Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday stuff...

When I got home from canasta yesterday this is what it looked like outside.  Then it got worse.  Much worse.  No swimming for me but I was able to walk so I did get exercise.  The weather alarm on the golf course went off so much you could almost dance to it.

I also won eight bucks.  I'm on a roll!

We were talking at the card table about all the junk political mail we are receiving and how none of us are reading any of it.  And the calls!  Oy.  Anyway one gal had a great idea!  She tells them the people are in Europe on an extended trip and she is the housesitter.  I am totally going to start doing that.  Will it stop them?  Probably not.  And you ask why do I answer the phone?  Well if I don't they just keep calling back until I do.  Persistant buggers.

I do like the new VP choice though.  Hope they are successful.  I was hoping for Rubio but I think this choice is very smart.  And that's all I'm going to say.

I don't like chocolate chip cookies.  Well yesterday they brought in a tray of them into the card room and they were warm and I ate a whole one.  It was the best one I ever had.  I only meant to have a bite but when I tasted it I was a goner.  I just figured it into my day and went forward.  I don't do that often but if you would have smelled them, well, like I said, a goner.

Have a totally lovely Sunday.  I will too...


  1. Yep, I'm for the veep choice, too. Wish it could've been Rubio but I think they have reasons. We don't get calls, because they have our landline number, which we no longer use! If the mail back envelope has postage on it I send it all back to them. That goes for AARP, (ERP) too.
    I'm a peanut butter cookie lover. Not wild about chips in ice cream, either. They taste too waxy.
    It was 108 here again today...umph.
    Have a super nice Sunday!

  2. Well, I ♥ chocolate chip cookies. At least the ones I bake... the same ones my sister Lynda bakes... you see where that's going. And I've been craving Cappuccino cookies something awful! I may have to crunch the numbers. hahaha!

    Rain, rain, and more rain here for days. Every time I tried to sit outside on the patio it would start rumbling and blowing in again.

    Blessedly, I rarely get a political call... not until right before the election and then just a few. Of course, I only have my business lines and my cell; no home phone.

    I'd never heard of the new VP candidate. I watched a few videos and read some stuff. He may have been a better choice than Mitt. But what do I know?!

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Sorry you couldn't make it to the pool as I know how you love that pool. Maybe today.

    I think Mitt did a good job for his V.P. Independents love him.

    I can take or leave dessert and mostly I leave it. You've nothing to feel guilty about though. You have your cookie and you're right back on your program.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  4. We kitties all want a new direction, we don't like seeing Mom worried over elexshunz
    We really miss Uncle Sarge's wisdom, which is really needed.
    Have a happy Sunday
    Furry hugs

  5. Well the rain took off last night this morning is bright and shiny. I'm not a chocolate chip lover myself. I'll eat them if there isn't anything else in the house.
    As far as Romney's VP, ah I'm a Canadian and if I give my idea people all say shut up, you have have no choice so I shut up. Ha,ha,ha.
    I received an email this morning from Linda and it sounds like that she is bad shape. I feel bad for her. You guys were my very first friends when we went on the Valor. Oh well but I do hope she does get better.
    You know Bee, I'm feeling a little weird because I can't wait until my cruise meeting all of you. Got to go now my loveable friend.


  6. Bee,

    WHAT you don't like chocolate chip cookies??? They are my favorite!! I like peanut butter, oatmeal and white chocolate macadamia too. Oh my, if I only had one last item to eat, it would either be a really good steak or a chocolate chip cookie.

    My good news for the day is Bethany and Geoff are moving back to AR. They will be here sometime today, so that she can start school on Tuesday, then they will head back to KS and get a rental to bring the rest of their stuff next weekend. Can't wait to have my girl back home.

    Have a lovely Sunday dear Empress!!



  7. When I get unwanted calls I just say I'm not interested and put the phone down.

  8. Any warm cookies is the best !

    As for political calls, on my phone I can see who is calling. I did the house sitter one but what is even better is when it is a number you don't know or you can learn which ones they are, you can hit the on button then hit off right away....
    One time I answered and the caller was going on and on and I asked them for answers on a few points that I need answer for they couldn't give me a good answer...I said I was voting for the other person and they have never called again.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Miss Bee, I'll have you converted to a chocolate chip cookie lover in no time. They are my secret weapon. Took them to a party on Friday and had people still raving about them the next day.

  10. That's how it looked like here yesterday, too. We needed the rain though :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  11. Toll House CC are my mY most fave! VP choice? I haven't heard!!! Dang.

    Big hugs honey...

  12. OMG, forget the calls, I can't stand the political mail. What a waste of trees. If someone had an ad that says, I'm not mailing anything, I'd vote for him or her! I take them directly from my mail box to the outside garbage can.

    One chocolate chip cookie is not a bad thing!

  13. I hope you had a good Sunday...without political calls nor e-mails, it's very unfair, I hate them!
    I was the whole day at the farm!

    Big hugs!!!


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