I had been on a losing streak for a while now but I caught up pretty good.  And I got a straight flush, when that happens you win the pot plus everyone at the table has to give you three dollars.  It's a table rule and that was the first time I won it.  So that pot alone was about eighty dollars plus three from each of nine other players.  Not too shabby, huh?

Hopefully I'll get inspired to cook something today too so I can post it.  I had a suggestion to open a Bee Bandwagon blog and keep that stuff off here and I like the idea but don't know yet if I feel like fooling with a second blog.  Stay tuned.

Have a perfectly lovely Friday y'all.  I sure know I will!


  1. Yay for the winnings! That's a lot of money! Hope you get lots of quiet pool time tomorrow.

  2. Not that you asked me.....
    I like your blog just the way it is.
    You post 7 days and some days it is your great food and some days it is what ever you are doing that day. I never know what will be appearing when I click on your blog.
    I like that "no structure" just what ever is going on that day or something you have been thinking about. Keeps it fun and interesting.
    I think another blog will maybe cut into your pool time ?
    But it is your blog ....
    I have thought about having just a blog for The Square Ones, as everyone really likes their post the best on my blog. But then I thought no one would read my blog just theirs .... those cheeky little devils steal the limelight every chance they get.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wishi had your warm weather this timeof year.

    And, I like to read about your diet/cooking on this blog. it's part of your life, just as the redorating, crrusies, etc are. I like going to just one blog to follow what's going on, rather than off to another one for that info. But it's your'choice in the end :)


  4. I say do whatever floats your boat! Me? I've been keeping ALL of my recipes on my recipe blog for years and when I want to cook something I just grab my iPad and pull up the recipe. But nobody actually reads or comments on that blog because... I'm no Pioneer Woman, for sure! LOL!

    I wish I had a pool. And a condo. Someday!

    Have a lovely day honey. big hugs xoxo

  5. Yeah for the winnings. And maybe on the seperate blog so there is a blog of just food stuff. I have many friends who have been trying to loose weight be healthier and have been giving them your link as well as Barbs . Explaining you are real size women who lost weight without starving yourself and like real size food.

  6. Ooh, ooh... love the updated photos on the sidebar! You and OCD look fantastic! Still waiting to see Barb's lovely mug up there, too.

    I have had a hard time getting back in the groove. Last night Megan asked for cookies. So... I caved and whipped up a batch of choco chip cookies for her. But who am I kidding, I did it for me too. Darn. There goes what would have been an otherwise on track day for calories. :(

  7. YAY for you on the big win! I would love to live somewhere where I could swim outdoors in the winter. :)

  8. Winning is good...more cruise $$$!

    Sun is shining here on the Gulf...finally, but only today. Bugger.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. Still cold here in TX..would love some warmer weather...Also I love your blog the way it recipes/prep and all! In fact I made a large tray of veges NY Day...smelled absolutely divine and tasted sooo good..I am going to start doing a tray a wk (then I have left overs and they taste just as yum used later in omlets or with another meal) You inspire me!!! I am getting on the bandwagon to lose some weight once and for all!!
    Have a fab day..enjoy the pool :)!

  10. Congrats on the poker win! What fun...and doesn't that pool look inviting? Hope you can enjoy it thoroughly again today. Hugs!

  11. Don't do the second blog honey. Many won't go. I've got
    Awww...Mondays and hardly any of my regulars go there. Don't do it. I'm living proof that it's a lot of work and many (most) of your regulars won't go to a second blog.

    Way to go on that win. Awesome and you're right it's about time.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy that pool. Big hugs. :)

  12. Luck "Bee" a lady tonight.(last night):):) Hope you enjoy a great swim today. I would go swimming too...but there three feet of snow in the deep end. LOL !!! Bee, I am doing fairly well with my sugar eating battle. Just a day at a time. If I keep busy, I am less likely to snack.:):) xoxox,Susie

  13. I like your blog as is. The variety is just right. Made the roasted veges and am now addicted!! Wow, that was a great win! Treat yourself with it. You deserve it. Have a great day at the pool. It's 32 degrees here this morning.

  14. Ciao!!!

    glad that the poker wave is so lucky now!!!

    I think a second blog is not necessary, you can note the list of your recipes here on the right side, so we can read what you have already published!
    Wishes for an amazing afternoon!
    Big hugs

  15. I think so many people are getting the flu because it's a different strain going around then what was predicted-therefore the flu vaccines aren't effective. Be careful.


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