Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today is yet another gorgeous day where I will be inside a card room but it's a commitment so I shall honor it and go although I'd much rather be at the pool!

And today is brought to you by the letter "F" as in friends, Facebook, fun, fish, fabulous, furry, forever, fish oil!, feathers, Carnival the Funship, feasts, feisty, fashion, and fruit!  But not flies.  Or fleas.

So guess what?  It appears the IRS thinks I'm dead.  I had my tax return efiled and it was rejected yesterday because I have a dead person's ss#.  I didn't even know I was sick!  Rats.  I hate it when that happens.  But seriously now I have to go back and have it redone on Friday.

And not to worry, I called the SS office and they said I was alive and I did my annual free credit report for all three agencies and it all looks fine so I don't know what this is about.  And I had no withheld income tax so it wasn't that someone filed under my number to get a fake refund either so who knows?  Another government problem.

Guess that's all I know for today.  It's hard to know too much when your own government says you're a dead duck.  Buggers! Ha!  Anyway have a perfectly lovely day and I will too, dead or alive!


  1. Any chance the person who entered you return into the system typed in the wrong #?

  2. Ah yes, government snafus! I can't wait to see what kind of mess the health care will bring.
    Hope you can get it taken care of with your hair intact!
    And you're right: No flies or fleas!

  3. My SIL had someone take her Social Security number and that person used it for years before they died. She (my SIL) still has challenging issues arise from that where people think she's the fake!! Crazy.

    I saw good rumors about you over at Comedy Plus and came to wave hello. :)

  4. "I didn't even know I was sick!" cracked. me. up. You crack me up. What a hoot. Hopefully, the IRS snafu gets resolved quickly and simply. I'm only moderately cautiously optimistic. srsly.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  5. You are definitely alive and Fine! And that makes me happy.

    Enjoy your day and game. Big hugs, honey...

  6. I almost had a heart attack when you said you were dead. I was almost ready to send you flowers. Ha,ha,ha. How could such a thing like that happen especially with such a vibrant woman like you Bee. I guess the government screwed up again. All I know is that I'm so happy that you are still here. I wouldn't know what to do without you my gorgeous and caring friend. See ya Bee.


  7. Bee, My favorite "F" word not that one !!'s Family. Behave ! You are something else...I laughed about your statement about being dead...good grief, our government offices. I would have been very upset. LOL. Hope you kick butt at cards today. I know you will have fun, xoxo,Susie

  8. That is our lovely government at work for you. *sigh*

  9. Well you have fabulous in there so I'm happy. That was my first 'f' word I thought about you. So there.

    Sorry you're in the card room instead of the pool, but you'll enjoy the pool at some point.

    You're dead? Not. That's happened to people before. I hope you get this cleared up shortly. Bugger.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  10. I'm with Mr. Woodsterman, above: There would be some advantages to the IRS thinking I was dead.

    But, alas, I'm dead only between the ears.

    Maybe you're the victim of identify theft. I'm not as afraid of identity theft as most people seem to be. I always hope that the next guy will do better with my identity than I have....

  11. I'll bet you now have to pay a penalty because you didn't file your taxes on time! Gotta love the IRS. I am grateful for some of your Fs but also family and flocks of birdies. And fudge. Mmm.

  12. It is probably a simple mistake made by the tax preparer who filed your return. They must have made a typo when entering your SS # when they e-filed for you.

  13. "F" is for the freedoms that Sarge and so many others fought to give us. The End.

  14. Bugger, who's been writing your blog if you're dead??? ;)


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