Sunday, September 7, 2014

Well the raccoon either can't read or isn't afraid of the alligator because he's back.  The bugger.  So the pool was closed again yesterday.  It rained anyway, stormed actually.  

My Facebook page now has ads for tattoo removals.  I have no idea why.  I have never had a tattoo.  I would never have a tattoo.  I simply cannot stomach the things.  I know they are popular with some but not with me, ever.  

I guess it's just like I won't drive a Japanese car.  Ever.  Family and steel mills and all that stuff.  We all have our quirks I guess.  But back to Facebook, get a life Facebook.  Give me some ads for cute shoes or pink hats or stuff I actually like or save your time and energy.

And I found my pink suitcase!  I bought it online.  It's the small one I wanted.  It's all I need.  I don't check it, just take it right to the cabin and unpack and head to the Lido for lunch and D for done.  It'll be here in a few days.  I love to let my fingers do the walking.  I can't imagine it's under 4 pounds but that's what it says.  Perfect.

So I might actually be done buying stuff.  For now.  Naw.  I guess not.  There is a whole world of stuff out there and I like lots of it.  I'll try to slow down at least now though.

Have a great Sunday y'all.  I will too.  I'll be out with the duck!


  1. Adore the pink suitcase !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Stupid Facebook ads! I don't even look at them, they just annoy me. Love that pink suitcase, though. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. I just love your piece of pink luggage. Now all that is to be bought is a pink Swimsuit. Now that would be something else. I'd like to see that. Maybe I'll buy a man's pink swim trunks and then you and I can swim pinkly in the water. What do you think Bee?
    Facebook, I'm not a member of Facebook and probably will never be in it Have a good lunch with the Duck. Enjoy your day my gorgeous friend. See ya.


  4. Bee, They will have to trap the raccoon and release it in a wooded area. Or slip it a micky.:):) The neighbors around here trap them with marshmellows. I do not like tattoos either. People need to realize their skins ages and then the tats are dull . Ted's daughter got a tweedy bird on the upper part of her breast....Ted told her it would be big bird when she was older. LOL. Yuck. Love the pink case. I hope I can pack my little carry on as well as you did your case. xoxo,Susie

  5. You and I think the exact, same way about tattoos and buying foreign built cars. Can you image what some of those tattoos are going to look like when their owners get in the 80s and their skin starts to sag?

    Love you suitcase. It suits you perfectly.

  6. Love the suitcase too. You could find that in a sea of suitcases. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  7. Oh, I do love that fake 'gator they put out---how funny! They need to put out a live trap with some meat inside. Trap him and take him out to the woods and release him.

  8. That suitcase is adorable. Fits you perfectly. I agree on the tats. Do NOT like, but that's just me.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. I think raccoons are too smart to be fooled by a fake alligator. Love the new suitcase and I know you will too.


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