Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday is my day off!

Well August is over at midnight tonight.  Where did summer go?  Gosh time sure goes fast.  Yesterday was a wonderful day.  After lunch with some gals we played canasta and I got home at 4:15 and was able to do my whole 45 minute routine of water jogging.  It was as warm as a bathtub and felt so good I didn't want to get out but I got hungry so I had to come up and have some dinner.  Homemade veggie soup (low sodium) and tuna salad with Special K crackers and celery sticks.  Really good.  

It's funny, I have not watched any of the Convention because, well, I didn't want to but my liberal friends are all talking about how awful everything and everyone is and my conservative friends are all talking about how great it all is.  This country is split down the middle and I don't know what will ever change it.  Both sides get testy too.  Sarge would be beside himself right about now.  He loved politics.  I hate politics.  Kind of like Jack Sprat.

I haven't lost any more weight all week but I know it'll start happening again soon.  I have been so structured it has to happen.  Monday will be a bad diet day but that's okay too.  Most people have a splurge meal once a week but I don't so the cookout at the club will be mine.  They are having all the stuff I love, ribs, corn, baked beans, slaw, potato salad.  Man I am looking forward to that.  There is lots of other stuff too but that is what I want.  I plan on having a small portion of each thing and a big salad (first) and fresh fruit for dessert.  Lots more than I eat now but it's one meal.

*WARNING!* Big Brother paragraph... skip this if you don't watch it.  Wow!  What about Dan's play! Genius.  I never really cared for him before one way or the other but that was freaking brilliant.  The best move I have seen since BB1 in fact.  I had sort of been rooting for little Ian but I don't think he'll last much longer now.  

Guess that's about all I know for now y'all.  Hope your Friday is totally tits.  I guarantee mine will be!


  1. Buongiorno!!!
    Have a great Friday off.Mine begins with the grandkids...
    Sky is cloudy, the works for the schools go on, I'm hearing them!

    Big hugs!

  2. Well!! After reading your post I'm salivating and now craving ribs and slaw! :-)
    A great Friday to you too!!!

  3. well you are waiting for ur day.. friday..
    enjoy each seconds.. here now i'm in office.. you are enjoying huff....

  4. I've been in a plateau this week but they never last forever! My scale will budge again... eventually. At least it's not going up, right?

    I never ever watch any of the conventions because I hate politics, too. And everything that comes with it - especially the snarky, lying, mean and nasty crap of politics. Very unattractive, all of it. I do have some Republican and Conservative Facebook pages I've "liked" and so I've read some stuff... not much at all of the liberal stuff because, well... you know. I saw your post on Facebook and I totally understand. I am fortunate in that most of my Dem friends and family are not at all extremist and they certainly are not mean and nasty about it.

    Or I would totally un-friend them. :D

    Have a fabulous day! big hugs xoxo

  5. This is the time of year I hate due to politics for sure! I am so tired of everyone. So mean, cruel. I say "Agree To Disagree", dont be nasty! All that food sounds so yummy! Hope you have a great day, Hugs Bee :)

  6. I hate politics...and want this all to be over. Period.

    You sure are looking mighty good! See you after Christmas:)...which will be here in about 3 weeks!

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Ian is going to have to scramble to save himself. He has done a great job so far, but..... Dan pulled off a great move.
    Glad you didn't watch the RNC last night--Clint Eastwood sounded both drunk and demented--he was an embarassment, I thought. Mitt was good and solid, but when the flowery oratory of Obama goes into action next week--he will probably hypnotize people again. I don't think "we" have a chance!

  8. I purged my closet. That's right. I am committed.
    The end.
    Happy Labor Day AB.
    I miss you.
    ps--you look GREAT!

  9. You look fabulous honey. You really do.

    Politics do suck, but we can't have another four years of the mess we've had. It has to change, and now.

    Your holiday meal sounds fabulous. If I were closer I'd be begging to come along.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  10. You know where I stand on this political bickering. Makes me sad. Enjoy your day off!

  11. Good morning Bee. I hope that had a good sleep.Big Brother has really turned into a great show. I'm amazed that Joe is still there and it looks like Ian has a good shot of winning.

    It's amazing that the Americans have to put up with two groups, Republicans and Democrats saying that they want to help the people and if they really wanted to assist the people they would work together in Congress and the House of Representatives along who ever was the president but it seems that they just want blame and fight with each other. You know, who wins the presidency won't make much a difference because they won't work together. Sorry, I should just keep my shut because we in Canada are having the same problems but the parties at times do work together.

    It's now 2:00 pm. I finally realized that I hadn't completed my comment. I let aside and worked with you about my new blog. You know Bee, there is so much to learn but I did write my first new post.

    I put nine peoples name to come and read my blog. We see what happens. Bee, you mean so much to me and I can't even thank you enough for what you've done for me. Thank you my friend but as you will learn in the future, I'll still ask you about different things about my new blog like how do I place the pictures and videos in the post. See you soon my lovely, thoughtful friend.


  12. See, I was always thought not to bring politics or religion into any friendship. It has worked for me quite well. Some people just can`t do it and take it to the extreme. Sigh.
    I`m sure tired of the crazy ad campaign though. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Maybe I should become an independent :)
    Left or right, I will always send you warm hugs from Ohio.
    Yours truly,

  13. I miss Sarge's posts because he always gave me something to think about. However, what I see from both sides, the lies, the things they hide from us just makes me sick. I think I have really become apolitical and don't plan on voting this election. That is a first for me, but I am just tired of them and they never do what they promise. The nasty ads and comments from both sides are just too much.

    Now for a good note, football is my favorite season and I go to my first college game tomorrow.

    Big Hugs to you.


    PS I wore my Razorback earrings you made me to work today, tomorrow I will wear my Arkansas Tech earrings to the game. Love them and you!

  14. If I had watched the RNC, I'd most likely be up in arms...primarily with whatever Chris Christie had to say. I cannot stand that man. NJ has had some really awful people running it, but C.C. takes the cake. And a HUGE hypocrite as well. I'm glad I got out of NJ when I did.

    But anyway...Happy September!


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