Monday, August 5, 2013

Very stressful time for me y'all.  I lost my keys.  Two people so far have asked me where I lost them.  Seriously.  The Walmart was a total zoo and the cable is not working.  At least my girl is a good patient so that's a break for me.  She's doing a bit better each day now and I think soon she'll be really great.

Today I have my oncology appointment and then the cable company in the afternoon.  I am hoping to be able to swim between the two, it's possible.

I am so upset about losing my keys, it's really bothering me.  All three keys are Medico so it's a problem getting copies.  At least the car key wasn't on the key ring!  Those are so expensive.  Maybe I'll still find them.

Anyway I'll close now before I make y'all upset too!  Have a lovely Monday.  I will too.


  1. Oh no on the lost keys! Sure hope you find them. So glad your gal is doing well.

    Hugs to all, honey...

  2. Buongiorno!

    I lose so often the keys...but I can find them, if I get calm, without panic...Today I was out with the bike,to the hospital and bookshop...the first time I could not find the key, the handbag has so many "holes", so I found it after a lot of time...the second time i looked everywhere in my bag...but it was still on the bike!

    Curious...I'm losing my memory!!!
    Big hugs for you and D#1

  3. I had to google medico keys. Do not duplicate keys. Bugger. Don't you still have Charlie's set of keys? Worst case scenario, call a locksmith and replace the locks. I hate it when everything seems to take a crap. This too shall pass.

    Awesome news on D#1. srsly. And swimming. :D

    You'll have a much better day today. big hugs xoxo

  4. I will help you look for them Auntie Bee!! We are happy that D#1 is doing better!!!

    purrrsss n xoxoxoxoxo your Sammie Pie

  5. Bee, Keep calling the walmart to see if anyone turned them in. I hate when I lose things. I almost panic when I misplace my bank card. LOL I have a scrunchy on my keyring...then I wear it as a braclet in the store.:) Good luck finding them though. Glad your D#1 is better...she's a trooper. Blessings to both of you. xoxo,Susie

  6. I'm SOOO glad the car key wasn't on the lost ring. That would turn "inconvenient" into "horrible"! But I do hope the lost ones turn up. Good news about D#1 and about swimming, though, and I hope you can get another good swim in today. Hugs!


  7. Ask Sarge where they are and then sit down, take a deep breath, get quiet and ponder on it.

  8. I hope you find your keys. I know you've gone through every and that includes the car? I'm guessing so. Yes it's upsetting to lose your keys. Bugger.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  9. Hugs. You will find those keys. Have faith... I'm still waiting for a set hubby lost to show up. I know they will. Just a matter of time.

  10. Sorry hearing about the keys. You'll find them. Got back from Sarnia from enjoying the Maitland Reunion ( MaryLou's family ) Our car was the excitment at the reunion. The little kids really were waiting for the car to transform. I told them it was sleeping. A little white lie. Saw mom after we arrive home. Her head is still a little sore but overall she's doing much better after falling. Got to go my lovely friend Bee.


  11. Best of luck finding them. Wish I could give you advice but I don't think anything would be very helpful.


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