Monday, July 13, 2015

Before I get into today's blog post let me say that yesterday's post where I called Kyle my boyfriend, I certainly hope the rest of you know he is not really my boyfriend, it's just a saying.  I got a personal email from someone saying the following:

Today is the last day I will look at your blog. You have gone over the top. Your late Husband who was a conservative and an  American Hero would surely not approve. 

Huh?  MY late husband?  The same one that never met a stranger?  Never cared what your color was, your religion, your sexual preference, your beliefs?  THAT late husband?  Come on!  Get a life and let me live mine please.  I am doing NOTHING wrong.  I have some gay friends.  Period.  I LOVE them to pieces and would do anything for them.  If you choose not to read my blog I really could give a fat rat's ass less sir.  I am not posting your name although I do know who and where you are.  My program tells me that.

Now moving on to something fun:

This show was SO funny.  And SO true.  It's going to go on Off Broadway beginning in October and I highly recommend it.  

We had a fabulous day, the four of us.  Two gals couldn't go and we were sorry about that, they missed a great time.

Today is very busy for me.  I have a doctor's appointment this morning with Dr. Pinsky to check my face and then Andre' in the afternoon and in the evening I have a fund raiser at Shout (a karaoke bar) for one of my many GAY friends that has cancer.  (I capitalized that in case my angry ex-reader is looking, I want him to know that I believe we are all people made by our creator and we are all equal.  Well except some of us are assholes and some aren't.)

Sorry for my sounding off today and my language (although honestly in real life sometimes I get even worse than that).  (And I usually don't litter either.)  Today I am certainly not...

(Tomorrow may be another story, my WCK may be here.  If he is, well, hang on to your hats.  Things are getting spicy around this neck of the woods.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  It all depends on whether you choose to believe me or not! lol)


  1. Well except some of us are assholes and some aren't. bahahahaha!! I saw something on Facebook the other day that might help you forgive ths person... "Forgiving you means I no longer dwell on what a giant asshole you are. It doesn't mean you're no longer a giant asshole."

    See? Doesn't that feel better?

    Great big ginormous hugs hon! xoxoxo

  2. Some people ...are best forgotten. Have fun with your friends and don't worry a bit about misinformed opinions.

  3. Your spirit gives me faith in the future of women! You go girl!!! Ignore the trolls, who make it their business to invade blogs for their own personal satisfaction.

  4. Wow, I can't believe some people. Of course, most of us know that Kyle is not your boyfriend. But I learned a long time ago that people often put their own, twisted spin on the things we write and a few times that has left me scratching my head and asking, "Is it their problem reading or my problem write?" My husband never met a stranger either and I've got to tell you I'm SO jealous that you've got a posse of gay guy in your life. They make the best friends when they know they are accepted just the way they are.

  5. Ryan and Kyle probably view you as a fun grandma to have in their lives. No problem with that. Enjoy!

  6. Way to go girl. Give them s**t I say. Whomever that person is, has no love for people. God made us as himself, and that's everyone. including Italians ( that's me ), Australians, Indians, Muslims, British, gays and whomever. I like you when your spicy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Keep on going your sexy, gorgeous lady.
    Have an exciting, wonderful Monday. See ya Bee.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. Good grief. Doesn't this person get GAY? He's a friend for goodness sake. Age aside, if he was your age he still wouldn't be into you as a partner. Friends and I so get this friend part. The web is filled with people telling you what you should or shouldn't do. You get to decide what you will or won't do.

    You live your life and have fun. That's what you are doing and that's what you should continue to do.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. After looking at hot Kyle's photo with those gorgeous blue eyes, I'd like him for a boyfriend too! Or a friend! Whatever.
    Gay, schmay. What matters is that you are out enjoying life and being treated well.

    Ignorant blog comments are always hurtful, although when you consider the jealous pettiness of the source, they shouldn't be!

  9. Miss Bee you are so fun! We love you!!!

  10. Bee I almost spit my water out when I read that reply from a reader! OMG!! It had to be someone that just started reading your blog - otherwise, he would have known that Kyle is Gay. Not that that should matter, straight and young, gay and young, whatever he is a friend of yours!!! You do not and should not have to explain to anybody! Sarge probably saw that reply and laughed that someone could be that ignorant! Keep on doing what you do and have fun doing it! I love reading your blog!

  11. Bee, You make me laugh..I too get riled at times. I have told you before that I think Sarge would be so very proud of you....for taking control of your health and your life..choose your own friends, enjoy life. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. You stated that you had a GAY boyfriend. Does he think you are a guy? Sheesh. Some people are entirely dense. Don't fret.

    Big hugs, honey...

  13. Ummm. I bet Sarge would have loved him. He was good man and a lover of all kinds of glad you're living life for you and not public opinion.

  14. Oh Please, what a sanctimonious asshole !
    You go girlfriend.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. Thanks Bee for being the loving great lady I have come to admire. God bless.


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