Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday in paradise...

Well let's start at the beginning yesterday.  The MahJong game was totally wonderful, it was not here but at one of the gal's condo in Palm Beach, a very beautiful condo at that.  I didn't maj though.  It was not my day to play but I sure did enjoy myself and our lunch was really nice too.  I have never liked flavored coffee before, can't stand it actually but she make a caramel blend that was so delicious I cannot tell you.  I'm going to try it.  It does have 80 calories though, I'm going to see if I can lighten it up a bit.  Any ideas out there?

Then when I got home I was so excited the sun was out and I got on my bathing suit and started out the door when I remembered Comcast was supposed to come today at 5.  It was already 4:30.  Buggers.  I got changed and sat and waited for them.  They did come right at 5 like they were supposed to and did rewire and fix the problem.  Yay for them.  I am back in business watching what I love to watch and not a bunch of krap! Ha ha.  Anyway kudos to Comcast and all the people that helped!

So other than not getting to swim it was a wonderful day.  Now on to today.  I have lunch at the club and canasta and then hope to swim after that.  It's supposed to be nice weather the rest of the week.  I just hope all those in the path of Isaac fare well.  I certainly know how much rain it dumped on us and it wasn't even a hurricane when it was here.  I never saw a wetter storm.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.  Me too...


  1. Lovely photo today and glad to hear all is getting back to normal !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Wwe're going to have to start calling you Reilly, cause you have the Life of Reilly. And I am glad you do!

  3. Well, YAY for Comcast finally gitting 'er done. I drink my coffee black so I am no help at all.

    Louisiana is getting hammered. And what I find so sad is that after so many events like this people continue to live there...9 feet under sea level. At some point you would think they'd get tired of losing everything they own and starting over. Honestly, I just don't understand that at all.

    Enjoy your swim and canasta! ANd On Demand!! Woohoo! big hugs xoxo

  4. Yay for comcast getting their butts in gear and getting it done.

    Hope you get to enjoy the pool today. I actually started taking ours down yesterday. Was kind of sad to realize summer is over. Megan was sad, too. She hasn't been able to swim since her surgery, so the pool went unused for the last month. But next year, we shall get it up early, and use it often! Life is too short!!

    Hope your day is grand, its a Friday for me, so I am a bit excited!

  5. Oh, and I LOVE flavored coffee, or at least regular coffee with flavored creamers. I can't stand the taste of coffee. Maybe brew your regular coffee and add a touch of a fat free, sugar free flavored creamer?! There are so many out there. Have fun dialing in your favorite combo!!! :)

  6. Fixed??? Woohoo!!!!!!!! Yep, they heard about your poxing ability and didn't want any:) Sure hope this fix will last.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. What did you think of Big Brother?

  8. I am so glad that you finally got that fixed.

    Did you watch Big Brother. I think it might have been the best episode of the season.

  9. I only like coffee-flavored coffee. Amazing that Comcast showed up and actually fixed the problem -- a good day for you even if you didn't "maj."

  10. Finally! I'm so glad your cable is fixed. Let's hope it stays that way. You've been beyond patient!

  11. Glad your cable is fixed, now if only they would learn fixing it right the first time would have solved their problem and yours!
    Daily fuzzy hugs

  12. No snakes or alligators? Ha,ha,ha.
    I'm waiting for a phone call from my cousin Dan. We are going out to have coffee and just talking. It's my way to ease some of my problems. By the way, Thanks for the other problem I have. I'll tell you later why I want to change the what you know. See you my lovely friend.


  13. The coffee does sound good. I'm not a flavored coffee fan for the most part either. I do enjoy pumpkin and blueberry flavors, I'd have to check if they have extra calories. Hmm. Is the coffee itself flavored or does she add flavoring to it?

  14. I do not like flavored coffee.
    The end.

  15. I'm happy you finally have your problem fixed and can watch what you want. That rocks big time.

    I am also happy that you have nice weather again and can enjoy the pool. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day honey and we will too. Big hugs and tons of love. :)

  16. Fixed? Awesome. Let's hope it stays that way! Now about your coffee, tell me about it. I might be able to skinny it up.

  17. Bee, Glad you had a good day with your friends. I just hate when I remember something at the last minute:):) Good thing you thought about the comcast guys before you got all wet. Well yes, hooray for tthe cable finally getting fixed.:):) xo, Susie

  18. Ciao!!!

    Glad that your MJ happy hour was so nice at the other Condo's!
    I hope the Comcast has definitively solved the problem!
    Glad that the weather is better, and I hope you have pool today!

    ig hugs!

  19. So glad your cable is fixed, wooo hooo!! We saw a bit of Isaac today, took our power out at the bank around 3pm. All is good here at home so far though, so that makes me happy. I remembered to bring my umbrella in with me in case it is pouring tomorrow. They are saying now that we will only get an inch or two. Have I said I cruise next month, well I do and that is totally TITS?

    Big Hugs,



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