Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday funday...

I am posting these photos in case any of you have any ideas for decorating these rooms.   The red wall is definitely going.  I have enjoyed it but am now sick of it.  The tile floors are still in good shape and neutral so they can stay.  They are easy to keep clean, don't scratch, and are cool on my feet.  When I first moved in the walls were all a warm tan color.  

Turquoise is my favorite color but I know I'd get sick of that in a hurry.  Maybe I should stay with neutrals, warm browns and maybe some cool blues.  Who knows where the wind will blow my brain! 

Yesterday I won huge at canasta, $14.00!  I had an amazing day.  I hope this streak keeps going, it's a lot more fun to win than lose.  Ha.

Today will find me at the Walmart, wish me luck!  I don't need too much but still need to go and to the fruit stand too.  The plums I bought at Publix all got tossed, they were dry inside.  Blech.  

I started to clean out a section of my closet but gave up.   I get so overwhelmed, I did manage to get a little bit done before I gave up.  I need to do that every day.  Then it won't be so bad.  Gosh it was only a few months ago that it was all organized and clean in there.  No more.  Well, it's not dirty but it's just overcrowded.  Buggers to me.  Maybe I'll go on another self imposed shopping ban.  Naw.  Never mind.  

Hope your Sunday is totally tits.  I know mine will be!


  1. Congratulations on the canasta win, and good luck at WalMart today! Too bad about the plums...

    How about a soft creamy very pale yellow - Dunn Edwards 'Quiet Splendor' comes to mind. With turquoise pillows as accents?

  2. I dropped out of interior design school after the second year. Your furniture is great! Does the tan tile have a tad of pink in it? I can see creamy walls -- a creamy tint of the tan in the floor, and toss pillows in bright, bold color. Like your turquoise and perhaps a coral. Using complementary colors will make things pop. If you're not married to your artwork, I'd pick something out to throw it all together. Be sure to make sure the tablecloth on the side table has the same colors, but make it a bold statement print (and matching placemats/napkins for the dining table!)

    Then for the bedroom I'd use the turquoise and coral with the purple you want. Look at the Pantone Spring 2013 color forecast for some ideas...

  3. Get the walls painted in a nice neutral and then you have time to liven up the place with throw pillows, perhaps reupholster the dining chairs and get some new pictures to use for color choices. There are wonderful area rugs today that tie areas together. The nice thing about throw pillows is the ease of changing colors. The walls are a springboard, but not something you do every day or year for that matter. I don't think you really want to do a lot, just a nice change to suit your mood. Wish I could help...I'm a whiz with drapes, bedskirts and quilts and love decorating. But, I won't get to Florida until February this year. Just had my sinuses reamed out yesterday and am finding Percoset to be a great friend. Jack is looking into getting his left knee done, just in case ObamaCare is still in place after January. Keep winning at cards and soon it will pay for you redo. Also, congrats on the huge weight loss, you are amazing!

  4. I learned a long time ago that you have to please yourself, so that is my decorating bright idea... if it makes you happy, do that!

    Years ago I did my living room and carpeting based on the popular colors and style at the time... and absolutely hated it. I was miserable. Especially since I could not afford a do-over.

    YAY for the huge win! big hugs xoxo

  5. Congrats on the big win!! Cleaning things out like a not something I do often, then again I don't really buy clothes to often either. I bought a ton of new clothes before we moved here to Japan and purged my closet then, so I imagine I will do it again like that when it is time for us to move on again. I did give the house a good scrub this past week. Still wish I could paint my walls, white is sooo boring! I am interested to see what you end up painting your walls :) Hugs!!

  6. this is just a thought.... have you ever considered wallpaper for your pink wall?
    there are so many really nice wall coverings to choose from. I think we could do a trip around a couple nice furniture stores for ideas too. you know I'm always up for browsing!

  7. Way to go on the big win. Yes, it's always more fun to win than it is to lose.

    I love Jean's idea. All the colors you love in things that are easy and cheaper to replace when you tire of them. Makes perfect sense to me.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from beautiful California. The sun is about to make it's appearance this morning. :)

  8. Bee, You could use turquoise pillows , throws, and vases to get that color for a while. Your sofa looks fine...would go with any color. My daughter just did her bedroom/bath/closet in teals...I like it ...but i wonder how long she will love it. I don't decorate that often so I stick to neutrals, then decorate with pillows and extras. Good luck at goonmart, er I mean walmart. xoxo, Susie

  9. I would definitely keep the walls neutral and accessorize in bright, bold colors. You can hang colorful art, use a bright area rug in the dining area, find playful pillows that make the best use of color and texture, and use decorative glass. I sense you really like color, so don't be afraid of it.

  10. Mary Lou & I had neutral colors throughout our home for many years. I got so sick of it that we changed the walls with many different colors everywhere. I enjoy color. Still losing weight Bee thanks to you and the Duck. Thank you. We are having our Thanksgiving dinner today with mom. Wish you were here with us. See you later.


  11. Love Jeanie's idea, which is exactly how I decorate. Neutrals in the background, pillows that change with my moods. Easy peasy.

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs, honey...

  12. The fruit I've been buying lately is less than exciting. I bought 6 apple pears at costco yesterday. I had purchased one earlier in the week at publix that was great but the ones from costco are bitter . Boo Hoo.

    Good Luck at walmart

  13. YAY well done on the win at canasta! Hope the visit to Walmart isn't too stressful for you.

    I love your room, I still like the red wall.

  14. Ciao!!!

    I've no problem: my walls are ice-weiss!
    I wish you an amazing shopping at Walmart!
    My Sunday was with the family, for the Confirmation of the Tennis tent-hall...a bit sad, but many children and many people there, everywhre, it was close to the football building!!!
    Big hugs, honey!!!

  15. Bee, we had a good cruise, a bit different than some. James spent a few hours in the infirmary on Monday. We did a lot of resting so it was good.

    Love you bunches and munches!!


  16. Call me old fashioned, but I always like white walls, and use decorations, curtains, etc. to introduce the acecnt color. That way its easier to change when your mind changes. I wish I could have beauitful crisp, bright white walls. We have icky old 70s modular home PANELING! I hate it. One of these days I shall paint it. I have it in my head to try to at least paint the hallway to make it brighter. Someday.....


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