Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday stuff around my part of paradise...

So let's start with my visit with Dr. Wacks.  The blood work was not just good, it was great!  The A1C was 5.2, good cholesterol high, bad cholesterol low, all levels in the normal range for everything else and weight down 5 pounds from the last visit.  It does not get any better than that my friends.  If you need to be on the bee bandwagon and are not there yet, why not?  I now have 23 more pounds to lose to be done.  It is very slow going though.  I don't want to eat less.  But soon I'll be back in the pool and it'll be easier then.  

I got my hair done yesterday after the doctor.  I have it a bit different this time and I like it very much.  Just a bit smoother.  The color is really nice too.

The weekend is going to be busy and the week too.  I have activities every day and it's getting warmer.  Today I am subbing for Canasta and Monday too, then my regular games Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a fund raiser on Sunday so no day off for me until next Friday.  I don't know how I ever had time to work!

And so my friends, here is hoping you have a fabulous Saturday.  Me too!


  1. Congratulations !
    Wonderful news.

    The Square Ones sends woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  2. That's fantastic news!!! With all those activities you need to be called Hurricane Bee!

  3. Oh, YAY you! srsly awesome! And it's even International Day of Awesomeness! And Cat's Bday. And Saturday. And a bit warmer here. Lots of awesomeness.

    ...but what about Dr. Wacks?

    Have yourself a mighty fine day. big hugs xoxo

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  5. We should have taken a picture of your new "do". You know how I love the attention!! haha. It looks very nice on you, and I am glad to see something a little different.

  6. Fab news from Dr. Wacks all round for you! YAY!

    Sounds like a busy week for you Bee. x

  7. Bee, You are one busy girl. I am so proud of you. You are a strong lady. Have fun today.xoxo,Susie

  8. YAY for all that great news from Dr. W! Congratulations, Bee! Enjoy your weekend and rest up for your busy week ahead.

  9. Way to go Bee. I'm not lucky this week, We've had many meeting this week dealing with my mother and what they plan on doing with her. Those meetings made it impossible dealing with my fitness pal. I tried but I think I gained this week. I was doing so well and then my mother got sick. I think that being the care giver creates a lot of pressure and thus screws up your system. Once everything is arranged my system can get back to normal. Everything in my life is screwed up right now. The only thing was that we arranged our next cruise. Whoopee.


  10. Good news, a new do, and Cat's bday. Life is good all the way around!

    Big hugs and kisses, honey...

  11. YOu are inspirational. What great numbers. I am struggling with my food right now. I've been sick and nothing sounds good.

  12. Way to go on your weight loss and blood work. I had Mexican food last night and it was wonderful. I ate what I wanted and love every bite. I don't want to diet at all and I'm not going to either. Freedom. I have blood work in June and we'll see how that goes. It's been good so I'll not worry until there is something to worry about.

    Have fun with your busy week. I can so relate about not having time to work. We are busier than ever and I love it. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  13. WOW--how is Dr. Wacks doing on his weight loss?
    I gotta get blood work done too ANd a mammie, bone density, chest x-ray and new glasses. Going to be a busy month.
    Good job Ms. Bee!!

  14. Yay! Glad all checked out okay.


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