Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday stuff and other stuff...

Since you liked the red plate yesterday
I thought I'd show you the vase too.

The coconuts are gone now.
The coconut police came and took them all.
Far far away.
They shall not fall on cars.

And here is wrinkly old guy 
watching his radio yesterday.

The pool was wonderful, it was warm and sunny and I spent 45 minutes in there jogging back and forth.  It felt so good to work my muscles again.  Hey I have muscles!  Who knew?  Then I came upstairs and did my laundry and my manicure and pedicure.  

My next read is "Defending Jacob" because Roberta recommended it.  I just started it so I don't have an opinion yet and so far I have not read the ending.  But the jury is out on whether I will or not.  You know it's really too bad I can't go to our book club any more.  Well I mean I can go but don't because the gal that runs it pops off about her politics in the middle of a discussion and ticks me off.  I have asked her to stop and she says she will but she doesn't so I don't go any more.  

Today is canasta and poker.  I like both as you know but the Tuesday canasta game has the gal with the bad memory and it's very difficult.  We all hold our tongues and act like things are normal.  They aren't.  

And so my friends, here's hoping your Tuesday is totally tits.  I know mine will be.  I'm going to have a cupcake tonight at poker!


  1. Coconut police... love it
    The Square Ones I and love your comment and I must find a way to use that at lest once a day.
    Bee, as I have always said you are so clever !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Ahaha! Two pics are funny and the first is lovely! Love seeing your lovely things, Empress!

  3. You've had the most enjoyment from your pool this year! Is it heated for winter?

  4. My book club turned into a go eat sushi club! We just stopped reading books!

    1. That's pretty funny! Wonder when that will happen to my book group!

  5. LOVE the red dishes. Red is my favorite color. It use to be navy blue, and I still like it, but I must have red in every room, somewhere!

    Wrinkly old guy... hehehe. You know, there was a time not so long ago when everyone watched their radios. Like my parents, for instance. It's all they had.

    I'm just 'an old character myself' now, to steal a line from one of my favorite movies, On Golden Pond. We all are, each in our own way. And you know what? I rather like it.

    Buggers to the one popping off about politics and spoiling your good time. I'm done with listening to any of it. I vote. That's the only place my political opinion matters and the only place I voice it. The end. I unfriended or blocked ALL of the political facebook friends just a few days after you put out your request. SO much nicer on facebook now. Yes, indeedy!

    Have yourself a lovely day, Miss Bee! big hugs xoxo

  6. I wish we had acorn police. Granted, they do less damage than a coconut, but its still a pain to slip on them everywhere!

    Can you find a different book group? Start your own? I hear they are a lot of fun, though I've never been a part of one.

  7. Coconut police! Do they climb the trees? Those would be some buff fellows for sure.

    Are we absolutely sure that Wrinkly isn't watching a video I-pod, he sure is enjoying it, not at all how I look at things to hear them better.

  8. (Looking at all the comments) yes, I am interested in hearing more about these coconut police too.

    Sorry you're getting an error message at my site. I've never gotten one about the blog you mentioned, either. I don't understand this -- but there is so much I don't understand anyway....

  9. I've never run into the coconut police. They must be a vicious bunch. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Yep, I couldn't do the politic thing either. I'm surrounded here in California. Surrounded. I will vote though. You can bet on that.

    I can't see his wrinkles, but I'll take your word for it. I even biggified the photograph.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny but chilly California. :)

  10. Glad the coconuts are gone.

    Defending Jacob was good. I liked the twists and turns of it. Hope that you enjoy it.

    Love the swimming:) Nothing like aqua jogging in a warm pool!
    Plus the mani & pedi of course:)


  11. Bee, it was cold enough here for me to wear a turtleneck,sweatshirt, and a jacket, while walking..brrr girl. A couple laps around the park and my old lady furnace kicked in.LOL
    Hope you have fun at cards.And win. Sometimes it fun to have routines. I miss my monthly outing with my friend Carol. Oh Bee, why would someone watch a radio?? xoxo, Susie

  12. Hi Bee. I finally completed my Fun Pass for my cruise. Do you any thing about Miami International? I sent a email to John Heald but it seems he no longer sends emails back. Oh well.
    I love your pool. I noticed the man watching his radio. Weird isn't it. I watch TV, listen to the radio but I've never watched a radio.
    70 lbs, WOW, fantastic, wonderful and it shows how lovely you are my friend. I really can't wait to see you on the Breeze. See you.


  13. Ciao !

    He is "watching" a sport match on the radio!!! I hope you can have fun at canasta! I like the fine porcelain!

    Big hugs!!!

    1. Hahaha... good comment, Ivana!

      I'm glad he's not in a speedo.

  14. I sure am happy that I don't have to worry about those pesky coconuts for when I come visit:)

    Big hugs from chilly, sunny Mayberry, honey...

  15. Oh, and I love the vase, too!...xoxoxo

  16. Amazing how one person can ruin everything. I never bring up politics or religion. I'm a good girl :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  17. We need leaves police here - our garden is full of them! LOL


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