Thursday, April 4, 2013


When I don't have a new photo to publish sometimes I go back and get one like this, a flower that Sarge sent me and I can look at it again.  

The bug man came.  Remember the time he sent me flowers from the bug man?  Memories, I have them!

It's funny how a tiny thing will bring up a memory so strong it makes me reel.  And I never know when it will happen either.  That's not a bad thing, not at all.  I treasure each and every one I have.  What a lucky gal I was to have had him for so many years.

Marriage is a funny thing.  It really has ups and downs and the secret to a good marriage is to push away the downs and treasure the ups.  Nothing is perfect but if love is strong it can overcome anything.  And I mean anything.  Honest.

I think I fell in love with Sarge the first time I laid eyes on him.  He was strong, handsome, dare I say sexy?, funny, playful, a patriot, in uniform, and my heart went flip.  And I never stopped loving him from that moment.  He was the only man I ever fully trusted either.  

He was opinionated, loyal, a fairly bad driver, bought too many new cars, got what he wanted one way or another and the best public speaker you could imagine.  For a guy that was mostly quiet in a crowd he'd stand at a podium and knock your socks off.

And those are my memories today y'all...  Hope yours are as good!


  1. Love this post about Sarge, Bee! What a wonderful man with a big heart . . . and you were lucky to have so many years with him. Miss him though.


  2. What a lovely post today.
    We are so lucky today that we can take such wonderful photos and then we can find our memories anytime we want.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I see your fish oil has you visiting the corners of your mind.

    It is always wonderful to remember the Sarge - he was a great man and we all loved him for being the Sarge.

    Have a happy Thursday


  4. a fairly bad driver... LOL!

    I want to meet a man that knocks my socks off. When I got divorced I said I'd stay single unless God put a man in my path I couldn't get around. 19 years later, that hasn't happened yet. Maybe one day I'll meet a man like your Charlie.

    Have yourself an amazing day! big hugs xoxo

  5. Sweet memories! May all your memories be sweet ones. Hugs!

  6. Buongiorno!

    What a lovely memory...a rose has suggested a great remembering of your life with a great man!
    Let this memory fill your days on!!!

    Big hugs!

  7. Treasured memories are what we make in our life with the ones we love aren't they Bee? No-one can take away our memories. xx

  8. Memories are a good thing. I am glad I have a lot of good ones with Sarge to hold in my heart.

    Love ya. Big hugs, honey...

  9. I totally agree with you Bee except sexy, he wasn't my type. Ha,ha,ha.
    Honestly my lovely friend, Charlie's voice everytime we talked just gave me strength. I miss him Bee and probably very many people especially you. Have a great day Bee.


  10. Such a lovely post. You are so lucky to have a "Sarge" come into your life.

  11. what wonderful memories! Sarge was a remarkable person!

    purrrrrsss n xoxoxoxo - your Sammie Pie

  12. Sounds like Zane with the podium thing. Zane was the speech writer and speech giver when we were working. He was awesome too. Memories you have them. I know how much you both loved each other.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from wet but warm California. ☺

  13. Wonderful memories, beautifully expressed.

  14. I could see all of that when I met him. Such a kind, gentle man, with a smile that warms your heart (and a sense of humor to match!). HE WAS LARGER THAN LIFE.

    That is such a perfect rose. But then you were his perfect match. I'd expect nothing less.

    Hugs and love today, dear... Lots of love...

  15. Bee, Sometimes,one little thing will lead down a memory path. You do have beautiful memories of the man you loved. I just saw the man painting the house next door...he was the brother to my husband that passed. I spoke with him for a few moments, he was busy. Then I started fixing Ted Bear's lunch. I was pan frying(water) some pork tenderloins and bake some small potatoes....In my mind after talking with Freddie(b-i-l), I was in my mother-in-laws kitchen..she was frying pork chops with gravy, mashed potatoes, the works. She was a great cook. I thought how my life had changed even in my cooking.LOL I loved everyone in my dead husband's family, and I miss them so much,Mom and Pop and Eddie. See how our minds work..the memory trips. Hugs to you Bee. xoxo,Susie


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