Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well flitter, I did it again.  This was supposed to post at midnight but I hit the wrong button.  I definitely have to up the fish oil.

So I did finally go to the new Outlet Mall.  It was really very nice and clean and pristine and tons of shops.

Some are not open yet but many are.  There were lots of winding walkways full of many shops.  There were many shoppers, most dressed very nicely and many with bags of purchases.

And I bought - nothing.  I walked through every bit of it and went in lots of shops.  The workers were very nice too.  Very helpful but not pushy.  

I am very (very very!) glad to have it instead of the old dead Palm Beach Mall but I have one thing negative to say about it.  I know the trend is the new outdoor mall instead of the old indoor malls but folks, this is February and by the time I got done I was so hot I could barely walk to the car.  What will it be like in July?

There was also a large showy amount of security.  Cameras all over, (real) police, mall security, all of it all over.  Very friendly and comforting.  You see the old Palm Beach Mall had problems in the parking lots of robberies and they sure don't want that here.  Anyway the bottom line is I liked it.

Then I came home and ordered my things online like I usually do.  Even the shoes I love, the Clark's, I get online.  I went into the outlet store but didn't find any in my size.  Well any that I would wear anyway.  And here I have been waiting to buy stuff until I looked there first.

Today is canasta and I shall go sit in the card room while the sun is shining on my pool and it is 80°out there.  Oh, well, Friday is another day, right?

Have a great Thursday y'all.  I sure will too.  I promise!


  1. I remember the Palm Beach Mall--back in the day, it seemed like luxury to me, but it was inside and air conditioned and I was there in August, so I wouldn't want to visit this new mall in that month. Yikes!!

  2. Beyond stupid to have an outdoor mall in Florida.

    However, i commend you HIGHLY for not buying anything!

  3. When the outlet malls first opened they had lots of off season and over run items. Are they now stocked with everything the main stores have ? Maybe that is why they didn't have your size shoe ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Outdoor malls are becoming so popular here as well and it is just as crazy. It isn't the heat of summer that is the problem but the extreme cold of winter and trudging through the snow with winter coats and boots and then being too warm when in the stores. Whose brainwave was this???

    Your new mall does look lovely though and I know I would enjoy browsing through it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Hugs, Dee

  5. Indoor Malls... Outdoor Malls... Makes no difference to me I do not like mall shopping. I much prefer to let my fingers to the walking and avoid all the grrrrrrr that malls and traffic are to me.

    Although I do LOVE my Clarks.

    Have a perfect day. big hugs xoxo

  6. I agree with the outdoor mall thing. They opened this gorgeous shopping area by Gulfstream park. It is lovely in January but utterly disgusting and abandoned during the hot months. Don't developers realize that when you walk five feet in the heat you are just too hot and stinky to try on clothes?

    BTW, I saw your fb post last night while I was fading off. Congratulations to Duck on five years sober. I'm so happy that Sarge was able to see him succeeding and I'm certain that he is a source of joy to you now. I understand that getting and staying clean is the hardest thing that a person can do and the fact that he is not only living the life but helping others is absolutely amazing. you should be so proud of him.


  7. I went to the new Outlet Mall north of Atlanta in mid December on a cold, rainy day, and had a similar reaction to the "outside" concept. I expect mid July will be miserable there, too! I doubt I will be there to see it, though. Yay for online shopping! Have another great day today!

  8. Are you kidding me? An outdoor mall in the sun and heat. What happens when it rains? People get wet or don't go to the mall. Somebody wasn't thinking straight.
    Our Devonshire Mall is inside and has many different shops as well as the big companies. Now they have a Target which personally, I'm not impressed.
    It's warmed up here in Amherstburg. It's going to be about 45 degrees today but tomorrow goes back down to the 20's for about 10 days.. I HATE SNOW.
    Have a great fantastic day my wonderful, thoughtful, lovely, gorgeous and hot friend. See ya.


  9. I'm not a mall person either. Indoor or outdoor, but I would pick an indoor mall over an outdoor mall because of weather related issues. Just doesn't make sense to me. I'm glad you enjoyed your stroll.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  10. I looked at the store listing. Nice stores! I'd be at the Talbots and LeCreuset. Plus a couple shoe stores. I'm not much of a shopper though. It'll be good to stroll when the crowds are less.

  11. There is an outlet mall right before Palm Springs and let me tell you It is hot in summer but that mall is always full of people. They have even expanded it.
    I would think in Florida with such nice weather that would not be a problem. I mean really how many rainy days do you have ?
    I must prefer outdoor malls not so claustrophobic and noisy

    cheers, parsnip

  12. I went to the outlet mall this morning to try to find some dressy shoes for Saturday night. Did not buy a thing there. Pretty, but will be hawt in August.

    Big hugs, honey...

  13. What's crazy is the the outdoor mall has caught on here Oregon. Go figure, can't fix stupid.

  14. I order a lot online but I have just discovered two small boutiques (in two different towns) selling designer Italian clothes that I absolutely love so they will be seeing a lot of me. x

  15. I won't shop for clothes online, books I have no problem with though. I have trouble with clothes so I always need to try it on.


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