Thursday, October 2, 2014

A lesson...

A quick lesson I learned today and want to pass along to you. Do not go anywhere without your camera. Not even to lunch...

Here's what happened - I decided I had worked out so hard and taken the steps so much that I would treat myself to pizza for lunch. I still had on my bathing suit with a pair of shorts on over it and I put my key card in my pocket and nothing else and headed for the Lido deck.

I ordered my pizza and saw an old friend, the ship's engineer back there and he said to come eat with him so I got my diet coke and followed him to a large booth where - are you ready - I sat next to the Captain for better than hour chatting and laughing and looking at photos on his phone and talking about all the ships and me with no camera!

He is so amazing, talked about his family, apologized for not having a dinner this cruise, there are 56 diamonds so it's a cocktail party instead.

Finally I said I should be going because I knew how busy he is and we all parted.

So, like I said, take your camera! You have been warned. I learned the hard way!


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  1. Well there you go. Good lesson to learn and you learned this one the hard way.

    Have a fabulous rest of the day. ♥♥♥

  2. Lucky you !
    But you were in the moment and enjoyed your lunch.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I almost took my 'real' camera out of my purse yesterday, and am so glad I didn't. I got to get photos of Jason soloing in the plane today! So proud of him. I know the captain enjoyed visiting with you. Bugger to no camera. Be prepared!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. What is the criteria for being a diamond traveler with Carnival? I want to know if that is something I should put on my Bucket List. LOL

  5. Give me a break Bee, sitting for lunch with the captain and he apologize to you for not being able to have dinner this time. WOW, UNBELIEVABLE. I may never be able to sit with you or near you again. I guess I'm not worthy to be near the Empress Bee because I'm darn well sure that I could never be even near the captain. Ha,ha,ha. You are a very special lady. Maybe if possible, I'll even be able to speak to the wonderful Empress if time allows it. LOL
    Forget the fun & games for a moment, I'm impressed with how much fun you've had this cruise and of course the way that you were treated. You really are a queen. See you when you arrive home Bee.

    Down to earth Paul

  6. You had lunch with the Captain? Cool! I bet that was tons of fun! So often we forget that these folks have families back home and are gone for months at a time. Bless them. They work so hard to make us happy.

  7. What fun! Even without a camera. :-)

    Just think of the posts you could put on your blog everyday, living on a ship!!

  9. Bee, what a fabulous cruise you are having!

  10. Bee, They know who the star is on the ship.:):) You are right, take that camera. What a fun time you are having. xoxo,Susie

  11. I always always always have my phone. Always. The end.

    big hugs xoxo


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