Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another beautiful day in paradise...

Boy oh boy I was a busy gal yesterday!  I got up and went to the dermatologist.  I'll tell you about that in a minute.  Then I had to go to a bank and pick up a check and take it to another bank.  Then I went and got my hair colored and cut and a manicure.  Then I went to a new fruit stand that was very nice.  Stopped on the way home for a chicken wrap because I was starving.  Came home and ate half of it and rested a bit and then decided not to get in the pool.  I was just too tired.  Exhausting day!!!

So now about the dermatologist, he was very happy with me!  He froze off a few "barnacles" as he calls them and I was good to go.  He did a full body look too.  The nurse gave me a bunch of samples of different sun blocks but he said I'm fine.  Yee haw!  And he said yes, I can get into the pool.  (He also said "Is that a feather in your hair?  That's the cutest thing I ever saw.  I just smiled.)

Today I have lunch and canasta again.  There is a couple of more months of the summer game and then I probably won't play on Saturdays except as a sub.  I need to cut back on something, too much going on now.

I have been walking a good bit (for me) now.  I am very stiff between the walking and the pool jogging but I need to keep going.  I feel bad not getting into the pool yesterday but in all honesty I just couldn't do it.  It's the first day I have missed in quite a bit.  I am supposed to do it 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes but I am doing way more than that.

Sorry to be in such a mood, I guess I'm just tired (you know I write this the night before) so off I go, have a lovely Saturday.  I know I will, I'll feel better and be out and about having fun!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about all of it - you were a VERY busy Bee, and deserved a rest! Please don't feel bad. You're walking a lot, in the pool a lot, eating very healthy and have been really consistent, which is something to be very proud of. Sometimes we get so focused on 'being in the zone', that we forget to reward ourselves emotionally for how much we do that is good.

    Glad that the 'barnacles' came off, and that the doctor said it is okay to go in the pool - the sun block lotion you are using must be doing a good job!

    A massage. Now THAT would be the ticket for that stiffness!

    Happy Saturday to you,

  2. All that walking around and going here and there was your pool time.
    That happens to me too. If I go out and do too much I consider that my "walking" for the day.
    I think your doing great.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. That's a lot of running around for anyone. You'll get back in the pool soon enough because apparently, it appeals to you as a good form of exercise. That's half the battle with exercise...liking it!

  4. I've been eating next to nothing and haven't been losing an ounce. I lost almost 15 during the initial hospitalization and stint in rehab - the food was seriously evil - have been eating less than 1200 cals . Off course, using a walker and cane isn't exactly speed walking! It was 108 today so the few laps I do are in the house. I keep thinking about you and Chuck. I know I can get this done....
    Glad your reports were all good!!!

  5. You were a BUSY BEE yesterday! hahaha! And all of that running around yesterday totally counts as exercise!

    Did you really have a feather in your hair?! Love it!

    It will be a dreary, drizzle day again here, but luckily for me, that's the perfect kind of day to curl up with my book and a few furry purry kitties.

    big hugs xoxo

  6. Missing one day in the pool won't hurt much. I think if you really don't feel in the mood there's not much point because you don't enjoy it and don't put the effort in. Glad to hear the appointment with the dermatologist went well. x

  7. Having sunny and cool weather here in Berlin. We have walked quite a lot. It is time for a nap!

    Big hugs honey...

  8. I agree with parsnip--all that running around was just as much exercise as you would get in the pool. I know it is important to keep it up thought--it has rained here for 3 days straight so I haven't been walking very much. I did do the Wal-Mart shopping and I figured that was my walking exercise for the day. I need to walk a lot though--makes the new hip stronger!!! I just am so unmotivated on most days :-(

  9. Rest days are good, I know you missed your pool time 'cause it feels so good to move in the water, but it's ok to listen when your body says "enough"! Hope you have a beautiful weekend and can enjoy the pool and everything else you do. Hugs!

  10. Bee, you deserve a break some days. Just saying!

    10-4 Willy

  11. My trainers at my workout place say that rest is just as important as a tough workout and they are in crazy good condition.

    You are doing so much more than you were a year ago so it's a win/win. Keep going. you are motivating me!

  12. Well you may have not gone to the pool but you still exercised. A. Lot. Good for you for resting.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs honey. :)

  13. Buongiorno!
    A busy Friday, sonme good news and compliments, much walking...a bit tired, yes, but you had done so much!

    Have a great Saturday, and go...go...go!!!!

    Big hugs!

  14. Sorry to be in such a mood? It sounds like you are in a great mood to me. To me you are always in a great mood, a fantastic mood, a lovely mood.
    It's been raining a good amount of water but we really needed it so I really didn't mind. My two ladies are out at the moment and I'm by myself for now.
    Not much going around here in Paul's place. I'll be watching golf later this afternoon. That's about it for now Bee. See you.


  15. I just started getting my hair colored again. I didn't realize how much I missed being blond. My 12-year-old daughter was a bit weirded out at first but got over it quickly.

    It sounds like you're doing a lot of exercise so I wouldn't feel bad about those days when you need a rest. Better to listen to your body.

  16. Bee, A good check up go girl. You did sound busy. I am wore out from my last two days of running around too. I am sleeping in a bit tomorrow:):) xoxo, Susie

  17. you know you CAN get in the pool and just float around and relax, some people do all the time! LOL

  18. Haha, all that exercise is great. I think I'm going to go for a nice walk today. We'll see.


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