Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just hangin' with the Captain here in the piano bar.  And don't ask him who's driving the boat, okay?  Seriously this was a lot of fun.

So Nutrisystem day one.  There is my food and add to that a banana and a big salad with lite dressing and sugar free jello and steamed broccoli.  So far it's not bad.  The lunch was a rice and beans thingy and the dinner was mac and cheese.  Both were good.  Since I got my plan from QVC I can call and talk to a counsellor whenever I want and I did call, she was very helpful.  If you get your food somewhere else I guess you can call but I don't know about that.

Today's word of the day is frippery.

1. finery in dress, especially when showy, gaudy, or the like. 
2. empty display; ostentation.

Here is my sentence:  Roche' thought long and hard about what to wear on formal night on the cruise and finally decided on his little tuxedo as it was the fripperiest thing he owned and he hoped the deck wasn't too frippery so he wouldn't fall down on his little backside because he was headed to the cake station and wanted to be sure to be first in line for his cupcake because he loves them so much and spotted a hawt looking cabin steward and wanted to take one to him and he thought the steward had frippery shoes on.  Y'all.

My unpacking is nearly done.  I still have some stuff to put away.  I did, however, do lots of exercise and other chores that needed done so I wasn't a total slug.

Oh, the dentist update, I nearly forgot that.  I am released from the surgeon to my regular dentist now.  And the second appointment?  They cancelled it because the dentist had to take his mom to the doctor, something was wrong.  I was happy to move the appointment anyway, two in one day was so dumb of me.  

Guess that's about all I know for now.  Hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!


  1. Now I want a pear! I haven't much luck with pears lately. I resorted to buying those little cups in their own juice.

    However did you get the Captain into the piano bar? You really are Queen of the ship!!! During my behind the scenes tour of the ship I found out that absolutely every officer on the bridge are in fact Captains. So you were just fine and dandy while the Captain was in the PB. ;)

    big hugs xoxo

  2. OK. So I was just looking on QVC's website and it tuens out that there are elebenty seven plans now. Which one did you order?

  3. Barb just stopped me from madly dashing over to QVC! I'll check back and see what you tell her...
    Hope you like it... My thyroid is still way under par - w-a-y low. And my middle is getting huge! I so admire you for sticking with it. I did well for about 8 years after surgery, but started really cheating and I'm paying the price. Ugh.

  4. Did you have to say "tits" today? Guess what I am doing? But all will be well. This food doesn't look bad at all, and that Roche looks mighty hawt.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. Frippery day to you Bee. You're going to own Carnival one day the way you keep going. Roche is looking pretty good. Did he get a great steward this cruise? Lucky you, one of the dentists cancelled. What a break. Well have a wonderful day my lovely friend. See ya.


  6. Bee, That is a great group photo. Oh, I know what you are saying about the dentist visits. I have one more this month. Then next month cleanings and x-rays, one of the yearly two. Yahoo, be done for a while. Hope you enjoy your day Bee. xoxo,Susie

  7. I'm glad your second dental appointment got moved. One in a day is quite enough! Good luck with the Nutrisystem stuff. And enjoy that pool - I know you will. SOON it will be warm enough here for some more pool time, yay! That is one of the only two things I like about summer - pool time and flowers.

  8. Oh, I guess there is one other good thing about summer - wearing comfy sandals. My toes are happier in sandals than in closed toe shoes.

  9. Well look at Roche. How adorable he is. He sure falls in and out of love often though. Perhaps he's having crushes and it's not really love. Bless his heart.

    Let us know how the new diet is going. I've heard of that one, but never tried their food.

    I'm glad you didn't have two appointments. On to the next stage in your beautiful smile.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to that pistol Roche. ♥♥♥


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