Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Monday again...

I know it's not pretty but it's for Barb's virtual cyber birthday cupcake fest!  And I guess it's about as pretty as I get with decorating!  Ha.  Anyway I made 11 cupcakes and will take them to poker on Tuesday.  Happy Birthday Barb!  And heck, I thought I was Martha Stewart but it seems I'm not.  Rats.

Yesterday was mostly rainy so I didn't get to go swimming but I sure did walk a lot in the Walmart!  Back and forth until I though I was going to drop!  You'd think I'd make one pass through but no, you'd be wrong.  Stupid marketing skills for me but at least I got some good exercise!

So what shall I do today?  What I need to do is some work in my closet.  I must go in there.  And hopefully spend a few hours around the pool if the sun decides to shine on me.  I'm finished my book now (Gone Girl) and I enjoyed it.  Of course I read the end first.  I always say I won't but I do.  What do you suppose that means?  Instant gratification or something?

Thanks for the opinions on the decorating too, I enjoyed all the suggestions and will discuss them with the decorator this week.

 Here's hoping your week and your Monday are fabulous.  Mine will be too!


  1. Hope the sun shines for you today so you can get in the pool Bee. x

  2. I would start by choosing new art for the walls, and when you find one that make you just have to have it, build your color palette around that, and keep going!! there are some wonderful online art and frame shops that have literally thousands of prints, grouped by subject matter, what fun!!

  3. Thank you for my lovely cupcake! It's much prettier than any I make! I just smear on some frosting and some sprinkles. Or glaze. Nothing fancy. Ever. In fact the really fancy frosting that is so pretty on bakery cupcakes? I always scrape it off because I can't eat it. Or fondant. Especially fondant. Who thought that was a good idea? Ack.

    Tomorrow is MotherDear's birthday. Do you suppose I should make her cupcakes? I am thinking Birthday Brownies as she adores them. And Binbgo Bucks. She really adores them! haha!

    Have a lovely, sunshiney day poolside! big hugs xoxo

  4. You have the prettiest things, befitting an Empress.

  5. Barb can have the cupcake, I'll take that beautiful plate! Good job on the cupcake. I know they'll be a big hit.

    We have overcast, with rain expected. I'll make my own sunshine, thankyouverymuch.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Good morning Bee. The sun's out but it's really cold. Early in the morning it had gone down to 35 degrees. I hope I get Indian summer. I really enjoyed my piece of pumpkin pie yesterday. Mary Lou cut it to the right amount that I could eat. Man was it small but it very good. I hope you have a better day today so that you can go into the pool. See you my lovely friend.


  7. Bee, Your cupcake looks like it has whip cream on top...which is way better than frosting..Happy birthday to Barb. Oh I get my exercise in walmart too. I usually run through the store to get out faster :):)I hate when they change things..they do that at the gorcery stores too. It's to keep you in there longer...thinking you'll spend every last dime. Hope you have a fun relaxing day today. xoxo, Susie

  8. Oh, that picture IS pretty! Love your red and white plate, and the cupcake looks yummy and spooky! Happy Birthday to Barb! And Bee, I hope the sun will shine on you today and you can enjoy the pool. Cool and misty here. Still beautiful but it would be too cold for you! Hugs...

  9. I love the cupcake. It looks good too. I'm sure that they are too. I should do some cupcakes for Barb's birthday too. Really I should.

    I have the same issue with my closet. I need to get in there and do some serious cleaning. There are things in there I've not worn in years and I'll never wear again. I need to fix that.

    You have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from chilly California. :)

  10. it looks YUMMY. I's shur that it's the bestest cupcake evah - purrrssss xoxoxoxox your Sammie Pie

  11. Hey Bee
    We read Gone Girl for our book group last month. I think it's great that you read the ending first because most people I have spoken to about the book did not like the ending. I didn't think it was bad. I enjoyed the book. We are discussing Defending Jacob this month. I enjoyed this one, too.
    I baked my niece's bridal shower cake this weekend. I think you and I can go into business! I think your cupcake looks tits!

  12. Mega mart shopping wears everyone out. I like your cupcake! It's cute.

  13. Enjoy the results of tackling the closet bit by bit, dear Bee!

    I always read the end of the book first too:)

  14. I have the same habit of reading the end of a book first. I know the end of my story, it doesn't make the adventure any less exciting and intriguing. Instant gratification? Nah, only if you didn't read the whole book.

  15. Buongiorno!!!

    Pretty cupcake..your painter style is there!

    Big hugs, honey!!!


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