Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday's Post

This is last night's sunset, it sure was lovely. I had fun at maj and had some good laughs with some great gals. Then I had dinner with another board member, she and I wanted to discuss some condo stuff. It was a very nice day.

Today I have canasta and then D#1 will be here when I get home or shortly thereafter and then we are going out to dinner with the mayor and his lovely wife. You know now when I say mayor you know it's of the pool, right?

I was asked about where I live yesterday in a comment. It's a gated community. There is a country club next door and a golf course. There used to be two courses and the club used to be much nicer. Times change. Anyway Andre' and the gym are in the club and the pool is at the condo. The card room is in the club too and there is also one in the condo. I should take photos.

There is something lovely happening in my world that I am not quite ready to talk about yet but trust me, I am smiling these days. And then there is that cruise coming right up too, I am really looking forward to that. I actually decided I like going alone too!

Here is hoping you are smiling as much as I am...


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  1. Sounds like we need to talk girlfriend.
    Don't keep us all waiting too long.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Hm-mm. D.D.S. comes to my mind :-)

  3. Sounds like you've got almost everything you need where you live. That's wonderful! And what you don't have...well with a little girlfriend talk we might all find out you're on the trail to getting the rest of what you need to make you happy. You are good at cliff-hangers, did you know that.

  4. squeeeeee!!! I am looking at a cruise coming up soon, too. I hope to have it booked by the weekend, once I decide on a date and where. Isn't it lovely?

    Have a nice visit with D#1. I have my dentist this morning. It's not nearly so exciting for me to see my dentist as it is for you... although my mouth will eventually be happier. Plus? I surely do not get the Miss Bee discount!

    big hugs, dear one! xoxo

  5. Hee ,Hee,Hee. Something is rockin in Mis behavin's world. I can't wait until you tell us about it. I wonder if I can figure it out.
    Enjoy your time with D#1 and don't worry about what you are eating for dinner, just enjoy it. I'm heading out to get some flowers for my mother's crypt and having a coffee with my friend Al. Have a fantastic day you gorgeous lady. See ya.


  6. Well, aren't you full of good news today. Makes me smile.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. I'm intrigued to know what's happening!

  8. I can't wait to find out what wonderful thing is happening. I'm hoping my guess is right. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  9. Ciao Bee..h...

    Your post is so positively light and happy...and this is fantastic, body and mind are just perfect...enjoy it....time is ripe!

    Big hugs for you and D#1

  10. I've got my fingers crossed for what I think it is. I can't wait to find out.

  11. Hmmm… sounds interesting. Can't wait for the disclosure! xoxo

  12. So excited to hear about the news you might be sharing with us soon. I am too working on making everyday a good day. It's hard at times, with difficult decisions, but I will keep on keeping on until I get there. Big Hugs, Bobbi

  13. Bee,

    So glad to hear that you are happy. I can hear the sparkle in your world!


  14. You always leave your blog readers wanting more, which is the mark of a good writer. You know we will keep coming back every day to read about your adventures!


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