Saturday, September 6, 2014

Get your pink on!

Okay here it is.  Feather and all.  And the shirt I am wearing with my pink or white jeans (not sure which yet) and pink sandals.  Too much?  Never!  I will, however, have to wear something over that shirt. I have to get my yee haw on for that one.  

Here is what I found and ordered to wear over the shirt.  Now if I lived anywhere else  but South Florida I would NOT wear white jeans in October but here is really is okay and I think they would be better.  Your thoughts?  

Andre' said to me "You're going to be so sorry." when I went into the gym yesterday, he tried hard to get the best of me but I did it all.

This was 50 crunches with weights.  I had to bring them over my head and towards the floor behind me and then to my knees.  It was hard.  Then a mess of other stuff.  A whole mess of stuff.  But I did it all.

When I got done and went to the pool and then got my shower I got my jammies on and didn't go shopping.  I was wiped out by that time, believe me.  I mean wiped out with a capital Wiped.  So the pink suitcase will have to wait for another day.

So it's the weekend y'all.  Make it a good one okay?  I will too!


  1. Yeah--go with your white jeans. No one cares about that old custom anymore anyway--except up north here. I changed out my purse this morning...back to my black for winter.


  2. I like all your pink. That color will look great on you.
    Here in the Southwest we really don't pay to much attention to no white after Labor Day.
    But a big NO to patten leather white shoes all the time !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I know you are big on that whole no white aftet Labor Day thang but I love white 365 days a year. Strappy and cute little tanks and me don't get along. On account of Cooper's Droop. Bugger.

    Think Pink, baby! big hugs xoxo

  4. Lovin' all the pink! You will look wonderful whether you go with white jeans or pink. (I am leaning toward the pink, myself.). I don't blame you fir skipping the shopping after that workout! Wow! Relax and enjoy the weekend, I know you will. Hugs!

  5. Tropical places allow for the bending of the white rule. Either white or pink would be great for your outfit. And that shirt. The end.

    Chill out today. Big hugs, honey...

  6. I love everything, the pink cowboy hat, the feather the pink shirt and far as the white jeans are fantastic. You go girl. You are hotter then ever. You now have to get that piece of pink luggage. You just have to get it. You showed Andre what your made up of, power & strength with a little bit of pink. Now rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend or whatever you want. See ya,


  7. A fashion guy on TV that other day said the no white in the winter rule is out. I think in tropical places, especial, it's just fine all year around. Up here in snow land we'd never see people in white and run them over. LOL

    I love that you gear your wardrobe around the color pink. I started doing the same thing around the color purple because I really look good in that color and it makes it easier shopping.

  8. Bee, I love white, but I have never worn white pants after Labor Day...I know that is crazy. But when you live in the sunshine state, you can wear white all year. Yesterday, I shopped and bought 3 black tops, black flats and one top of caramel color. Hey there's my winter wardrobe...isn't that sad? I have been thinking of having more black with pops of color. :) You know you can do all the workout because you are a much stronger person now. You are working on your core strength. Proud of you Bee. B;lessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Bee, All I can say is you are my idol! You have much more energy than I have ever had. Your pink hat is so cute and I hope we get to see a picture in your outfit!


  10. I say wear whatever color you want too. If it's still hot then white is fine. That's what I think.

    Good on your workout. You rock and then some.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  11. Suhweet outfit! I LOVE it!!!!
    Makes my big floppy khaki Costco hat look dorky. Might have to do some magic in my sewing room today. Hmmm....

  12. Amazon has lots of pink carry-on luggage. The one I like best is pink with white polka dots all over it.

  13. Love that picture! And I spied your boyfriend nearby too! Lol.


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