Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yesterday there were quite a few people at (and in) the pool but I still got my hour done and had fun to spare too.  Today I am going to pick up the duck and take him to lunch and spend an hour or so with him and see how he is doing with the knee.  He won't be able to walk in the WalMart so I shall do that by myself.

I was thinking... I know, I shouldn't do that but the fish oil kicked in pretty good and my brain started whirling.  Some nights I sleep 5 hours and I'm totally done.  Then other days I sleep 10 hours and seem to need this much sleep.  I wonder why that is.  I mean "is y'all".  I'd hate to end a sentence with a preposition or anything.  Anyway back to the sleep, I have no idea why and wonder if any of y'all ever have this happen.

Next I was wondering how math works.  I mean I know it DOES work but how?  Who was smart enough to figure all that out and they probably didn't even have fish oil either.  Now that's some smart ones right there.

Do you think some day they will discover lettuce was fattening all along?  And ice cream wasn't?

Isn't the human body amazing?  I mean if you cut your finger a few days later it has healed itself.  Stuff like that.  I think our diet plays a good part in allowing the body to function at peak efficiency too.  

Isn't air conditioning a lovely invention?  I remember as a child sleeping with the windows open and some nights in the summer there wasn't even a slight breeze.  It was hard to sleep when you were hot and sweaty.  But gosh didn't those sheets smell good when they were fresh off the line from hanging in the sun?  They were white and crisp and smelled so good!

And phone numbers had words and numbers, not just numbers.  Mine was Atwater 4123.  Gosh I wonder how I can remember that?

I guess I'll stop before I bore y'all to death here.  I'll just think stuff to myself now.  Have a perfectly lovely Sunday.  I will too...


  1. This is a very thought provoking post Miss Bee. Isn't it fun to wonder? I think it makes us wonderful!

  2. Now I have TBBT music playing inside my brain. ♪♫ Our whole universe was in a hot dense state ♫♪.... hahaha! I don't ever want to know a life without air conditioning. Or heat. At the press of a button. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

    Have yourself a nice day and say hello to old chuckie duck! big hugs xoxo

  3. I wonder about a lotta stuff, too. I think you maybe had a tad too much fish oil? hehehe

    Have yourself a lovely time with the duck. Give him a hug from me...and save one for yourself, honey...

  4. I love it when you write a great deal on your blog. When you have a very short blog I'm down a little. I guess it's just me. My printer is on now but it doesn't have a place for my memory chip. I'm going to get something to add on with it I guess. MaryLou stayed over with the grandchildren last night. That's it for now my lovely friend.


  5. I need to start taking fish oil so I can wonder about things too. Bwahahahahaahaha.

    We didn't have air conditioning when I was a kid, but we didn't need it either. When you live on the coast of Oregon you don't need AC.

    Have a terrific day with the Duck. Big hugs from cloudy California. ☺

  6. Bee, When we were growing up, we never had AC. Lucky to have a fan, or window. Now my old lady heat waves, makes me need air at times. Hope you have a good day . xoxo,Susie

  7. Dang, I need to go to Costco for some super fish oil. LOL! I always wonder about how brave the first person was who ate something new. Like coffee, for example. Who figured out that it tasted good and figured out how to make it?

    or the person who figured out the positive/negative wires in electricity. Now that was brave. Really, really brave.

    Enjoy the day! We're off to the farmers market later today

  8. That fish oil sure has worked good for you today! ;)

  9. Wow, that is some deep thinking ! I think that car air conditioning is one of the best inventions ever!

  10. Love your random thought, even if I don't know the answers to your questions!

  11. Cute toes and love the pool blanket/towel!

  12. Love your pool towel, it is really nice. I don't think I ever had a phone number with words and numbers in it, but I do remember having a party line when I was little. And I can remember the street address of all 12 places I have lived since 1970. Strange what the brain holds onto.

  13. Dundalk 485J here. Before that, Lexington 6234. Going to the reunion on the 14th?


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