Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yesterday I got my hair done and she told me I had an "old lady" hairdo and did this.  I know the photo isn't good but you can see the hair.  Thoughts?  It would take some getting used to but I might like it.  It's sure easy when you start with curly hair like I do.  Plus I didn't get a haircut so I can always go back to what it was if I want.  You should have seen me trying to take a photo of the back of my head!  Too funny!  D#1 said she likes it.

So do you remember a while back I told you I was smiling and would reveal why at a later time?  Well I guess that's now because it's not happening.  I thought I found someone that I could really like but now I'm not so sure.  I think I might have found a "fake".  Too bad.  (By the way, the duck told me that on day one but I didn't believe him.  Smart guy, that son of mine.)  Okay, moving on...

You know you wouldn't think it would be this hard to meet someone to go out with and have some fun.  Don't really want to get too serious but I would love to have some fun, see some shows, even dance a bit again.  I guess that might be why I cruise so much, there is so much fun going on there all the time and if you don't like where you are you can just walk 50 feet and be somewhere else!  

It's cold here today.  Really cold.  High of about 70 and low in the 40's.  Boy howdy that's going to cool off that lovely pool now isn't it?  Buggers.

So have a great Sunday y'all.  I'll be with the duck and loving that for sure!  And not swimming either!


  1. What a beautiful style on you. Especially if she keeps it light around your face like she did.
    Keep it for awhile and if you don't like it, you can cut it.
    My hair is thin and fine but because of the drugs I take ... it seems thinner. After I wash my hair by the time I get out of the shower it is dry. hahahahahaha.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I like it but that might be because my hair does that all by itself. I wash it, put in a little hair product and I end up looking like Shirley Temple. I used to blow dry it out but decided about 3 years ago that if God gave me this he must have done it for a reason. It's also very easy to take care of. I wear it a bit shorter than yours. I agree that you should wear a younger style especially now that you have that new body. As for your other problem there are gentlemen out there that would consider you to be a sugar Momma. You seem to be a smart woman, go with your gut. Sorry this person wasn't someone to just enjoy spending time with.

  3. It's always fun to try new styles! I like this very much because it's softer around your face and highlights your eyes. There is an incredible website where you upload a picture of your face, and you can "try on" different styles and colors. I think it's
    Yeah, the guy thing is kind of dicey. I knew my current husband when my former husband died. We had all been friends, so I already knew his kids, etc. I was lucky. I'm a firm believer that if it's meant to happen, - it will!!'

  4. Love your hair !


  5. Love your hair. Easy is always best.

    That Duck is line our Amy. She could always spot a fake in Brian's dates. And she let him know pronto.

    Big hugs from lovely Lisbon, honey...

  6. Love the bouncy curls. It suits you very well!

    I am good at sizing people up. First impressions for me are always hard to shake, and usually pan out. The rub is that I am much better when it's for somebody else though. For instance, I refused to recognise what my instincts told me about my husband but completely embraced my onstincts on 2 of my brother-in-laws the first 2 minutes of meeting them. I am sorry things didn't work out... this time. You just keep doing what you truly love and you will meet someone who also truly loves it! And you. ;)

    big hugs xoxo

    I copy & pasted this comment... just in case blogger buggers off.

  7. I like the hairdo but it looks hard to keep up.

    Meeting a man who just wants to go out and have fun without getting serious won't be easy in our age bracket. Maybe that's why so some go for younger guys?

  8. I really like your hair. It's blonde and I like blondes. Sorry about that guy but you still have us. When are you going on your next cruise? Carnival received my cheque the other day and we're good to go. It's just waiting so long to go. My goodness, it's so cold where you live. I'm so sorry that it's in the 70's. We're warming up in the low 50's and at night it's in the high 20's. Ha,ha,ha. Sorry about that I had to do that. Have a great day with the Duck. See ya my lovely friend.


  9. Your hair rocks Miss Bee. Just beautiful and youthful. Matches your gorgeous body and personality. Re. the 'guy'. It's going to take someone very, very special to deserve spending time with you. VERY special. Continue having fun, living a BIG life and if he is out there, and deserving, your paths will cross.

  10. Love the curls. Sexy! Ya know, Bee, you had fun for a while. Something else will come along. Have faith. Big hugs. What counts is that you're putting life to your years. Glad you too the chance.

  11. Miss Bee you always look beautiful. I'm glad you spotted a fake! You are a wise smart woman and I know you will know when it's right for you!

  12. I love your new haircut. It's awesome and so young looking.

    I'm sorry that you had a fake. How did you find out? I'm so sorry. So, so sorry. I was sure hoping, but you already know that.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  13. Love the hair, you are rocking it!

  14. Dear Bee,
    Your hair looks absolutely darling that way, and it is a wonderful update! It suits you and I hope you love it and keep it!
    (big hugs)

  15. It's too bad when you find out someone isn't the person you thought they were.
    Chuck obviously spotted it fast, good for him!

    It hurts when you get disappointed or are disillusioned.
    On the other hand, it is good you figured it out now without wasting any more of your time.
    check out
    It is wonderful about things like this.


  16. That's a nice hair style. You wear it well. Very contemporary. :)


  17. Love the new hairdo! If the Duck says the guy is a fake and you think he is, he probably is. That's a shame but better to find out now. Hang in there!

  18. Love your hair!!! It's so pretty!! And FYI, you deserve the best and NO less! So, don't settle for someone who isn't real!!! Kris in Baltimore

  19. I love the new do! And I'm sorry you had to kiss a frog, but I guess it doesn't matter if you're young or old as long as you recognize it's a frog and are open to the real thing. Of course you want to dance! You have many friends who support you.

  20. I think it is beautiful. So soft, bouncy. But I have to disagree with the lady, you did NOT have an "old lady" hairdo. No way.

  21. Bee, You sure have a beautiful head of hair. Listen to your son. :):) I understand what you mean...just a fun friend to do things with no commitment. Just be you and stay smart. xoxo,Susie

  22. I think your hair looks amazing!

  23. Listen to you son--he can probably spot a fake a mile away. Maybe the fake thought he saw a "money tree"..or someone he thought would be grateful for his awesome company! HAH! You've got a lot to give, you deserve a lot smart.


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