Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday - and I'm off today!

Hey!  I heard that!  Not that kind of off.  And it's Friday the 13th too.  Usually something good happens to me on this date.  We'll see.  Is it a lucky day for you too?  I hope so.  Since I don't play cards on Friday I wonder if I should buy a lotto ticket?  Naw... I never do.  I actually figure I'm a winner for not spending all those dollars for all those years.

I have some errands today, I don't go out in the car much and this will be two days in a row.  I want to go back to the fruitstand and get some more tomatoes and fruit and bank stuff and maybe lunch with the duck if he's not too busy at lunchtime and then home for some pool time.  I have it all planned out already.  And if it's not a rainy time I might get the car washed too, it is really dirty.  We get the salt air here and it gets slimy like when it's windy.  Not okra slimy though.  Just salt spray slimy.

I had two people piss me off yesterday and I really don't get pissed off easily.  The first one is just a negative nellie, always sees the worst, never the best.  I just can't listen to that kind of talk.  I asked her to change the subject several times and then got up and left.  Then when I got home and got in the elevator this guy gets in that is usually at the pool and asks me if I swam today.  I said no, I played cards.  He starts telling me how I don't want to swim, I should have gone, blah blah blah.  What the??  How is this his business.  I don't even know his name ffs.  

Okay, enough complaining, sorry.  I'm not going to get upset about anything today.  It's the 13th and I shall have fun.  I hope you do too!


  1. Every time I hear the name negative nellie it cracks me up... Nellie was my mother in laws name and this description fits her perfectly.
    Made my life hell.

    Oh well some people know it all and have to tell you they know it all. Just think whoever he is he has no where near the friends you do.... so he has to be so helpful with his knowledge.
    Or he is just a big fat jerk.

    Have a great Friday....
    The Square Ones send woofs

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Oh I hate negative nellies! Hope everything goes to plan for you today Bee. x

  3. Only sunshine-y folks allowed in our space! Have a great one. I sure will.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. You didn't mention BB? Hope you didn't miss it! Maybe you wrote this before 9pm.
    Enjoy the pool - I will too except the one I will be in will be full of 4 grandchildren and some of their friends and their parents.

  5. The guy in the elevator cracked me up for some reason. I think I'd have probably blinked a couple of times and busted out laughing. That's my current way of dealing with annoying people. I laugh at them. Sometimes I laugh at them in an 'Aunt Bee' kind of laugh... It steals their thunder when they don't get their intended reaction and laughing just feels better to me. =:D

    Have a lucky, YAYful day! Big hugs xoxo

  6. I have some debbie downers and negative nellies in my life and I try to avoid them! Hope your day is great!

  7. Buongiorno!
    I hope yoy have a lovely Friday off, that your plans, including lunch with duck, will be real!
    Friday the happens what has to happen, I hope that the normalcy is coming...

    Big hugs, honey!

  8. People are crazy! Just smile and say "that's nice" (you do know that joke, right?) and make them wonder. Hope you have a great Friday the 13th.

  9. Enjoy your happy Friday!
    Fuzzy hugs

  10. Yes Bee, something great happened on the 13th. I married a wonderful woman. Today is our anniversary and we're going for the weekend to enjoy our anniversary. 38 years of wonderful, well most of it was wonderful. My stroke wasn't wonderful for the both of us but everything else was great.


  11. The 13th kind of freaks me out, even the non Friday ones....just reminds me just how close the wedding is. Today-three months out. Yikes!

  12. Negative people can suck all the energy out of a room! I will only spend time with people who are FUN!
    The end.

  13. Yes negative people take the breath right out of me. Had one that I used to visit, but with all her negative energy I just had to disengage. How do people get that miserable? Never mind as I don't really want to know.

    Now for the guy? Sometimes men just want to fix everything. It's what they do and some just can't help themselves. Or they think they know everything. Or they are just jerks. I think this one falls into the jerk category.

    Have a terrific day off honey. Big hugs. :)

  14. If I ever get that way, kick me in the pants. Deal?

    It's thundering here. I hope it passes before the farmer's market opens. I don't want to get struck by lightning. Now that would be a major kick in the pants! Oy!

  15. Bee,
    I know what you mean about negative people...what downers. who needs it. I honestly try to find some happiness everyday. Life is too short be grumpy. Hope you had fun today inspite of grumps. I will show somethings I got at the flea market tomorrow. xoxo,Susie

  16. Hi Bee! Your stranger friend checking in. Running two blogs in addition to my good old personal one is crazier than I thought.

    Sorry you had to deal with those crabby asses. Negative Nellies are no fun, ever. The glass is always half full for them. Or something like that.

    So, what's your favorite flavor frozen yogurt? I used to love peach. It was Crowley, I think. In a silver carton.

    Now I'm mostly into ice cream that has some sort of chocolate involved. Gotta have that chocolate!

    Hope the 13th was a lucky day for you.

  17. So is this guy keeping tabs on your pool time or something? None of his danged business and you sure don't need him around when you're at the pool! Oh ... maybe he's a stalker and didn't see you at the pool so was wondering when you'd be back ... Ew!

    Hope you had a lovely Friday and were able to have lunch with the Duck and get your errands done. I had a lot of running around to today and can't believe it's after 9:00 already. How did that happen?? My days off just go by way too fast!


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