Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thoughts on Sunday...

I am so glad I wrote about my shopping yesterday because it really go me to thinking about why I am doing it.  Well honestly part of it is because I did need new things with the weight loss but I totally went over the top.  I really think there is something to the thought that I am (was) replacing food with shopping.  Addictive behavior.  Also I got a comment that made sense to me that maybe it was grief and that's possible too for sure.  Anyway I am on a mission to get this under control.  

You know I write my post the day before they post.  Well yesterday (really Friday) I was in the pool for an hour in the hottest part of the day and for whatever reason I didn't put my lip sunblock on, never even thought about it.  My lips are so sunburned.  Nothing else, just my lips.  They are red, swollen, and painful.  Bet I don't do that again!

Yesterday 22 pilot whales beached themselves near here.  Seventeen died.  So far.  I wonder why this happens.  I don't guess anyone really knows.  

There is so much on this good earth that we don't understand.  Like the common cold.  Wouldn't you think in this day and age we'd have conquered that one?  It's a virus.  So is the flu.  We have flu shots but not cold shots.  My mother always said you catch a cold if your feet are wet or you get a chill but no, it's viral.  At least we know that much now.

I understand it's football time again.  I really wish I liked sports but I don't.  I love the excitement of it but the sport makes no sense to me.  I mean there is a goal but no goalie.  Who does that?  Someone should be there guarding that goal!

And so my friends, here's hoping your Sunday is lovely.  I know mine will be.   It's sunny and warm and I'm going swimming.


  1. Enjoy the swim in your new red swimsuit, my dear.

    As to the whales, why are they called pilot whales anyway? It seems to me that they were lacking a pilot if anything.

    Best as always,


  2. Buongiorno!
    I hope your lips are not swollen, and you can go swim!
    Here we have rain and cool...finally the long hot Summer is over!
    I'm waiting for the children, and dog...I did a lot of I've to clean!
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Big hugs!

  3. You would think somebody would think a cover for the pool would be good so you could enjoy swimming in the shade. I am not a fan of sun so I rarely do swimming... except for this one place I love! Disney has a cool water park called Typhoon Lagoon and Castaway Creek, the lazy ride in an inner tube, is awesome because I get to lazily float around in a big old raft mostly in the shade of trees. I just love that place.

    I agree. I believe that many addictive behaviors is an attempt to fill a void(s). I collected way too much Longaberger. I ate way too much, especially of the unhealthy variety. I only ever wanted to be a wife and mother and motherhood was something that I just couldn't have. For the most part I am a very happy, positive person, but I know that that particular area of my heart will always be broken and empty... for every day that I am alive.

    Football... my Dad will be in his glory again soon. I wish I enjoyed it as much as he does!

    Enjoy your warm day! big hugs xoxo

  4. There is someone guarding that goal--in fact there are many--they are called the Defense--those guys with their backs to the goal line who try and keep the guy carrying the ball from getting over that goal line. Got it? Simple, LOL.

  5. Ouch on the sunburned lips! That has got to hurt! My last sunburn was on my whalewatch with Barb when I totally forgot to use any sunscreen and we went out on the bright, blue Atlantic for a few hours. I thought my nose would NEVER stop peeling!

    I think that in one form or another we all make substitutions in our lives and that's how we adapt. I'm not sure that it's necessarily addictive behavior unless it totally gets out of control; it's just our psyche's way of getting us through each day.

    All things considered, and knowing how much you miss Sarge every single day, I think that you have done remarkably well and should be commended. Were I you, I'd probably be sitting in a dark room and crying every day still with barely the ambition to do anything. You are a wonderfully strong woman and I admire you!

  6. I'm so sorry about your lips. You have to be careful my lovely friend.
    Mary Lou is really enjoying reading your blog. I know but she hasn't started commenting yet. I'm going to work on her but you know a man can't get a woman to do anything until they want to do it themselves. I'll try.
    Today we go to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They do all kinds of things with their horse. I'll have photos later in my blog.
    AmyLynn woke up and she is feeling ill so therefore can't go to work.
    Well I'd better get some breakfast. See you later Bee
    By the way, I hopee that I can figure out how to put the photos in my new blog.


  7. Our Mom loves football and she is happy it's back!
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Fuzzy hugs

  8. Bee, Don't forget the sun block.You are so strong, I have no doubt that you can control your shopping. Proud of you, xo, Susie

  9. I'm sorry about the sunburn honey. You'll be better in a couple of days.

    You'll figure out the shopping thing at some point. You are smart and then some. I do know when you lose weight shopping for smaller clothes rocks. Really rocks.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  10. Re:football. Everyone on the team that doesn't have the ball is in essence defending the goal. I happen to have grown up watching football but it is ok with me if you don't want to watch. Anyway, I am sorry about your lips and hope they soon heal. Hugs!

  11. I have, so far, watched 3 football games this weekend. I don't care much for pro ball, but I absolutely adore college football.

    I agree with others who suggest shopping can be an expression of grief or depression. Buying things may make a person feel good temporarily by triggering release of chemicals in our brains that do give us a feeling of wellbeing. For my own mother, it was casino gambling that made her feel good after my dad died. When her travels to the casino became a daily ritual, I had a sit down with her to discuss what was at the heart of the matter. It was grief. We worried for awhile that she'd gamble away everything to feel good, but eventually she worked through her feelings in more productive ways.

    As for the flu--it is not curable, nor completely preventable. That's why you need an annual vaccine that is based on an educated guess from last year on which influenza virus will prevail this year. Hopefully the changes to the vaccine this year will be life changing. If you're up to a good story, The Great Influenza is a spectacular book about the 1917-18 outbreak of the flu that killed so many during WWI. I've read it before and am now listening to it as an audiobook (26 hours of narration). One hundred years later, we are still trying to outsmart influenza. It's an incredibly interesting tale. Viruses are clever life forms that will outlive us all.

  12. Sunburn on your lips? Ouch. I gave myself a nasty first degree burn on my right hand last I definitely can feel your pain.

  13. I'm gonna join you on your shopping ban. Except mine will be-- if I can't eat it or burn it (gas in the car and wood for the fire), or if it's not for school, I won't buy it in September.

    I'll buy it in October.


    Seriously, it's a good challenge. Love you!

  14. After I purged my closet I went shopping. I bought one pair of black slacks, one pair of gray slacks, a black skirt, a polished denim skirt, one top, and a jacket. That's it! Now I can start work with clothes that fit!
    The end.
    I hate shopping!
    Love you,


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