Saturday, August 15, 2015

Well I got beat up yesterday by the great Andre' followed by my visit to the great Dr Wacks where he beat me up about gaining seven pounds.  I have to go back in 60 days and those pounds had better be gone, never mind that there is a cruise in the middle of it either.  Truthfully I really don't think I can exercise more that I already do so that means putting down the fork.  Period.  There is simply no way around it.

I shall give it my best go and will restock the pantry this weekend with the foods I used to eat.  I have let other things ease their way back into my life and they must be banished from the house.  If it isn't here I can't eat it.

So that was pretty much my day y'all.  Hope yours was great.  Mine actually was, I'm just venting a bit.

Have a lovely Saturday and weekend.  I shall too, whatever I decide to do!


  1. Bee, Could it be muscle weight? I always heard when you build muscles you weigh more! I think you look wonderful!

  2. LIfe is tough my gorgeous friend. I'm having a same problem this summer. Last week I gained 4 pounds and after taking my grandchildren all over the place and eating different places I hope that I won't be gaining any more weight. Prayer to God. Go little at the time but as far as the cruise, you're on your own there Bee. Ha,ha,ha. You'll do OK. You are the strong one.
    Have a beautiful Saturday Bee. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  3. Get back on track--quickly. If I see 5# ease on my scales, I have to stop it right then, or the next thing I know it's 10#!!!! I actually have no self-discipline, LOL

  4. I am way of my healthy eating as my DH expects 3 big meals a day and that man can snack like nobody's business. And like an idiot I have benn eating bad stuff that is so good...

    Have a lovely day. xoxo

  5. Oh dear! Walk, walk, walk. Me, sitting...southbound to hawt SOWEGA.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Bee, I am right there with you. I work out like crazy, but I've been gaining weight because of bad food choices. It's not fair! But it will be just fine.

  7. Yep, eating out is dangerous for me. If hubby and I eat at home we eat healthy. When we go out we don't. It's not fair,but it's our reality.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥


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