Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'd call this "Moon over Miami" except that it's Moon over West Palm Beach instead.  Everyone seemed to get such great moon shots but mine is kind of crappy but it sure was pretty.  I took this from my bedroom terrace.

Tonight is poker.  After last week's big win I kind of think I might not do it again but I hope I do.

I finally found out about those 3volt lithium batteries for the scale, my car clicker, etc. you know those little flat round ones?  Yeah, those.  Well they all look the same but the numbers are different on them.  Well the number is the thickness, not the strength or the diameter.  For example I bought 2016 yesterday and they didn't work.  I couldn't understand why, they looked exactly the same.  Well I needed 2032 size, the ones I bought are too thin to make a good contact.

Yesterday there were three others at the pool and here I though I'd have it all to myself.  One young gal but she is visiting and will be gone next week and the Mayor and the Governor of the pool were there.  I took this without them knowing I did:

The (self declared) Mayor (of the pool) is the furthest away and the (again, self declared) Governor (of the pool) is the closest one.  Oh, and for the record I am the (self declared) Empress of the entire building and the pool.  Well, and the parking lot too but I don't really care about that too much.

If any of you want to tell them enough tan is enough please be my guest.  I wouldn't dare.  I'm pretty tan too but honestly I do NOT sit in the sun.  I am in it while I am in the pool and that's all.  I just tan really easily.

I am having a houseguest in August and she is going to the pool with me every day.  She can entertain these two.  Okay, I know you want to know who it is, it's Barb!

So that's all that's in my brain today y'all.  Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.  I will for sure.


  1. Goodness, my leather purse looks better than they do. Especially the far one... so fuuggie.
    I tan really easy but it is because of the meds I take. Some days I even wear a tee shirt over my suit in the pool.

    I think your photo is wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That's a great moon shot! Mine looks like a fuzzy cotton ball. It was awesome, though.
    Since I grew up at the beach I kind of figure if I'm gonna get cancer it's already buzzing around somewhere. I tan easily, too. Got burnt twice - in Hawaii (even with sun screen), and in Malibu where we stayed a week at a friend's house rights the beach. That was eons ago.
    Happy swimming!

  3. Well, now the cat's outta the bag!

    Ummm... No, thank you? :D I'll just let the mayor and the governor entertain themselves.

    Any tan is too tanned as far as I am concerned. I loaded myself up real good with 55 sunblock the other day at the pool and I still got a tiny bit color in 2-1/2 hours of mostly cloudy. I'm paranoid about skin cancer. For one thing I have so many freckles and moles and for another I've had several friends who've had malignant melanoma. Nothing to mess around with, I promise you. You should have seen the size of the surgery sites that this one small mole caused my friend Jack. Sites, because he needed 2 very large skin grafts from his legs. Unbelievable. Serious stuff.

    Have a fun game! big hugs xoxo

  4. I am with Barb on srsly avoiding the sun. I have had too many pre-skin cancer spots removed already. Sun block and shade! And Barb gets to visit in hawt August. Fab! WIWT2!!!

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  5. Great news aboutBarb!
    You two will be a hoot!
    Lovely view and picture of the Moon over WPB!

  6. Bee, You crack me up..I am glad you are getting your water exercises in. Hope you win again tonight. I loved the Picture you took of the moon and all the lights.Very nice. xoxo,Susie

  7. I bet the moon was beautiful! Isn't nature amazing?!?

    Ha-ha about the two overly tanned guys! Yep, they need to watch the over-baking.

    Have a great time when Barb comes to visit:)


  8. THe moon made it a really low tide on Sunday morning. At the farmers Market (which is held at a marina), it was really really low. The boats looked like they were waay down from the docks. Yikes!

    I did too much damage to my skin as a child. A fair one like me, slathering on oil. For shame.

    Have fun at the pool today! I'm excited about your company. You two will have fun!

  9. I'm in the sun all the time on the boat and I've what they call a farmers tan. I know I don't need to explain that either.

    Barb is coming for a visit. Our Barb? I want to come too. I'm just saying. It's for the night before her cruise. I'm guessing here.

    Have a terrific day and win again at poker. That was exciting to say the least. Big hugs honey from wet California. ☺

  10. I think he heard your camera click Bee, he's looking straight at you! LOL

  11. Yes, I'm not certain that the fella in the foreground didn't suspect his picture was being taken.

    I don't sit in the Sun either. Actually, I have to lather on SPF 60 to open the refrigerator at night. The last time I appeared in public without a shirt on, Captain Ahab came out of nowhere and tried to harpoon me. No, I'll stay in the shade, thank you.

  12. Oh wow, Barb is coming to visit! I am so jealous. Would love to visit with both of you, and Sandee too of course. Maybe one day. The mayor is so tan, he looks a little leathery, lol.

  13. Nothing beats the Empress! sandie


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