Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Carnival thoughts...

One of my canasta gals called me and in chatting she asked me the following:  "On your cruise in May you aren't going on Carnival again are you?"  My reply to her:  "At this time I would not even consider anything else."  She was floored and asked me if I had even heard about all their "woes".  

Frankly I am sick of the media hype on it all.  Take the following senario - the "news" spent over a minute talking about the Carnival Freedom taking four hours to empty the ship in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) the other day.  At the very end of the piece they said it was because of sequestration and the lack of customs people on site.  Now people, this happened with any line going in at this time but no, only Carnival on the news.

Another time when Hurricane Irene hit Puerto Rico there were two ships that were there and the port made them both leave early, both stranding passengers as the port closed to traffic.  The Royal Caribbean ship just left 145 people to find their own way. The Carnival ship left 300 people behind but did this instead.  Now I ask you, which line would you rather have sailed?  Neither ship could help leaving early but one just left, the other took care of their passengers.

As far as the problems with missed ports, propulsion, dead engines, whatever - it happens on all lines sometimes.  It's part of life, things happen, but when they do Carnival has stepped up to the plate every single time.  I'd much rather be where I know they care about their passengers than the ones that only care about the dollar.

I have cruised on many lines but always come back to Carnival.  Clean, friendly, fun ships, that's what I like!  And those chilled soups are pretty danged good too...


  1. Yup, I love Carnival and can't wait for my B2B cruises in August.

    I can't stand how the media seems to love lathering everyone into a frenzy about just abut anything and everything. Opinion and innuendo, specifically chosen by the "so-called" news media.

    Oh, wisdom and discernment of the masses, wherefore art thou?

    And thanks for the link... I didn't have USS's travel and cruise section in my reader or facebook pages!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. The company probably made a contribution to some conservative cause...
    Every time someone trips on board we'll hear about it now.
    Loved your rose and memories of Sarge...
    Have a terrific weekend.

  3. You are 100% right that the media is very quick to cover negative Carnival stories, and looks the other way when other cruise lines have a problem. I have no idea why they are so biased. I have sailed on 5 different cruise lines and will continue to do so in the future. If Carnival has the itinerary and price I am looking for, I will certainly book with them in the future. As you said, all cruise lines have issues from time to time, (as do all travel providers.) I will not let overhyped media reports stop me from cruising. I am researching our next group cruise this weekend.

  4. Bee, If I had my way...I would be on a cruise right now. I like Carnival cruise lines. All companies ships are aging and may need repairs....but you won't hear about it till something happens. I would cruise more if I lived closer. It's catching flights that makes me crazy. Okay yes I know it doesn't take much, for that to happen..LOL Enjoy your weekend Bee. I better get busy here, lots to do. xoxo,Susie

  5. I don't have any ax to grind with any cruise line. I'll never cruise again and I know it. It does seem that Carnival is getting a lot of bad press though. I know on the east coast they treat you like royalty. On the west coast they treat you like steerage. I'll never put myself in their hands again.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from chilly California. ☺

  6. I totally agree with you Bee even though I don't have the years of experience that you have my friend. I hear that there are problems in other companies but you rarely hear about them. One individual told me he went on the Oasis of the Sea and he hated the entire cruise. He & and his wife would never go back to Royal Caribbean again. Me, I'm going back on my 8th cruise with Carnival especially because Carnival has John. See you my wonderful friend.


  7. You know that I love RCCL and have had amazing cruises on their ships HOWEVER, I think it like comparing Hilton to Hyatt or Delta to US air when it comes to these events. Even McDonalds to Burger King. Everyone has their preference and each line has their niche. My trip on the Oasis of the Seas will go down in my family's history as the best vacation ever .

    I've know people that think that the Disney Cruise is the greatest thing ever but my BFF described her cruise on that line as being trapped inside a Chuck E Cheese for three days.

    Carnival is having a run of bad luck AND are in the spot light right now. These things could have happened on any cruise line. I'm sure these stories will fade away soon and the media will be interested in going after something else. In the meantime, I'd go on almost any cruise right now if I could.

  8. I've never been on a Carnival ship but wouldn't hesitate after reading what you have to say about them. :)

  9. Empress, you are so right. I am sick of the lame stream beating up Carnival. Sadly, we don't have any cruises booked, but certainly wouldn't hesitate to step on ANY CCL cruise ship any day. And will do so again.

    Big hugs from chilly Mayberry, honey...

  10. Ciao!!!

    I think that you are right then you got a lot of experience on cruise ships!
    I think that everyone has to reason with his own head, and not believe everything media write!
    Have a great week end!


  11. I'm not brand loyal when it comes to cruising. Considering the number of ships carrying so many passengers to so many different places, odds are that something will happen. This was Carnival's year. The next year may be NCL or RCCL, or other.


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