Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's September.  To me that means autumn.  I know it's technically still summer but that's just how I think.  In my neighborhood that means the license plates will start to change colors as the snowbirds start south.

Thanks so much for the thoughts on my hair yesterday.  Here is what I decided.  I am going to get it a bit longer for now.  I also agree that the sides are a bit too full so I will pull them back more.  

Has anyone used Wen hair products?  I ordered some online to try them.  If you do be careful though, I accidentally got on auto ship so I had to go through some hoops to get off that bugger thing.  Anyway when they come and I use them I'll let you know how I like it.

I made an iced tea slushy in e-vita last night.  It was really good and refreshing.  Kind of like a snow cone.  You know it got me to thinking, I could make a martini like that! Ha!

So that's all I have in my brain today.  I guess I should up the fish oil again so I knew more.  Have a great Sunday.  I'm going to see the duck so I know I will!


  1. Buongiorno!
    Autumn is here too, I hear hunters today...we can sleep better, temp is much deeper...and I begin with the Sunday family's a bit hard....

    I'll rest tomorrow!
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Frozen cocktails (or mocktails!) are awesome! I've made some smoothies that taste like pina coladas, mojitos, etc. Yum!

    Don't ask me about hair products... I use suave. No frills... I has it!

    Have a fabulous day! big hugs xoxo

  3. You are looking so lovely, we like the hair longer too.

    Today was our first official day of spring, which was awesome as the days get longer and warmer.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Tea slushy...why not!

    Lovely photo. Enjoy your time with the duck.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. Bee I resisted for many years to try Wen. But I did finally give in last year when Chaz introduced the Fall Pumpkin Spice (which was only last year) I cannot tell you how great it is on my hair. I LOVE IT. I only get a shampoo now at the hairdresser and it truly does make my hair feel like straw when detergent is used. I have definitely changed my tune about Wen. In case you didn't know, if you get on autoship, you can cancel it at anytime, on line is the easiest way. If there is product I like as the TSV and it's on autoship I automatically get it because if I like it the TSV price is so much better I can stay on it. A friend alerted me to that idea. If you got the TSV from yesterday that was a heck of a deal. I still have so much from the last TSV Wen had I didn't order that, otherwise I would have considered it. Oh and let me tell you it is like a cream and it will not lather, but it doesn't need to. I hope you have good results too.

  6. A pox on all auto-ship products. That is why I rarely ever order infomercial items, as most all of them use auto-ship. I have decided that if a product has to resort to that kind of tactic to stay in business, it probably doesn't do what it claims. After all, when I try something and love it, of course I keep buying it. If you have to force me to keep buying your product, what does that say about your product? Okay, off of soapbox now.

  7. Your snow cone sounds really good

  8. Hi there Bee. I know, Sept. sort of tells me that I'm getting closer to my cruise ( even though it's not ). I went through my summer shirts and I now have an open place in closet. I had to take out 17 shirts that are to large, very large. MaryLou said take them to the Nicole's church. That means that I'll have to go out and start buying new ones. How did you feel after checking that you had lost lost so many parts of clothing? Say hi to the Duck for us. See you.


  9. I've never tried the wen stuff. I've used a non-sulfate shampoo once and liked it. it didn't lather. Felt kinda weird, but it did the trick. I bought a new moisturizer during my layover in Atlanta (Kiehl's). I love it when I get to try new girly products. :-)

  10. Summer isn't over for me until the end of September but I know what you mean. I've never heard of Wen hair stuff, I use Aveda products and I love them.

  11. Hi Bee, I have heard of that hair care product. I use Aussie, it keps my hair healthy. Bee, some times I feel that summer is over once school starts. Just like when I was a kid. Sno-cone drinks would really be nice these hot days.Hope you have a great Sunday. xoxo,Susie

  12. We are out at our island right now with other boaters. Having a fabulous time. Eight of us went out for a prime rib dinner last night and it was so good. So good. I don't have beef very often so it was a real treat.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  13. I do use Wen and like it. No auto-ship for me, either, I ordered an introductory kit at a good price and then called to opt out of the auto delivery. The lady I spoke with was quite nice and didn't give me any hassle. My hair is so short that a normal sized bottle lasts a LONG time. I use shampoo once a week or so, but then I use the Wen afterwards. It does make my hair feel good.
    So enjoy, have a great Sunday, and a great week with lots of pool time! Hugs!

  14. You are such an inspiration.

  15. Just remember with Wen you don't need as much as the bottle says.....also you have to scrub for a while let it sit, then comb it through. May add a few extra minutes to your shower.


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