Saturday, September 1, 2012

September challenge to myself...

Hello, my name is Empress Bee (of the high sea) and I am an online shopaholic.  This is September 1st and my goal is to not spend one cent for the whole month other than food and my card game fees.  Not one red cent.  I cannot seem to get a credit card bill under $5,000 a month to save my life.  Now granted there have been some cruises on there but still.  It's ridiculous.  

There are so many clothes and shoes in my closet again I am embarrassed by it.  I am putting myself on shopping ban.  I do not need one thing on this earth.  Nothing.  I will not buy any more handbags on ebay either.  Or shoes online.  

If I can eat it I can buy it.  Period.  I mean I ordered another freaking bathing suit last night.  What for?  I have no idea in this world other than I didn't have a red one and it was on sale and cute.  I have nine bathing suits now for krap sake!  

Buggers to me.  A pox on shopping.  A pox on letting my fingers do the walking.  A pox on all those pretty clothes I love.  No more.

No more nail polish either.  I must have a hundred bottles.  I probably have more than most manicurists.  No more.

No more makeup.  I wear mineral makeup and it lasts a really long time.  Why do I have an entire drawer full of the stuff?  No reason.  

Am I substituting shopping for eating now?  Possibly.  I must get myself under control.

(She steps off the soapbox in shame.)


  1. I'm with you Bee- I just spent $54 online today, and all I got was four pairs of underwear. Shamefull......


  2. Oh, if life was only that easy...
    I put myself on a eating ban and guess what...
    OK, I am so good on the shopping I have never been a really big shopper so together we make one really great no eating no shopping person !

    Square Doggies say woof....
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Miss Bee... I wish you luck on your non-shopping.

    When September is over and you get back to it... I am an Amazon affiliate, and if anyone orders an anything through me, I get a small commission. To be honest, it doesn't give you any benefit, but it also doesn't cost you any extra. So, if at some point, you are buying something through Amazon, I would be quite appreciative if you'd buy through my link. Thanks!

    BTW, this also goes for anyone else who might be reading this. Feel free to contact me.


  4. You will do great. Online shopping is too convenient. A store I like is closing and I am on a shopping ban too. I so want to pick up a few things myself. And you can never have enough nail polish.

  5. Wow! You must be slap-wearing out your poor doorman with all those up the elevator deliveries!

    Since I hate regular shopping I am a huge fan of online shopping. However, since I am the one who has to pick it up, move it and constantly clean it, I have been in "get rid of it" mode rather than order more mode. Bugger all that I don't have a Steve & Diane to clean it all within an inch of its life!

    I finally realized none of the clutter makes me feel good about anything. In fact, I realized that I hate the clutter and can't wait to get rid of more and more and more!

    Have yourself a YAYful - and positively shame-free guiltless day! We all have coping mechanisms. All of us.

    And I love you to pieces. big hugs xoxo

  6. Sounds like a plan but when you do shop again why not budget yourself or give yourself an allowance . This way you can plan and not feel deprived.

  7. You are shopping because you are grieving and lonely and it fills up some time when you are alone in your apartment. It's a substitute for sure, but I don't think it has to do with your dieting, but---what do I know--it might.

  8. Online shopping is so easy, it is hard not to go overboard. I see to see and feel things before I buy so I try to stay away from the online stuff. Try Pinterest instead, it is like window shopping but no "buy" option!

  9. On line shopping is way too easy. I agree with the comment about Pinterest...such fun and free! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  10. I had the same thing when I lost 100 lbs.
    Had to stop too.
    Fuzzy hugs

  11. Bee, I truly understand what you are saying about replacing eating with shopping. I have done the crazy's on sale, it's cute. I wish I could make myself do the 3-33 thing. Where you only have 33 items to wear for 3 months, it would change with each season. Janet over at"The gardener's cottage" is the pro at this concept. She does vintage and minimal. Bee, I know that you know style from fad, as I do. Style lasts for years and fads come and go in weeks. Pick your best color and build around it. let's face it we will never wear out all our clothes or shoes.LOL Enjoy your weekend, we are getting the remains of Isaac. xoxo, Susie

  12. Don't be ashamed. You are blessed to be able to afford such nice things. You worked hard for that right. Enjoy it.

  13. Do you keep your nail polish in a nail polish case that has 3 tiers? If not, you may have some catching up to do ;-).

  14. It's a noble effort and I hope you succeed.

  15. We budget around 2k a month for our credit card. I can't imagine 5k. Yikes. I'll be waiting to see how this goes. I hope you can do this. I really do.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  16. Oh no Bee. You need to enjoy life. Shopping is your life. Ha,ha,ha. Way to go my wonderful friend. I'm so excited you are the one that has made my life more exciting and you know why. Hint, hint, hint. Have to go now. Mary Lou's sister and husband is coming for a BBQ and I have arrange the steaks and everything else. I"m the Chef around here you know. Ha,ha,ha.


  17. Good Luck Miss Bee. It may be hard because you're so skinny now that it is way more fun to buy clothes!

  18. Hang in there Bee. Try it for a month but remember to enjoy life too.

  19. Ciaoooo!!!
    So suddenly???
    Begin order two things, tomorrow only one, then one day without order...the shopping-diet will be safe, if you get some joy from your little waiver!
    I'm awfully busy, family reunion for lunch tomorrow...I got first at noon the call...I did lasagne and many veggies, a pie...and my feet are like red steaks!!!

    Big hugs!

  20. I support you in your determination to go cold turkey on shopping for everything except what you can eat.


    It's good to know when we have all we need, and when we have enough. Moderation is good, and it sounds like you hit the point where you are adapting to a new perspective on shopping.

    ((hugs again))

    No shame necessary. Be proud of yourself for choosing a new way to do things:)

  21. I am finding that the older I get, the less I buy for myself. I am trying to get rid of stuff.

    Big hugs, honey...

  22. Good luck in your mission. Overcompensation is not unusual, once you stop one compulsive behavior there's a good chance that it'll pop up somewhere else...I know you can do this though. Perhaps with the money you save over the month, you'll be able to plan a cruise or something like that.

  23. I shop too. I live in a three bedroom house and there is not a space in any closet. I have three dressers so full you cant close the drawers. I think it goes back when we were kids and mom would say "if you are a good girl,I will bring you something from the store". I know for me, if I am overwhelmed at any point and need a pat on the back, or a hug, that is how I get it. Sometimes I simply MUST reward myself for persevering. There is a little slump after the new wears off, and the bills come in. Which is why I shop the outlets and clearance racks..... ONLY!!!!


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