Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday is the start of a whole new week...

If you look close right over the ocean is a rainbow.  I managed to get to Publix and in the pool for my 45 minutes of work before the storms came.  Actually it was raining pretty good as I was getting out but no thunder and lightening until I was well upstairs and out of it.  Plus I walked the whole big Publix too.  I am really going to sleep good tonight!

There is a gal on Sundays that gets in the pool with me and works with me.  She is a nurse and that's the only day she has but she is on a weight loss program too.  Well she invited me out to dinner with her and her husband (one of the poker players that Sarge LOVED).  She said they'd be sure to go someplace where I could eat healthy.  It was lovely to do something but I couldn't help feeling like a third wheel even though they really really were sweet and nice.

Today I have nothing planned but I will swim, walk, and maybe go to the fruit stand.  I love days like this but not too many in a row because I love my card games too.

Hope your Monday is wonderful.  I know mine will be...


  1. I know you might think that your a third wheel but your not.
    After my divorce so many of my friends wanted to be sure to include me in whatever they where doing. Sometimes I said yes and sometimes I said no.
    Whatever works for you. Your especially lucky that you live in such a nice complex filled with such wonderful people and thing to do !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. AB
    Can't take my eyes off that "myfitnesspal" weight loss progress on your sidebar ... and that number is AMAZING!

  3. what a beautiful rainbow! love you bunches.

  4. That was nice of them! When my husband died we had friends that would include me and my kids in outings, even camping! We're good friends to this day.

    I thought I signed on to the fitness pal and wound up with Jillian Michaels following me all over. I shall try again! I decided that, although I've only lost ten pounds this month, I didn't gain ten pounds! I had just hoped for more...
    That will give me twenty more to lose! Yay!

  5. How nice of them to invite you out for dinner. I know it must feel odd to be the third person but I'm so glad you enjoyed it. x

  6. Beautiful rainbow, indeed! I am glad you got asked out to dinner, but I don't blame you for feeling awkward. You most defniitely were not a third wheel, but in a 2/1 situation, its inevitable. I am glad you went though. Saying yes, when you'd rather say no, quite often leads to unexpected fun. At least for me.

    Hope you have a beautiful pool day. Try some yummy white donut peaches if they have them at the fruit stand. We can't get enough of them!!

  7. When I go out with my neighbor and her husband, I just try and think of it as 3 individual people going out for a bit of fun--otherwise the third wheel feeling can make me sad.

  8. Three is a tripod, not a fifth wheel. Just sayin. You know you are always welcome with MM and me. Any time.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. I know the 3rd wheel feeling too, but the better the friends are, the less I feel it! Glad you got to swim before the thunder started, and now neat to see a rainbow! Hope you have a great day today. Hugs!

  10. I do not like the 3rd wheel feeling. It doesn't happen too often anymore, but every once in awhile I still will feel as though I'm in that sort of situation and it'll be weird.

  11. We all hope you will go with that lady and her husband, we bet you will really enjoy yourself!
    Daily furry hugs

  12. Hi there Bee. It sounds that you are you really moving in this world. You can never be a third person. She invited you, go and enjoy yourself.
    My mother is coming back this afternoon. I'll be picking her up later on. Things are slowing down this summer. I need something to get things moving. I'm bored. Well that's it for now from Amherstburg. Bye.


  13. It was nice that you went, even if it was awkward. The next time it will be less awkward, and the time after that? - just like hanging with friends :)

  14. How lovely that you had dinner out. How nice of them to invite you. Glad you had a good time and I like what Sandy said about the tripod versus the fifth wheel.

    Have a terrific day honey. Love you bunches. :)

  15. I can see the rainbow - very pretty!
    Glad that you got your 45 minutes of being in the pool in before the storm came in.

    Being single for so many years, I know what you meant about feeling like a third wheel. Sometimes its comfortable if you know and like BOTH people, but sometimes it feels awkward.
    But I think that awkwardness may just be unfamiliarity with going out solo with a couple? Only you know if it was just getting used to the newness of that, or not, because I think you've gone out with Sandy and her hubs before.


  16. I always want to go anywhere I'm invited. Well, almost always. Sometimes people invite me to go to... well, you know what I mean.

    And I'd rather not go there.

  17. Bee, You are getting so much stronger. Wonderful!! You are a trooper, always doing your pool workout. Enjoy this week. xoxo, Susie

  18. I've been the 'odd woman out' at any function for many more years than the 19 years since I left my ex-husband. He's an extreme introvert and he absolutely hated to go anywhere with a group, even a small group... even family. It did feel odd at first, but it was way better than the alternatives... either dragging him and having to beg off early because he wanted to leave, or not going at all. I'm totally use to it now. I must be since I never think about it.

    So anyway... I'm glad you went out to dinner. :)

    Big hugs xoxo

  19. That's a beautiful photograph.

  20. Ciao Bee!

    You got a good Sunday, you could accept the invite!
    The new week brings your pool and games again!
    Be glad!

    Big hugs!

  21. So happy you accepted the invitation. Love the rainbow in the picture.

    Thanks for the smiles.



  22. I'm glad that you went out for dinner with that lovely couple! There doesn't seem to be too many of us nice people left in this crazy world.

    I do see the rainbow! I love seeing them.

    Sorry I've been a stranger here in blogland.

    Hope you had a nice, relaxing Monday. ;-)


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