Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

Last time we were five players and it was my turn to be out when I took this photo.  The gal in the orange shirt is the one with the new knee.  She is doing very good.

I had some questions yesterday about what I eat all day.  A good response would be real food, 1200 calories, low sodium, low fat, but good food.  For example I usually have a flat bagel and whipped cream cheese with coffee in the morning.  The bagels are 110 calories and the cream cheese is 40.  I put low fat milk in my coffee.  For lunch I like salad or a turkey sandwich on two slices of 40 calorie bread with fruit.  Dinner is more food.  Most days I eat chicken and a potato and one or two vegetables.  At night I have decaf coffee with milk and some caramel sauce with something like two angel food and pineapple cupcakes.  I eat fruit in between meals, I love the black plums that are in season now at 30 calories each.  I eat two of those!  If I cook anything interesting again I'll let you know.

In case anyone missed it yesterday, Barb did such a nice post about us all losing weight.  Be sure to read it, won't you?  Have you joined the bee bandwagon?  If not and you want to, click the link on the sidebar that will take you to myfitnesspal and friend me (empressbee).  Paul, did you read that?  Yes you.  And Linda?  You too.  Come on.  Anyone else?  I can't have too many friends y'all.  It's not possible.

We had rain most of the day yesterday.  I had a good time playing canasta though and poker last night but I lost both games.  I like to win one or the other so I am even but not this week.  Loser!

Steve and Jane come today.  I love it when that happens.  I shall have the cleanest condo in the building.  I mean who dusts walls?  They do!  I mean I always thought my mother had the cleanest house on the planet but I never ever saw her dust a wall.

Today I am taking the salad to the MahJong game.  You know we always bring things to eat.  When it's in my building I bring drinks but when I go there I have to make something.  I also made balsamic vinaigrette with some of my precious vinegar I brought back from Italy with me.  It just gets better with age.  I only use it for special occasions.

And so my friends, that's all that's in my brain today.  Hope your Wednesday is totally tits.  Mine will be!


  1. Salads are a good thing to bring to a get together and we bring them often. They are really good for you if you don't put on the wrong kind of dressing. Then you might was well eat whatever you want.

    I'm on the bee bandwagon. This is only my second day, but still on the the bandwagon.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  2. Oh Bee your doing so great... love all he friends who are joining you.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. you are doing great and making it look easy. Yet still eating good food. I clicked on the link of what your friends were doing the other day and worry about shake diets as they are a great kick start but are the sustainable. I personally LOVE food. it is my downfall

  4. It is a bit more challenging for me now that my parents are back, but fortunately, I am fully entrenched, committed and excited now!

    My mother is willing to try a few of the things I fix, but Dad? Nope. Not. Nada. Partly it's that he's always had issues with certain textures. And mostly, it's his loss of appetite after his chemo, radiation and surgery. So she still has to cook stuff he will eat and I have to figure when I can cook my stuff. We'll figure it out. Damn cancer.

    Have yourselves a lovely day at MahJong! Say 'Hi' to the gals for me! :) And send Steve and Jane over, will ya?

    Big hugs xoxo

  5. I need Steve and Jane awful bad. Sigh.

    Have fun. Big hugs, honey...

  6. Bee, I would love to learn to play MahJong. But then who would I play it with as I do not know anyone who plays it.:):) Do Steve and Jane ever go through Indiana??LOL It's nice to read you are eating some good foods. omg..You are so strong Bee. I am a sugar junkie. There I have said it. My sweet tooth rules...but I have not eaten ice cream for some time now.:):)Just one wee step at a time. xo, Susie

  7. Send Steve and Jane my way...LOL! I really wish I learned how to play MahJong. I can't wait until I find a group here to connect with. I'm making headway with the quilting folks, but need some folks in my life outside that.

  8. I would encourage my wife to bring salads, too, if we went out anywhere. I mean, why would I want that green stuff in my house one second longer than necessary? A million years ago, when I was single, the way I knew something had gone bad in the fridge was if it turned green. Then I could throw it out. I feel the same way about lettuce. But Long Suffering Spouse likes her salad now and again.

  9. Ciao!!!
    A clever girl...your diet program is optimal and rational!
    I think that you had an intelligent reaction to depression, it helps you by getting a new healthy lifestyle!
    Glad that you like Steve and Jane, theyr work is grand!!!

    Big hugs!

  10. I have been on the Bee bandwagon for 5 weeks and am doing well. Being able to eat real food makes it easier than being limited to shakes, meal bars, etc. The website is and it is not complicated at all.

  11. I have been on the Bee bandwagon and just didn't know it...I'm doing Nutrisystems and it's going good. I live alone for the last year and found it really hard to shop-cook-eat for 1. So for now NS fills the bill.

    Say bee your pretty close to me [Stuart] I may have to go south to relieve ya-all's of some poker monies...No MahJong or canasta though...

    See ya around...PLU from SSF

  12. I would also love to learn to play MahJong, I have only ever played on the computer. Think we could have a learning session on BC6?



  13. Well, I'm not fully on a bandwagon, but I'm trying :) Just eating healthier and watch my portions. It's hard!
    Hope you are having fun with the girls!
    Hugs from Ohio,


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