Monday, September 22, 2014

Today is Monday, a whole new week awaits us with a plethora of amazing possibilities!  This morning I am having my (now annual) mammogram and I am having the new kind.  My center now has 3-D mammography.  I have not had this yet, it is new here.  I usually have to have 12 or more views on each side and hopefully this will cut down on that.  At least I only have to do it once a year now.  I also have to get my annual chest xray too.

So yesterday the duck and I $hitcanned ATT!  We went with T-mobile and ordered our new iPhone6's which will be delivered in about 5 days.  Then we will switch service to T-mobile at that time.  It's cheaper, more service, more data, and free data for the iPad.  Can you say bye bye ATT, I have been with them since the early 80's with the earliest of cell phones and they just ticked me off for the last time.  Wish me luck!

One week until cruise time.  By myself.  But I'll be fine.  I will know people on the ship, not passengers but crew and officers and entertainment people and I'll meet people.  I also don't mind spending lots of time on my balcony just watching the ocean go by and then going all over the ship at night.

Have a wonderful week y'all.  I sure will too.  I still have d#1!


  1. I have been thinking about T-Mobile so I will be waiting to hear what you think of them after you've had them a month or two. So DO let us know. I too have also had AT&T cell service since the cell phones were about as big as they almost are now. hahahaha!

    have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  2. I had a hard time leaving AT&T behind because we'd had them since the 1950s when they first put the lines down the street but their service was getting so bad and expensive. Now that it's done, I couldn't be happier. Have a good day!

  3. Plethora, wow where did you get that word. Dah, in your brain I think. Ha,ha,ha. You've always been a brilliant woman Bee. Mary Lou is still trying to learn our cell phone, me maybe she'll let me play with it someday . LOL. I still miss the old phones. At least I knew what the heck I was doing then.
    Have a wonderful day my brilliant and gorgeous friend. See ya.


    PS. Looking forward to your cruise

  4. Good for you kicking AT&T to the curb. Believe me I have thought about it. Don't have quite as much choice here, though. Enjoy having D#1 with you, swimming, and getting ready to CRUISE! The hotel where we stayed over the weekend had a lovely heated indoor pool and I took full advantage of it Saturday afternoon while others shopped. Thought of you as I walked laps!

  5. Yes it's a new week. We've had a great weekend with our granddaughter and her man Andrew. They boated all over the place and we shared great meals together. Glad you had a great time with the Duck.

    Enjoy your week and pretty soon you'll be boarding the ship. Make sure you get that pedicure. You know if you take Roche you won't be going alone.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  6. Had T-Moblie for a year, but up here the coverage was no good - lots of dropped calls. Now we have Verizon and I can talk in the elevator at work! Good Luck :)

  7. Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous Monday!

  8. I have T-Mpbile. They are HQ'd in Seattle. My coverage is decent, but not like Verizon. But then we went for the cheaper plan. So we have what we need. I like that they are no contract. We dumped Sprint for them.

    I'm excited you get to cruise soon. That means piano bar bee-tini time. And lots of guy-watching. Ya know, some of those young crew members are eye candy! (wink). Not that we'd do anything, but we should surround ourselves with beauty!

  9. Bee, Honestly, some of these companies better wake up...they are losing loyal customers. I am about ready for those two cans with a string. LOL. Oh Bee, you could be the cruise director on the ship, you know how it goes. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Rosemary B here:
    Hi Bee. I love you dear. I am so busy. I finally found your blog again.
    I wish I could give you a big squeezy hug. You are so adorable and wonderful
    Love, Me

  11. Hi Bee! Do they have stores and cool shopping on the ship? Are they open at night? I've never been on cruise, and was curious about that. Sorry if it's a dumb question... :) Cate

  12. Bee, with a balcony, you truly are the empress of the ship. I spend so much time on ours, too. And I'll bet you get to eat at the captain's table again, too! It's a nice time of year for a cruise. Enjoy your week.

  13. Bee,

    Do tell....what was the last straw for AT&T? They are on a short leash with me too, but my location limits my options

    But you go girl - here's to changing bad habits!!

    Have fun on the cruise!


  14. Oh My Goodness Bee... I despise AT$T money money money and really bad service. I could not make a call to my daughter across town without several dropped call,. Plus they kept adding stuff on my bill then when I asked them to remove it they did but the charges stayed. AWFUL !
    Now I have T Mobil and I love it !
    My bill keeps going down and the service it wonderful.
    Good Luck hope they work for you.
    Plus calls in an elevator... oh please no !
    To much information I don't need to hear.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. But will T-mobile work in St. Thomas, etc.? I keep AT&T b/c of the world-wide coverage it provides. Sigh. Not a lot of wireless choices here in Mayberry. Dick has Verizon, so between the two of us, we have good service most everywhere we roam.

    Big hugs, honey...


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