Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday stuff and other stuff...

Well I had a great day at MahJong yesterday, got two dots too!  (We put a dot on our card next to a hand we have not made this year yet.)  I have fifteen dots now.  The year starts in April for some reason and we only play once a week so that's pretty good really.  Of course when you make a hand more than once you don't get more dots.

When I got home I had an email from someone called "sexy single" wanting to "get laid".  My word.  Can't a 65 year old woman have any control over these emails?  It was obviously a mass mailing but it made my stomach lurch.  Sickos.  

That reminds me.  We had a nice young handsome weather man here some years back that "came out" and then got in some trouble and was no longer the weather man.  Suddenly.  Well now I hear on the news (with live photos) that he was arrested for having sex with two young teen boys he met on Craig's List.  He won't be out for a long time.  What a shame.  I really liked him too.  Now I just want to slap him a good one.  A really good one.

Are you going to watch Big Brother tonight?  You know I am.  I hope there are some likable people this time.  Someone that you want to win.  But probably not, well not if they are anything like the past few seasons but I'll watch anyway.  Just because.

This morning I have the first part of my annual physical.  Dr. Wacks is nothing if not thorough.  This part is the fasting blood work and the ekg and that kind of stuff and then in a week and a half I have the rest of it.  Then we'll discuss how much more weight I need to lose to be done and go on maintenance.  I have a feeling his number will be lower than mine but we'll compromise.

Then I have canasta in the afternoon.  My favorite canasta game of the week.  The gal that is having memory problems does not play in this game.  It's getting rough but we are still playing with her.

Hope your day is lovely and bright.  I know mine will be...


  1. Hi Bee :)
    What a terrible shame about that weatherman!! YUCK! This happens way to much but our world is disgusting, twisted and sick. Hope you have a great day, hugs!

  2. I just wish everyone would keep their sexual business to themselves. I get so tired of it.... Men and women who abuse our little ones just need to go away - a croc invested island or something!

  3. For some reason I'm having problems commenting. If I make an error and try to go back the cursor gets stuck, so it looks likei'm not reading your full post. I do, really...

  4. Buongiorno!

    Very disgusting!
    I know that you like Big Brother, I did watch it sometimes, years ago, but it was so boring, no activity, no working really or intellectually...months long!!!
    Now I watch some old films, generally thrillers...
    Our sky looks like yours...but the temp is higher, I guess!
    Have a lovely canasta day!

    Big hugs!

  5. Sickos times two; the email and the weatherman. Ack.

    Yesterday I started my healthy eating plan... since vacation is over! Actually, all I had yesterday was a Wendy's Berry Chicken salad for supper and a bag of chocolate chip cookies and coffee on the plane and a burger for lunch... so maybe not so healthy yesterday. :)

    I've got to get to the grocery store soon! And my cat sitter didn't vacuum while I was gone so my house is in dire need of a good cleaning! It's piper paying time! Oy!

    Enjoy your canasta! big hugs xoxo

  6. I can't understand the mentality of the people who send those emails, have they no life????

    Hope your annual physical goes well Bee. x

  7. Big Brother is one of my favourite show during the year so I'll be watching it tonight.
    Tomorrow is our anniversary, 38 years and I'm taking Mary Lou for special weekend of rest and relaxation. The 13th is my favouite number and isn't great that it's on a Friday. Ha,ha,ha.
    See you on Sunday Bee.


  8. I agree that our sex life is private. All of it. I don't care if you're gay...keep that to yourself. I don't want to have a conversation about it with you. If you are addicted to sex...keep that to yourself. I don't want to have a conversation about it with you. Well you get the idea.

    I'm sure Dr. Wacks is going to be happy with you. I'm sure of it.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from HOT California. :)

  9. Do you get a prize for getting all the dots filled out? I am so tired of all that spam email crap. As for the weatherman, earthly punishment won't come close to what's waiting for him in the hereafter. Just sayin.

  10. I read that story about the weather pervert. People can be disgusting! Jean(ie) may be wrong about his earthly punishment. Prison can be tough for pedophiles. I believe he'll learn a lesson or two there.

  11. Bee, I agree with Barb... sickos. LOL It's so hard to believe people are that kooky. I say let's all be nice and leave others alone. Have fun at your games. Wishing you good reports on your drs. appointments. xo, Susie

  12. Bee we had a weather man like that here also. No kids involved, but someone did die at his house, don't know where he is now.

    I know the doctor is going to be pleases as punch with how you are doing. Keep doing it, it's working and you look so beautiful and healthy.

    Big Hugs,


  13. I never got around to doing a blog today, and am just now getting around to reading. Bugger. Hope you got good news today...and no more smutty emails.

    Big hugs, honey...


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