Saturday, January 25, 2014

It seems I was wrong, the Carnival Liberty does have the 2.0 upgrades, we were misinformed.  Nice.  But either way we were going, ha ha.

Yesterday I told Andre' that I was no longer sore after my workouts.  He said good, it was time to step them up!  More!  We started with fifty sit ups (not the kind you'd think but they are on a bench thingy.  FIFTY!  But you know what?  I did it.  Then I did the rest of the stuff too.  All of it.  If I don't drop flab now I don't know what else there is because I am eating good healthy food and exercising properly and enough of it too.  It's time for that scale to MOVE!  Either that or I might just toss it out.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with six other ladies and then we are going to a play.  We are going to a Thai restaurant and I can eat really healthy there, they cook it the way you order it fresh and it's really delicious.

I am not playing canasta today, three of the gals had a commitment so I get a day off until time to go out.  Tits!

Have a great Saturday y'all.  You know I will too.


  1. Keep going fitness girl! You may be building muscle which does weigh more than fat!

  2. FIFTY? You put me to shame. After about 6 weeks with Darrell he stopped giving me a number to achieve. He said we're going to keep on doing them until you start to feel the burn. And then we'll do 5 more. Oy.

    Enjoy dinner, the play and friends! Sounds wonderful!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Snowing right now Bee. You might love it. Nah I doubt it. 50 sit ups, wow that's amazing. Are you planning on going on one of those singles cruises where you can show off the new Bee? My new wonderful & beautiful friend, I'm excited for you. Keep it up hot stuff. Ha,ha,ha. See you.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. Go, Empress Bee! You are amazing. Sounds like you have a fun evening planned, enjoy the day. Hugs!

  5. Way to go on the exercises. We all need to exercise or you end up with a bad shoulder like I did. I wasn't doing enough. Bugger and I'm pretty active too. Oh well, I know now. You think you know what to do, but you don't. You do because you have Andre. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day honey. I'd sure love to go with you for that Thai food. Love it. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  6. Way to go! Good for you. Enjoy your evening. Would love to try out that restaurant when we get back. Srsly.

    Big hugs, honey

  7. 50 sit-ups is excellent! Glad that you are continuing with Andre.
    It may be a body fat issue now, rather than pounds. Your body fat percentage may be decreasing as your lean muscle mass increases. Have Andre check:)


  8. Now I have a craving for Thai!

  9. You realise you may actually put weight on don't you? You will build muscle and muscle weighs heavier than fat but your shape will change for the better. x


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