Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Canadian friend (well one of my Canadian friends) sent me a lovely card with this bee pin enclosed.  Love it!  Thanks Paul!  I shall wear it proudly!  The card was adorable too.  (Paul:  old what's-his-name would love it!)

So I went to the pool earlier yesterday and nobody else was there.  I took this photo myself.  I hope I don't get any tanner.  I had on lots of sunscreen but I just seem to tan right through it.  I don't want that leather-y looking skin.

Last night I lost 14 dollars at poker but I didn't play canasta so I'm even.

The duck is having an MRI on Thursday.  His knee is a bit better but not enough to not check it out better.  Hope it's not too much of a problem.  

I got out my suitcase yesterday and started packing.  I am trying to go with only a carry-on and purse.  It'll be hard but I think I can do it.  If not, well, I'll just check a bag.

Hope y'all have a lovely Wednesday.  I know I will...


  1. Y'all look pretty good there Missy!!! I think tan looks healthy--but you are right--not too much because then you start to look like an old cow hide, LOL.

  2. You you look great! I bet Lisa has a good exfoliant and lotion to keep your skin from getting dry.
    I sure hope you enjoy your trip to Podunk - all those sweet folks will give you lots of good lovin' and fine times.

  3. You look SO good, Miss Bee! I need new sunglasses. Somehow all I have in my bag is my clip-on sunglasses case. Dur.

    Glad old chuckie duck's knee is better... and hope it heals up even better. Wish mine would.

    Have a perfect day! Nothing but thunderboomers here. bugger. big hugs xoxo

  4. No sun here today. Busy helping Amy today and the next few days. Nana is worse.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. What a perfect gift! Love it!
    You look fantastic!
    I don't tan. I burn.

  6. I'm so happy that you like the card and small gift. The little poem was cute when I read it.
    My goodness Bee. You look fantastic. The other day when I was cleaning out my computer room I found the very first photo I have of you. Wow, what a change my lovely friend. You were beautiful then but now you are more beautiful.
    Have a great day Bee.


  7. It seems as though even spf 50 just prevents a sunburn. You don't look too tan. just keep on moisturizing at night or in the morning and your skin will stay soft and supple looking.

    Hmmm, the MRI... So what will they tell him? Maybe rehab therapy for the knee? Hopefully not surgery. i wouldn't think he'd be walking if he needed surgery, but what do I know?

    Hopefully all will fit in your carry-on. Good Luck!


  8. I love your new bee pin. Too cute.

    You look fantastic and I don't think you are too tan.

    The sun is finally out here. We had rain for two days. The peach farmers are all up in arms. Bless their hearts.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  9. Lovely pin and lovely pic of your Bee, you suit the tan BTW.

    Hope the Duck's scan gives good news.

    You're flying to Podunk?

  10. Cute pin! You are NOT leathery looking. Just wear plenty of sunscreen. And moisture like a crazy woman, lol.

  11. I recommend checking your carry-on at the gate, if you don't end up checking a bag. I LOVE going through the airport / airplane with just a purse, it's so nice, especially when you see other people struggling with all of their luggage! But at the very least, gate checking is free, and you don't have to worry about lifting a heavy roll-along bag up into the overhead compartment.


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