Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Figure friendly beef fajitas...

For those of you that are on the Bee Bandwagon with me and like low cal interesting foods, here's one I developed today.  Four small onions, two large red peppers, one box of sliced mushrooms...

Slice and put on non-stick foil (or you will be sorry).  Spray with cooking spray and drizzle two tablespoons of olive oil over the veggies.

In they go for a nice long time!

425 for an hour and 15 minutes

Get out your beef (or chicken or whatever meat you want to use) and get it ready to go.

Remove all fat and slice thin.

Halfway done, remove and stir.

Back in they go for the second half.

Done!  Lots of shrinkage so that's why you start out with so much.

Corn tortillas are usually lower in calories than flour.

These are 110 calories for two!

Whatever salsa you like (if any).

Brown your meat.

Stir it all together.

Build your fajitas!

They are about 180 calories for two!  Lots and lots of leftovers too.  This would feed a family easily.  You could also use beans in place of meat or in addition to it.  They were absolutely the very best fajitas I ever tasted.  I swear!  But I did have to eat them with a fork.  The corn tortillas tend to break apart easier then the flour ones.

Oh, and don't forget to drink your water!

And no, I didn't forget 9/11, it's a very somber day and always will be, I remember but don't dwell.


  1. looks yummy. do you microwave the tortillas first too? I always do that at home. When I finally like food again this will be a must cook. I may have more than two but will also add some sour cream. I love you sharing recipes. I am having a hard time now not watching what I eat. It becomes a habbit,

  2. Total yum!!!! Thanks for sharing...makes me want to get the ingredients and make tonite! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh YUM! I will try them with chicken or turkey! I do not like the corn tortillas as much as the whole grain or spinach, even though the spinach looks wonky and weird... I mean, green bread? srsly? But yum!

    I buy the large wraps so I can fold them in on the sides before I roll them and I get less spilling out all over the place. I'm getting better at rolling them up but still haven't quite gotten it just right yet.

    I love your red plates! LOVE!

    Have a yummy, YAYful day! big hugs xoxo

  4. Make mine chicken, but Zane would love the beef ones. Awesome Empress Bee. You can eat lots of cool stuff if you just do a little homework first. I'm so proud of you.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs honey. :)

  5. Bee, That looks so good to eat..I could not believe so few calories. Good for you. I see where Sandee says to use chicken. That would be good also. xoxo, Susie

  6. Looks yummy. Will have to try this, now that it is getting 'oven' weather.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. OHMIGOSH--will you come and cook for me? Can we leave the mushrooms off? I love these things!!!

  8. Wow, that looks good. I have borrowed some of your recipes and you have some great ones.

  9. Excellent. Might just do that today, if I remember to get some salsa and wraps.

  10. Cooking stuff... wait, I saw meat... mmmmmm, meat... no, it seems to be gone now. More cooking stuff.

    Well, if you're kind enough to look at my occasional sports posts, then I have to look at cooking posts, right?

  11. Bee, that looks wonderful. I'm going to try it. Would love for you to do mor of your WW secrets like this. Just like reading PioneerWoman.com. Thanks for the suggestion. What do you eat on a daily basis for your 3 meals? I now the chicken & steamed veggies. You've done so well. Sarge would be so proud of your diligence. You inspire me.


  12. Looks yummy! We eat that a lot. Love the fresh flavors.

  13. The fajitas look delicious! Yummy vegetable mixture!
    Maybe Ralph can make them soon. ;-)

    The photos were great; you could write a low-cal eating book! maybe an e-book. just sayin'

    Sorry I've not been around. Been neglecting my own blog as well.

  14. Wow, I thought I was in Ivana's blog at the beginning. Bee this idea is wonderful and looks very tasty. I definitely will try this one. Man you are really changing. From an brilliant person to now a brilliant chef.
    I received an email from Nanni this morning. She's doing well but both her children have gone to college, one in Barsalona and the other in Loyola University in the states. All that's left is her and her husband.
    Mary Lou & I are working at my friend's home today to keep it clean. Lots of work including our own. See you soon, 130 hours to be exact. Ha,ha,ha.


  15. Ciao Bee!

    A great tasty cooking lesson! Thank you!

    Big hugs, honey!

  16. I love fajitas and those look delicious.

  17. Your fajitas do look wonderful, just wish I liked the veggie part of it better. I think my mom did not make me eat them enough. I am getting better, but not where I wish I was.

    Big Hugs,


  18. Yum, Bee. What a great recipe!

  19. corn tortillas are gluten free too! they are crumbly but i guess i don't mind anymore. :) this looks amazing...


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