Monday, March 25, 2013

Windy and warm, for now...

Yes it did hit 89* but the wind was really really strong.  The pool was like one of those pools that you swim against the current.  I went down to try but didn't think I could do it.  The winds were over 25 mph!  There were two kids in there roughhousing so I waited until they were done and went in.  It was really hard but still fun.

But look what is ahead!  Going from 89* to 45* in two days!  Yikes!  That was a mighty short summer folks.

At least it will be sunny but it sure will cool off that water again. That heater will be working full time.  I will be so happy when summer gets here and it is warm every day.  And the building empties out!  Ha...

Yesterday the duck had a cold so we didn't go shopping, I went by myself.  It was hard to drive in all that wind too.  I went on I-95 and it was really blowing me around.

Then I came home and made coconut macaroons for a friend for Passover.  I didn't eat any either but they sure smelled good.  I didn't even lick the bowl from the chocolate I dipped them in.  I put it right in the sink and ran water in it so I wouldn't be tempted because I bought really good chocolate.

And after that I might have made some Bee Bandwagon cupcakes.  Or not.  But I probably did.  Okay, I did.

And that, my friends, is all I have in my brain for today.  Have a wonderful Monday and new week and happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate.


  1. April is our windy month and not really looking forward to it.
    Did you make the mocha/chocolate ones ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Weather is just plain weird all over this year. Hopefully, you'll be hitting the pool everyday real soon.

  3. I made cuppycakes, too! I was in the mood for lemony goodness. Me and Peggy were talking about her pool yesterday. I will be using it this year to do some water jogging. And today is getting my credentials at the gym. OMG. If anyone had ever told me I'd be going to the gym...

    Have a lovely day, my friend! big hugs xoxo

  4. wow that was really windy!!!! it's still snowy up here, so maybe I will come down there and visit you! - purrrsss n xoxoxoxo your Sammie Pie

  5. Wow! You have such strong will power. I would have been all over that bowl, and the beaters and a few macaroons, too! Sigh. I am in trouble. :(

  6. now Bee, you know you could have stuck your pinky in that chocolate and had a taste. It is a known scientific FACT that anything consumed standing up while leaning over the sink has less calories. They fall of and go down the drain on the way to your mouth. Yeah, its true.... right?? haha

  7. We don't hit in the high 80's until the end of July. You poor girl when it gets in the middle 60's. You must be freezing. Ha,ha,ha. Are really sure that you didn't even taste a drop of the chocolate? I'm sure that you didn't. You are, our leader in the weight war. I see that Florida had very bad weather yesterday. The golf was stopped and they even had a tornado warning. The weather is getting really weird around the world. I'm eating a bowl of cherrios, blueberries and milk. Yum. See you my lovely friend.


  8. We sure got a good rain last night, along with those winds. Sheesh. It was a good thing our awning was tied down really well or it wold have been a goner. Saturday will be here all too soon! Or Friday maybe. We'll see.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. The weather seems to be crazy all over. I woke up to snow on the lawn again. Each time this happens, I think this will be the last snowfall. Hope does spring eternal.

  10. Stay warm, Miss Bee! The Mom would love to have some coconut macaroons. Those are about her favorite thing ever.

    Tazo & EG

  11. Buongiorno!
    I hope the wind is away, the temp is mild and you can swim and walk!
    And I'm watching images of coconut nacaroons...and recipes; what is a good website for easy American recipes?
    I know pioneer woman,joyofcooking and so on...i try a recipe for my grandkids!


    Have a great Monday!!!

  12. Your temperatures are fluctuating like ours are. Warm, then chilly. Spring, it just comes with the territory. We are supposed to get rain later in the week through the weekend. We're still going to the boat though.

    Driving in the wind is a challenge. Try docking a boat in those kinds of wind. Exciting.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  13. Coconut macaroons are the boom-diggity. YUM! We are having a few days of warm weather. Warm for us being in the 50s. Hey, I'll take it!

    It gets windy here with weather patterns coming from the pacific. And when it goes through the Straits where Ayla lives, it gets wicked!

  14. The weather is crazy! I'm sure your macaroons are delicious and good for you for not eating any.

  15. Bee, You are so know just a few tastes of anything, has calories in it. Good for you running water into the bowls so as not to be tempted. I hope you get the warm weather you want. You know we had the snow...but right now the sun is trying to come out. Yippee. xoxo,Susie

  16. That sounds cold for where you are. We're way below average in highs, but expect to hit 50 degrees on Saturday. Spring! Finally!

    I love macaroons.

  17. So glad you got a couple of days of swimming in. It's been very cold and windy here. I actually went into a clothes store today, just to feel a bit of spring with the pretty spring colors. I did pull a purple suit out of the closet today and got to wear the pretty set you made for me. I felt very regal.

    Big Hugs,


  18. Yowsa - 25 mph winds in the pool and then 45 degree nights! My goodness!
    Stay warm and dry inside until the sun and calmer skies come back:)


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